Everyone Cums Everywhere, All at Once Part 1: Cum

Everyone Cums Everywhere, All at Once (Part 1 of 3): Suki’s life is heading down a less-than-fortunate path. She has lost much of the joy she used to experience, and her stepfamily seems to be drifting further apart every day. Suki is a tough Tiger Mom, always demanding the best from her stepfamily and doing whatever it takes to keep them afloat. Her tough love has created a wedge in her relationship with everyone, and finding a resolution is getting more difficult. The family business and home are in danger of repossession, and unless they can sort out their taxes, they’ll lose everything they own. Suki and her family visit the IRS strong-arm Wendy to sort things out. Leo, Suki’s husband, is a bit aloof, although loving. Their stepdaughter, Alexia, is like a stranger to them. Their sweet girl is on her own path and doesn’t care if Suki or Leo approves. James, their stepson, is also caught up in the mix and wants to help where he can. But things get weird when the Leo and James, sitting in the IRS office, don’t seem like themselves. Suki’s suspicions are confirmed when she finds an earpiece in her purse. Suki twists her nipple, and suddenly, it’s as though her life has been split, and she’s in two places at once. She’s still in the IRS office but also in another room with James. How can this be? James explains the multiverse is in peril, and Suki is the only one who can stop all timelines from going extinct. The only way to jump from universe to universe is to commit a highly improbable sexual act. Confused, Suki doesn’t know if she can believe this alter-ego-James. Though with little else she can do, she follows his instructions. Suki has to suck her stepson’s cock as the first step. She can’t even bring herself to imagine something like this. It’s so perverse - how could this help her save the universe? James is insistent that he’s being genuine and that a blowjob is the only way to make this work. So Suki starts sucking her other-universe stepson’s cock. It’s a weird sensation. The longer she blows him, the more she likes it and the stronger she feels. It’s been a long while since she’s sucked cock, and she has missed satisfying her stepfamily. Suki and James go through a series of sexual acts. Suki remembers how good sex feels and sees how fun it can be to spend quality time with her stepfamily. When James busts his load, Suki jumps to another universe, just like James had promised. It appears Suki has quite the adventure on her hands, and the only way to the end of the line is through unadulterated, raw, hardcore fucking.

3 months ago