Can’t Keep My Hands off You

What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Let’s jump into a Classics update and have some fun! We love this scene, and it’s a certified Family Strokes classic. It was an immediate hit when we published this on June 3rd, 2021. To this day, it’s a beloved Family Strokes scene, so we knew we had to bring this one back for a Classics celebration. Alice has the hots for her stepbrother, Nade. She’s constantly dropping hints and wants to entice him every chance she gets. Their stepdad is not so keen on their flirtatious relationship and lays down the law between them. That isn’t going to stop Alice from putting the moves on Nade, though. One day, Alice tells Nade to go all the way - she wants his cock, and she needs it badly. Nade folds and gives his stepsis the dick down. Their stepdad nearly catches them, but Alice’s quick thinking saves the day. Nade fucks his stepsister until he busts his load and gives her a ton of cum to enjoy.

3 months ago