Shut Up and Fuck Me

Jennifer White wants to get with her stepson Parker Ambrose. She takes every chance she gets to wear tight outfits that highlight her big tits and ass. Today, Jennifer is busy ironing when she overhears Parker talking about how he's going to fuck a chick's friend to get into the other chick's pants. She can't stand it anymore; walking over, she grabs the phone and hangs it up. Telling Parker that he doesn't understand women at all, Jennifer offers to help him by demonstrating female body language. Parker is a slow study. Jennifer gets increasingly blatant with the flirty body language while instructing Parker in what to do. As soon as Jennifer is certain her stepson has popped a boner, she goes a step further by popping her tits out. Parker asks if that means a girl wants to fuck, and Jennifer gives him a sultry smile as she shoves him backwards onto the couch and unzips his fly so she can blow him. Knowing that she has her stepson as putty in her hands, Jennifer licks and strokes him to full attention before straddling his hips and sinking down onto him. She rides in cowgirl while Parker learns how to fondle her tits, then turns around and gives a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride as Parker gets his hands on that ass. Getting on her knees, Jennifer takes a doggy style pussy pounding. She rolls onto her back to get one last climax from Parker before he pulls out to cum on her landing strip. Now Jennifer pronounces him ready to get with girls his age.

3 months ago