Emily J in Ether Blues 2

Stunning brunette Emily J stars in this erotic masterpiece directed by maverick movie auteur Paul Black. Emily is sitting cross-legged on her bed, wearing just jewelry and a pair of lilac lace panties. Her hand strokes her belly through them, then slips inside, the rapid ticking of a clock adding to the tension as she masturbates slowly. Her fingers stretch the lace as they explore her slit, then she trails the moist tips over her large, natural breasts. An electric fan begins to whir and Emily falls back on the bed and resumes her self-pleasure. As her fingers curl into place, her body twitches, then she removes her panties to reveal a trimmed, hairy pussy. With the panties clenched between her teeth, she circles a single finger around her clit, slowly and precisely, as the other hand moves similarly around one nipple. Then her bracelets rattle as she pumps her fingers in and out, letting her panties drop to the floor. Music begins to play. She licks her fingers and plows herself faster and harder, sighing and moaning in her sexually charged frenzy. Finally, bucking her trembling ass clear of the bed, she cums hard – groaning and shuddering to shake off the intensity of it all. But as she comes back down, she just can’t keep her fingers away from her pussy…

6 months ago