Concept: Creamy Date

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? We’re feeling experimental, and that means it’s time for another Labs update. As many of you know, Labs are an opportunity for us to try new things to see what you resonate with. Sometimes, we like to put feelers out and just try something new. With your feedback, we attempt to improve our craft and put out porn videos that are unique and engaging. This experiment is called “Creamy Date,” and it’s our take on a speed dating game show-type scenario. Male contestants interview babes in lingerie and ask questions to determine if they’d be a match. But the contestants can not see one another, as they are blindfolded. If the male contestant passes on a girl, both participants get to remove their blindfolds and see what they missed out on. Parker is the very first lucky stud to participate in the Creamy Date debut, and he’ll interview Barbie, Katie, Molly, and Athena. Each babe Parker speaks to is smoking hot, and he’d be lucky to have any of them. They each look incredible in their lingerie and bring something fun to the table. Ultimately, Parker rejects Barbie, Katie, and Molly and isn’t smitten by any of the chicks until he gets to Athena. She ticks all the right boxes personality-wise, and he can feel an instant connection with the bubbly babe. When they remove their blindfolds, their attraction for one another intensifies even more. They don’t waste any time and get right to fucking - what better way to kick off a first date than some kinky sex? It’s like Athena’s pussy was made for Parker’s cock, and he can see the two of them going far together. The sweet chick rides Parker’s cock with grace, bouncing up and down like a slutty angel. Parker busts a massive load all over Athena’s face, and she lets the cum drip down onto her perfect tits. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship. Who do you want to see next on Creamy Date? Let us know who you think would be a perfect match.

3 months ago