Jewelz Blu in Proud Pervs: Spin The Bottle

A group of close-knit friends are hanging out for a game night, the atmosphere lively and fun. When Austin Pierce joins, bringing along his date, his friends are welcoming but it's obvious she doesn't care for them in return. Suddenly, things are awkward, although the friends try to be polite.When Jewelz Blu arrives, all of the friends are shocked, especially Austin. Jewelz hadn't been around for YEARS but it's immediately obvious that everyone likes her... except for Austin's date, who quickly becomes jealous.Since the friends are not too fond of Austin's date, they have no qualms revealing that Austin and Jewelz used to be pretty close. That's when they decide to spice things up by playing Spin the Bottle. As soon as the game begins, it's clear that the friends are trying to hook Austin and Jewelz up, much to the date's dismay. Somehow, the bottle always 'mysteriously' lands on the pair, resulting in more kisses and even more chemistry.Finally, the date is furious and leaves, and the friends are happy to see her go. As soon as the door is closed, they begin egging Austin and Jewelz on, wanting to see these two FINALLY get together.Austin and Jewelz heavily make out on the couch, their hands going everywhere. As their friends cheer them on, Jewelz takes out Austin's cock and slides it into her mouth. From that point on, the friends eagerly watch, even as Austin and Jewelz strip down and have sex right in front of them. As Jewelz is taken on her back, bent over the couch, and in Austin's lap, their friends are all for it.This will certainly be a game night to remember.

1 year ago