The Only Job You Need

Camila is a lazy girl and doesn’t want to get a job. She leaves the work life to her stepmom, Rebel, and her stepbrother, Parker. But with the responsibilities of keeping everyone afloat resting solely on them, Parker and Rebel take action and call Camila out. If Camila wants to sit around the house all day, she will have at least to take on some other kinds of responsibility. That means making sure Rebel and Parker are stress-free at all times, and for that to be the case, Camila must ensure their sexual needs are met. Rebel gets her fun first - she wants her pussy eaten, and Camila has to step up and take action. It’s a little fucked up, eating out her own stepmom, but Camila doesn’t mind doing freaky stepfamily things if it means she gets to enjoy her life carefree. Getting her clit licked is just the type of stress relief Rebel was looking for. Parker lends a hand and plays with Rebel’s perfect tits. Later, Camila lands a job interview, but because a job interview isn’t a job, Rebel and Parker still hold her responsible for their stress relief. Parker needs his cock sucked, so Camila gets down on her knees and gets her stepbrother’s shaft as far down her throat as she can. She sucks sloppily and loudly, drooling all over Parker’s lap. Parker fucks his stepsister’s mouth until he gives her a big load to swallow. When Rebel and Parker realize how much Camila has helped reduce their stress, they give her a permanent role as their go-to helper. She won’t have to get a job so long as she is always around to suck and fuck. Camila happily agrees, and to show her dedication to the role, Parker, Camila, and Rebel have a wild threesome. Camila has it all going on, and her skillful kinkiness has Parker and Rebel coming in no time.

3 months ago