A Second Chance

Viva hasn’t exactly been Mary Poppins in her latest babysitting job. The young brunette has struggled to show up on time and her boss Mike isn’t particularly happy about it. Determined to move on, Mike tells her he is grateful for her services but it is not working for him. Viva desperately needs this job and knows that Mike has been checking her out for a while, so she decides to work a deal with him: maybe she can stay if her boss can use the babysitter however he pleases! The deal is off to a good start as Viva takes her clothes off and gives Mike a good glimpse at her perky tits, firm ass, and luscious pussy. Viva impresses her boss with her cock-sucking skills and her ability to ride his cock like a mad cowgirl. Trying to relieve Mike by eating his creamy load with her pussy and mouth.

3 months ago