Paula Shy in Erotic Sole 2

Sexy Asian beauty Paula Shy is hanging out at home, dressed in a white bra-top, black miniskirt and lace-topped stockings. She has subtly smoky, deep-brown eyes, a gorgeous smile enhanced with rosy-pink lip gloss, and her long, brunette hair is frosted with burgundy-red. We find her unboxing her new home-massage mat. It includes a foot-massage area – and, as she checks out the instructions, she is delighted to discover a point for her clit mapped on the reflexology chart. So, can a foot-rub make her cum? Smiling, she lays out the mat, strips off her skirt to reveal a pastel-pink thong, then grinds one foot against the plastic massage bumps. She rolls down and removes her stockings, then caresses her beautiful breasts and shaved pussy through her underwear before getting totally naked. Her manicured fingers home in on her snatch, and the camera zooms in for a close-up as she begins to masturbate. As her fingertips circle her clit, her pussy oozes juices. She moves onto all fours, doggy-style, and reaches down and behind, showing off her tight asshole as her middle finger penetrates her pussy deep. As it pumps and probes, her pleasure builds and her stunning body arches and undulates. Close to orgasm, Paula lies back on the wood floor, thighs splayed and both feet on the mat for maximum stimulation as her fingers plow her slit. She moans and gasps, then her ass bucks clear of the floor and her body trembles as her climax hits. Satisfied for now, she relaxes, hands roaming to soothe and stroke her gorgeous curves – then she flashes one final, sweet smile at the camera. We leave her checking out the massage chart once more, brimming with excitement at its erotic potential...

1 month ago