Filthy Habits

Lauren Phillips and Mona Azar are busy gardening, their hands and knees covered in dirt while their skin glistens with sweat. At first glance, these two suburban housewives may seem innocent enough- just two friends who enjoy the simpler things in life. But dig a bit deeper... and a shocking secret is soon revealed. Lauren leads Mona inside the house, and into the bathroom. They're both covered in dirt after a hard day's work, so it seems like it's time to take a shower. But before they get clean, they decide to get up to some filthy fun together. They approach each other with sultry grins and get ready to 'Lez Be Bad'... making sure to keep quiet so their husbands don't hear, of course. The sex is rough and dirty, with plenty of pit-sniffing, sweat-licking, and even some panty-stuffing as they take a nasty romp in and around the shower. They press each other up against the glass so that their breasts are flat against the see-thru pane as they rim and finger each other from behind. They even take turns fucking each other with a dildo, loving every sweat-fueled second of it. As far as habits go... this one is as filthy as they come!

3 months ago