Renee in Renee 2 11:00
Renee in Renee 2 11:00 When we say our 20 year old French-Irish-German blonde spinner Renee has given mouth-to-mouth to over a hundred people, that's not a euphemism for saying she's had triple digit sex partners. No, Renee is a real lifeguard in Tampa , Florida, with swimsuit and EMT license and sexy tan lines, and everything. When she's not busy dragging fat tourists out of the water, Renee enjoys being cocked down by Italian guys (surprisingly, the wife beater- wearing kind, not the Armani suit- wearing kind. Yes, we asked). Renee confesses that she loves it rough and hard. Raised by a conservative Christian mom and dad, her passion for extreme sex has been hampered most of her life. Until now. When she decided to do porn, her family wasn't exactly thrilled about their little angel's imminent descent into the pits of hell. Now here is where we'd like to say THIS is her first porn, but it isn't. Renee actually did one scene for a different site before, about a year ago. She then went back playing Baywatch: Tampa Bay Edition for a year to think about if porn was really something worth risking her soul over, especially the kind that takes place in a cheap hotel room. Luckily for us, she decided that, yes, it was. Renee was a bit disappointed when instead of the promised studio and makeup artist, Troy drives her to - tada! - a cheap hotel and rushes her into doing her own face paint and hair. Smooth talking white guy, cheap hotel room, lights pointed on the bed, consumer camcorders everywhere - everything looked just like that one scene young Renee did a year ago. Was this going to be another big mistake? What she doesn't know is that we do have one big, BIG surprise in store for her... Renee is all too eager to let our white camera guy finger and fuck her pussy and ass with toys and butt plugs. She even lets him put one of the toys that graced her tight little ass into her mouth, and she keeps it there like a pacifier like the good little submissive she is. Everything goes swimmingly (hehe) until Troy reveals that he's about to text the guy Renee will be having sex with. Now she takes out her butt plug pacifier to clarify if she just heard right - she'll be fucking a DIFFERENT guy? That's right, points for listening, Renee. Having backed herself up into a metaphorical wall earlier by stating how open minded and adventurous she is, Renee has no choice but to wait and see who is going to walk through that door in a moment... Now here is the part where gigantic black cock lord Jovan Jordan walks in and we describe in detail all the hot sex these guys have together. But there isn't enough space here to convey to you how much fucking and sucking and anal and ass-to-mouth-and "fuck me, daddy" stuff is going on. This video is over 100 minutes long and the screenshots hopefully give you an idea. But we can honestly say that Renee quickly takes to that big black cock and gobbles and deep-throats and fucks her way into pornstardom like nobody before, and we cover every position and depravity we can think of with her - and she loves it! Our quiet life saver really is a sexual athlete. ANAL! With Jovan fucking Jordan,guys! Look at her tiny ass almost split in two by that huge dick! Before that, she lets him deep throat her so much, she actually throws up. Hey, we never said all porn is erotic all the time. Especially not when it involves amateur girls and gigantic black cocks. But Renee somehow manages to stay composed and calm anyway. She's so unexpectedly awesome and composed yet ultra dirty through this entire time, and says all the right things, it's like she was born to be in the porn business. "Can I use a vibrator on my clit as you fuck my ass?". I mean...c'mon!!! So damn hot! After lots and lots of anal, including a split-screen worthy doggy position on the floor, we end things on the couch, where Jovan pumps his man seed deep inside our young girl's womb. Whatever didn't make it inside Renee's baby-maker or her thighs or ass, flows back on the couch. We make her eat up all that spilled cum from the couch and her own body before winding down and congratulating the 2 on one of the hottest, sweatiest, anal-est scenes of all time on Black Ambush (maybe even all of porn). UPDATE: At the time of Renee's shoot she didn't have a last name for her pornstar career yet. Troy just got a text saying she thinks of going by Renee Saint-Pierre. She just made an Instagram account too. Once we're sure she's keeping it, we'll post it here or on our Twitter (https://twitter.com/blackambush).
Cory Chase in Cory Chase-InterracialBlowbang 12:00
Cory Chase in Cory Chase-InterracialBlowbang 12:00 Every swinging slut sex worker is dreaming of being crowned cock sucker of the year at the upcoming Felatio Fest 2022. It's the validation they need for all of the whoring about they have been doing all year. But you don't just show up in Florida at the event and start sucking a cock and you win. This takes skills and stamina. It takes a well trained slut. Cory knows this. She is serious about her career and wants the title with a passion. And that is why her manager puts together a group of black studs to bang her mouth wide open with their massive cocks. Cory jumps to this blow bang practice like a frog to water. She was born to have her mouth filled with every cock that dares to breach her lips. Her throat is an open sewer for man juice to drizzle down. Her hunger for cock knows no bounds as she reaches and squeezes every testicle and penis within her radius. The eleven well hung black men attack her mouth. Tossed around and facefucked into a dripping pile of saliva, her tonsils bruised and her throat widened, she literally is orgasming from deep within her esaphogus. This is what blowbanging is all about. It is a competitive event. It is not for the squeamish. It is for hard core man pleasers that know their life is for pleasing cock. Not until every cock is drained will her work be done. Covered in semen, her arms tired from jacking, Cory knows she will soon be having to wear shades. Cause her future is that bright. And it keeps the cum out of your eyes.
Sandy Pierce in Cum along with Sandy Pierce 5:49
Sandy Pierce in Cum along with Sandy Pierce 5:49 I'm not a nudist. I like tan lines, said Sandy Pierce, a 59-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother who lives in South Florida. In her 50PlusMILFs.com encore, Sandy shows off her sexy tan lines and a whole lot more. "I am so horny today," she says. "I'm like a caged animal, so I thought I'd put on my cheetah outfit. I hope you enjoy it." We're planning on it. Poolside, Sandy is wearing a matching cheetah print bra and panties with stockings and a garter belt. She loves tugging on her nipples and showing off her ass. She takes off her panties and rubs and fingers her MILF pussy. "I have the sweetest-tasting cum," she says. She loves licking her pussy juices off of her fingers. Sandy was born in Detroit, Michigan. She has been a magician's assistant and now she's a masseuse. We get the idea that happy endings are on her menu. Why do we get that idea? Because when we asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, "Yes and no. I'm already in the massage business. Not everyone knows this, but my family does." What does being in the massage business have to do with fucking on-camera? We'll let you connect the dots. By the way, later this week, Sandy is going to suck and fuck a big, black cock. "I have an open mind and love fulfilling fantasies and fetishes," she said. "I have sex daily, sometimes two or three times a day. I love 69ing. I'm very oral and I love to ride on top, but all other positions are great, too." Bottom line: Sandy loves to cum. Come along with her.
Loraine Del Sol in Big-assed Cuban MILF puts on a show for you 6:00
Loraine Del Sol in Big-assed Cuban MILF puts on a show for you 6:00 Loraine Del Sol, 48, is a divorced mom who was born in Cuba and lives in Tampa, Florida. She says she likes to look sexy, not vulgar, when she goes out. She looks plenty sexy in the bra, panties and tight, curve-hugging dress she's wearing in her return to 40SomethingMag.com. "I like to show off my curves and breasts. I enjoy it when a man pays a lot of attention to my body." Loraine likes to go on dates with someone sexy and fun who knows how to appreciate her. We're sure you appreciate her big tits and ass. "I like all positions but doggie-style is my favorite," she said. It's probably also the favorite of any guy who fucks her. Just imagine Loraine's big booty jiggling as you pound her from behind. "I masturbate from time to time, but it's not really necessary as I have sex every day," she added. That's what makes what she's doing here extra-special: She's showing off her body and playing with her pussy for your jacking pleasure. But don't worry. Later this week, Loraine's going to fuck a guy who's half her age. Call this your warmup. Hers, too.
Sigal Acon in Boobs Ahoy With Captain Sigal Acon 6:00
Sigal Acon in Boobs Ahoy With Captain Sigal Acon 6:00 Boobs Ahoy! We're boating with our new Captain Sigal Acon and she's having a blast on this pleasure cruise. Her name is pronounced Siggle. Think jiggle and you've got it. While our crew kept an eye out for other boaters, one-man subs and scuba divers, our photographer and Captain Sigal kept the action going on-deck so they could bring back photos and videos of this beautiful, busty sailor from St. Petersburg. That's St. Petersburg in Russia, not Florida. "There is a big difference between Russian girls and Ukrainian girls," Sigal explained. "Mentally we are quite close, but our looks are a little bit different. They are very curvy and beautiful. They have little bit darker colors. If she's Ukraine, she's definitely curvy, and in Russia, we also have curvy women but not usually like me." Sigal had a blast. "I expected to see something fancy, beautiful and Miami is an exciting place. I expected to see something fancy, and I do see it. I've always wanted to come here. I know about the culture, and I know people are very cool here. Everywhere around the world, wherever you travel, people talk about the American dream, about the American way of life, and I just wanted to see it with my own eyes. And here I am! "I've been surprised by the beautiful weather and how people are. They're so relaxed and having fun. Partying. It's so far what I expected to see, but when you see it with your own eyes...you see, you know that the cake is tasty, but once you've tried it, you understand how it is exactly. So that's how I feel about being here: I tasted the cake!"
Micky Lynn in Micky vs. The Fuck Machine 6:00
Micky Lynn in Micky vs. The Fuck Machine 6:00 Micky Lynn, a 45-year-old wife and mom from Florida, knows a thing or two about sex. She was a porn star in the 1990s who retired and recently made a comeback. During her retirement, she was swinging, stripping and doing web cam shows. She's taken her lifetime of experience and brought it to our studio, where she's shot a few excellent, jack-worthy scenes, fucking on-camera for the first time in a long time. Here, we see Micky with a sex machine to take care of her needs. The machine has a huge dildo attached to it, and it really fucks Micky's well-used pussy. Micky is a sex machine herself, and she loves hooking up with men and especially women. "The best sex I ever had was an all-girl orgy," she said. "There must've been maybe 20 of us. And it was hot. I love women and men. I love both genders. With men it can be rough and sexy and with women I like it sensual and romantic." Micky was made to do porn, and it's amazing that she stayed away for as long as she did. But one can only deny their true calling for so long. "Honestly, I missed being in front of the camera. Knowing that you have fans who look forward to seeing you is half the fun of shooting porn. I love to please them. The other half of it is getting to fuck all these hot guys with big cocks. I'm back for good now!"
Emma Blanco in EMMA BLANCO 11:00
Emma Blanco in EMMA BLANCO 11:00 Meet 19 year old Emma Blanco from the sunshine state of Florida. This girl has spunk and is overflowing with moxie which translates into the perfect combination of cute, bold, sexy, fun, hot as fuck, mysterious, provocative, spirited, seductive, fine assed, cuddly, sensual, enthusiastic, risque, stimulating, energetic, titillating, sultry, adrenalizing and full of electrifying life newbie who just happens to exude ball tingling energy with a perfect, and I mean PERFECT, body who must be a gift from heaven goddess who has a eye wink and smile that says "fuck the shit out of me or go home pussy" and is just an all around intoxicating hot girl with a down for anything attitude that just wants to have fun. WOW! Say that 50 times fast in a row. Oh! and by fun I mean cock sucking, pussy licking, toy probing, clog your wind pipe deep throating, ass rimming, choking, hair pulling, throw me around, ass slapping, balls on your chin, face full of cum, pussy squirting, ass probing, bodily fluid swapping hell of a good time with one of the finest pussies and cute as a button asshole we have had the pleasure of splitting open in a long time. Oh boy does Jay have his hands full with this one. Ok ok ok, so she has a few NOT VERY noticeable small tattoos. Hey! She's into the whole body modification thing, but trust me; this girl owns it and does so unapologetically leaving everyone she comes into contact with begging to have some of what she's selling. You know the type. She's that girl that every guy wants to be with and every girl wants to be. The life of the party, and we're buying it fully loaded, cocked and ready. So now that we know a little something about our sweetie, Jay picks up our fresh off the tattoo chaired newbie and she finds herself on the top of the Tempe buttes spread eagle for an exhilarating magic wand orgasm in the crisp Arizona air as hikers pass by below. Yes it's always feels better when someone's watching. We also get a glimpse of her cock sucking skills atop the buttes, but just a taste. Then it's back to the condo for a real proper fucking and a fucking they do. You'll see. Just watch. Everything I listed above is all there and it's a fucking totally awesome every position filled ALL-OUT-NASTY fucking these two do. So get ready! Ground yourself and prepare for the electrifying and energetic in your face Emma Blanco from Florida. She's cumming at you!
Loraine Del Sol in Loraine fucks her son's best friend 6:00
Loraine Del Sol in Loraine fucks her son's best friend 6:00 Loraine Del Sol, a 48-year-old divorcee and mom from Cuba, is doing some housework, and the way she's dressed has not escaped Tyler's attention. Tyler is the best friend of Loraine's son, and he stayed back while Jimmy went to do some errands. And what's Tyler doing while waiting for Jimmy? Talking on the phone and checking out Ms. Del Sol's sexy body: big tits, big, round ass, all dressed up in a tight top and a very tight skirt. She keeps bending over. "I think she's teasing me," Tyler tells his buddy. "Her ass is huge." Tyler is brazenly commenting about Ms. Del Sol, telling his friend how much he wants to fuck her, because he thinks Ms. Del Sol doesn't understand a word of English. But she does, and when she approaches him and asks if he wants to fuck her, he's shocked at first, almost speechless, but before long, he has his pants off and his cock in her mouth. Loraine, a first timer to fucking on-camera, is a divorcee from Cuba who now lives in Tampa, Florida. She told us, "When I go out, I like to look sexy but not vulgar. I like to highlight my curves and also my breasts a bit." Both are highlighted in this scene. "I'm sexually assertive," she told us. "I am not afraid to make the first move." And here, she proves it.
Dakota Knight in DAKOTA KNIGHT 11:00
Dakota Knight in DAKOTA KNIGHT 11:00 I don't think we will be needing any lube today is the understatement of the year from 23 year old eager beaver Dakota Knight from Florida. This girl is in need of some good fucking that's for sure and JAKE KNOWS FUCKING so this is a match made in porn heaven. So we find out during the drive back to the hotel that Dakota is no stranger to sex and has been around the block a few times. But she hasn't been around Jake's block if you know what I mean and things escalate quickly from "I've been on a plane for six hours and don't want to get naked in the car and fuck" blah blah blah too... "I love sucking dick and sure I'll suck his dick" said eager Dakota when I asked. But can she suck a good dick Steve? Well... We're waiting... Fuck yeah she can suck a good dick and no one has ever made Jake cum twice in a shoot before and little miss Floridian made Jake pop in the car. So YES she can suck a good dick and it's a sloppy, wet as fuck blowjob. The write home to mom and say I found the girl for me MA kinda blowjob. There's so much spit and wetness smothering Jake's cock there won't be a need for any lube kinda wetness going on here. But is Dakota's pussy as wet and her mouth Steve? Yes. Yes it is. It's the fountain of youth kinda wet and Dakota squirts for the first time ever as Jake takes her on the ExCoGi rollercoaster of multiple orgasms as he fucks the shit out of this newbie's pussy. Ok so now that the important questions are answered, it's time to sit back and enjoy as Dakota Knight gets the fucking of her life because in her own words, "Porn is a lot more fun than I thought it would be". Yeah it is a lot of fun. Enjoy Dakota Knight. Jake did.
Jennifer White in Anal Dream Cum True 12:01
Jennifer White in Anal Dream Cum True 12:01 Jennifer White is BACK in Florida and BACK on Bang Bros. This sexy queen loves dick...BIG dick, and her favorite place to stuff a big dick is in her tight asshole. We had to come through with the biggest dick we know. Our man Brickzilla came to slay that booty once again for us. His dick fits 4 of her hands, and shes got all that going in her asshole. She takes out of buttplug and stuffs her hole back up with a true monster cock. She begs for him to cum inside of her and he leaves her with a huge creampie all in her booty.
Delilah Blue in Down On Delilah 15:00
Delilah Blue in Down On Delilah 15:00 What started as a cult following is now beyond control. From Alaska to Florida the CumFiesta house is now a renowned location of debauchery. Where girls from all over here the word Fiesta and suddenly get wet. The house is synonymous with facial loads and juicy pussies being piped down. Today we bring you Delilah Blue, one of the hundreds of lucky babes that have had the pleasure of the Fiesta. She was so damn thick in all the right places. And her titties were surprisingly huge! Delilah overheard the legendary shit that goes in the Fiesta and wanted to see for herself! If only she can get the cum out of her eye first!
Anjii Ross in MEET ANJII 6:00
Anjii Ross in MEET ANJII 6:00 If Anjii Ross and her natural 45-inch boobs were bouncing in a strip club near our office, your editors would be there after work like greased lightning clutching a roll of dollars.But sadly for us, and our neighbors, Anjii is not a dancer. It wasn't long ago that super-stacked babes like Anjii Ross were dancing in clubs, either moonlighting or doing it full-time. Now more girls are going into web-cam modeling and Anjii is one of the net generation.A Florida girl who loves the sand and surf and wearing out bikinis, she's had sex on the beach, and we don't mean the drink. "I like foot play, playing with my titties and putting toys and fingers inside my pussy until I orgasm," Anjii revealed."I really love my Hitachi wand, too. I enjoy girls so I continue to play with women when I can. The kinkiest thing I've done was going camping in the woods and getting dirty in the bushes." Describing her special talents, Anjii says, "I am the best titty fucker ever!" A bold claim, but Anjii definitely has the assets for the task.
Fuck)Fuck)Kasey Miller in Kasey Miller Orgasms With Vibrator 9:52
Fuck)Fuck)Kasey Miller in Kasey Miller Orgasms With Vibrator 9:52 Hot Florida blonde Kasey Miller needs to do a little warming up to stretch her tight hairy pussy for her sex scene. Sound like fun? She thinks so, and strips from her sexy lingerie to tease you with her perky natural tits and big ass. She slips out of her heels, caresses her sexy feet, and then spreads her legs and leans back on the PervCity couch. Her fingers slide through her bush and she opens her tight pink pussy, before finger fucking her hole. But things take a steamy fetish turn when she starts masturbating her clit with her precious little toes. Who knew Kasey was such a kinkster! Wet and ready, she pulses her snatch against a sex toy as it vibrates her clit to orgasm.
Fuck)Kelsi Monroe in Kelsi Monroe Bubble Butt Anal 11:00
Fuck)Kelsi Monroe in Kelsi Monroe Bubble Butt Anal 11:00 Longing for bubble butt anal sex, Kelsi Monroe shows up in PervCity. The Florida girl knows that the best sodomy can only be found on the West coast, and the kinkiest buttfucking comes from ass aficionado Mike Adriano. She teases him with her small tits and killer curvy hips, but when she bends into doggy style with her big ass in the air, he takes control, tongue fucking her anus and licking her hairy pussy. She moans, loving every inch of his cock pulsing from her ass to pussy, but he’s the one teasing her now. She masturbates while deepthroating him from ass to mouth in POV, and then he finally gives the brunette slut what she wants: a gaping asshole and mouth full of cum.
Natalie Brooks in Natalie Brooks helps Carmen Rae Orgasm 8:59
Natalie Brooks in Natalie Brooks helps Carmen Rae Orgasm 8:59 Hot young coeds Natalie Brooks and Carmen Rae have been following each other on social media forever. Finally, PervCity brings the sizzling Lolitas together to slather big dick with a double blowjob. However, the brunettes are way too horny to wait for a hard-on. When the petite Italian shows off her tiny titties, Natalie can’t resist and reaches to touch those sweet stiff nipples. They eagerly help each other out of their form-fitting body suits, admiring big ass and trim hairy pussy along the way. The horny Florida girl wants to see Carmen cum. She licks her fingers, drawing saliva over the skinny teen’s clit, then takes control of the sex toy. Carmen's mouth drops open and her eyes roll back as she reaches orgasms through the innocent lesbian play.
Diamond Monroe in Perfect Cut Diamond 6:00
Diamond Monroe in Perfect Cut Diamond 6:00 We hope the folks that say, "diamonds are forever" are correct, because dudes like us would gladly spend an eternity with a phat-assed chick like Diamond Monroe. Born in Detroit, Michigan and currently living in sunny Miami, Florida, this bitch has an ass that won't quit and curves that won't end. It's no surprise that even in a city like Miami--which is filled with some of the baddest strippers in the country--Diamond is one of the crown big-bootied jewels.
Casca Akashova in Casca Akashova: Bikini & Oil At Poolside 6:00
Casca Akashova in Casca Akashova: Bikini & Oil At Poolside 6:00 Casca Akashova begins her ultimate sunny Florida scene wearing a bikini at poolside. She sheds her bikini to totally soak her body in oil.
Harmony Wonder in Harmony Wonder Humps Giant Teddy Bear 8:20
Harmony Wonder in Harmony Wonder Humps Giant Teddy Bear 8:20 Ever since Perv City got a new teddy bear, horny Latina teen Harmony Wonder has been wanting to visit. Sure, this hot Florida girl loves interracial sex and wants to get laid by a BBC, but she’s been eyeing up our teddy for a while, and being this close makes her feel impossibly kinky. Who could have known that this caliente girl was a furvert? The pig-tailed brunette slips off her rainbow striped shirt and shimmies her jean shorts down her taut ass. Her hairy pussy is already soaking wet and she starts making out with the stuffed toy. Her gumdrop nipples stiffen as she straddles the teddy bear. Grinding her slick snatch on the toy’s leg, the teenager’s breath gets ragged and she orgasms all over its fluffy fur.
Harley Jade in Riding Harley 15:00
Harley Jade in Riding Harley 15:00 I decided to take my hottie girlfriend Harley Jade to the beach during our Florida vacay. I figured I could get her into a sexy thong bikini so she can show off her healthy booty. After she splashed around for a bit, I couldn't wait any longer to get her back to the hotel room. Once there, I snuck into the bathroom where Harley was taking a bath to get all the sand of her smoking body. Soon enough, I got her into the bedroom where she was eager to make a little vacation sex tape. How did I get so fucking lucky!
Macy Meadows in Macy Meadows Can Squirt On Command 15:00
Macy Meadows in Macy Meadows Can Squirt On Command 15:00 Macy Meadows is here to visit us in sunny Florida and she wants to show us what her waterworks pussy can do! She spreads hr pussy lips and sticks her fingers inside herself and makes herself cum on command! she pulls her perky titties out of her crop top and can't wait to show us just how wild she can get!!