Valentina Nappi in DEVOTED 10:00
Valentina Nappi in DEVOTED 10:00 One partner is ok, two is even better! Valentina and Kristof are on a romantic weekend in Paris. To make the best of their stay, they decide to invite Ricky to join them. After putting on the lingerie her husband has chosen, the sultry Italian girl is only waiting for their guest for a torrid threesome.
Renee in Renee 2 11:00
Renee in Renee 2 11:00 When we say our 20 year old French-Irish-German blonde spinner Renee has given mouth-to-mouth to over a hundred people, that's not a euphemism for saying she's had triple digit sex partners. No, Renee is a real lifeguard in Tampa , Florida, with swimsuit and EMT license and sexy tan lines, and everything. When she's not busy dragging fat tourists out of the water, Renee enjoys being cocked down by Italian guys (surprisingly, the wife beater- wearing kind, not the Armani suit- wearing kind. Yes, we asked). Renee confesses that she loves it rough and hard. Raised by a conservative Christian mom and dad, her passion for extreme sex has been hampered most of her life. Until now. When she decided to do porn, her family wasn't exactly thrilled about their little angel's imminent descent into the pits of hell. Now here is where we'd like to say THIS is her first porn, but it isn't. Renee actually did one scene for a different site before, about a year ago. She then went back playing Baywatch: Tampa Bay Edition for a year to think about if porn was really something worth risking her soul over, especially the kind that takes place in a cheap hotel room. Luckily for us, she decided that, yes, it was. Renee was a bit disappointed when instead of the promised studio and makeup artist, Troy drives her to - tada! - a cheap hotel and rushes her into doing her own face paint and hair. Smooth talking white guy, cheap hotel room, lights pointed on the bed, consumer camcorders everywhere - everything looked just like that one scene young Renee did a year ago. Was this going to be another big mistake? What she doesn't know is that we do have one big, BIG surprise in store for her... Renee is all too eager to let our white camera guy finger and fuck her pussy and ass with toys and butt plugs. She even lets him put one of the toys that graced her tight little ass into her mouth, and she keeps it there like a pacifier like the good little submissive she is. Everything goes swimmingly (hehe) until Troy reveals that he's about to text the guy Renee will be having sex with. Now she takes out her butt plug pacifier to clarify if she just heard right - she'll be fucking a DIFFERENT guy? That's right, points for listening, Renee. Having backed herself up into a metaphorical wall earlier by stating how open minded and adventurous she is, Renee has no choice but to wait and see who is going to walk through that door in a moment... Now here is the part where gigantic black cock lord Jovan Jordan walks in and we describe in detail all the hot sex these guys have together. But there isn't enough space here to convey to you how much fucking and sucking and anal and ass-to-mouth-and "fuck me, daddy" stuff is going on. This video is over 100 minutes long and the screenshots hopefully give you an idea. But we can honestly say that Renee quickly takes to that big black cock and gobbles and deep-throats and fucks her way into pornstardom like nobody before, and we cover every position and depravity we can think of with her - and she loves it! Our quiet life saver really is a sexual athlete. ANAL! With Jovan fucking Jordan,guys! Look at her tiny ass almost split in two by that huge dick! Before that, she lets him deep throat her so much, she actually throws up. Hey, we never said all porn is erotic all the time. Especially not when it involves amateur girls and gigantic black cocks. But Renee somehow manages to stay composed and calm anyway. She's so unexpectedly awesome and composed yet ultra dirty through this entire time, and says all the right things, it's like she was born to be in the porn business. "Can I use a vibrator on my clit as you fuck my ass?". I mean...c'mon!!! So damn hot! After lots and lots of anal, including a split-screen worthy doggy position on the floor, we end things on the couch, where Jovan pumps his man seed deep inside our young girl's womb. Whatever didn't make it inside Renee's baby-maker or her thighs or ass, flows back on the couch. We make her eat up all that spilled cum from the couch and her own body before winding down and congratulating the 2 on one of the hottest, sweatiest, anal-est scenes of all time on Black Ambush (maybe even all of porn). UPDATE: At the time of Renee's shoot she didn't have a last name for her pornstar career yet. Troy just got a text saying she thinks of going by Renee Saint-Pierre. She just made an Instagram account too. Once we're sure she's keeping it, we'll post it here or on our Twitter (
Francesca Palma in First massage fuck for Italian teen 15:00
Francesca Palma in First massage fuck for Italian teen 15:00 Italian teen Francesca Palma hires sexy stud Max Dior for an oily rubdown in the Massage Rooms. With Francesca lying facedown and naked on the table, Max applies oil to her feet and massages them, relaxing his client, and turning her on. Max moves up her legs to her booty, and sensually rubs her cheeks. As Francesca gets turned on, Max takes out his hard cock and fucks her doggystyle. The Italian teen turns over and lets the stud fuck her tight pussy missionary, then he cums all over her!
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Brandi Bae, Justin Hunt in Anal for Big Tit Babe Brandi Bae 11:00 There is only one way to get big tit babe Brandi Bae quaking her thick booty on your big dick: anal sex! But when it comes to cock-shattering cumshots, this blonde bombshell's voluptuous hooters, shaved pussy, and big ass do the trick! Brandi is hot in heels and fishnet stockings, but this PAWG is so much hotter when naked, bouncing her big tits, twerking her booty, and giving blowjobs. The Italian indulges her footjob fetish fantasy first, and it's awesome. But her thick lips wrapped around your prick in POV, and her deep throat gargling and gagging as she bobs for balls is the match that lights cock on fire. It's hard banging ass-to-pussy and gaping ass-to-mouth from there on, and it's enough to let that huge load loose with a dripping facial!
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Gia Costello in Bra-busting Mom's Masturbation Mania 6:00 Gia Costello (Sexy Sicilianxxx) rubs her big, well-suckled tits and finger-fucks her mommy-pussy in bed, talking dirty to add extra spice. This mature New Orleans dish has a talent for producing erections and getting guys to shoot their loads in her honor. She uses those talents for cybersex. "Guys request I use my toys and play with myself all the time," Gia said. Gia speaks fluent Italian. "I learned in college so I could communicate with my grandmother better. I have never been to Europe, specifically Italy. That's my dream vacation!" The funniest comment a guy ever said to Gia was "You are so hot, those tits are bigger than my future."
Capri Lmonde in His irresistible Italian mistress 15:00
Capri Lmonde in His irresistible Italian mistress 15:00 Italian mistress Capri Lmonde is in blue lingerie and showing off her petite body for her lover Mugur Porn. She slowly gyrates and teases him with her pert boobs and banging booty, then pulls her panties to the side and fingers her wet pussy while he watches. Climbing on top of Mugur, Capri kisses him, and after some deep French kissing, she takes out his cock and gives him a blowjob. Mugur sucks Capri's tits as she rides his dick cowgirl style, then he makes her cum in the missionary position. Mugur pounds Capri's pussy in the spoon position, then pulls out and covers her pussy with cum!
Chanel in Chanel 2 11:01
Chanel in Chanel 2 11:01 What could drive a "good girl" who has only had 1 guy in her life to suddenly decide to do a porn scene and start fucking other dudes like it's her new hobby? Trump deporting that 1 guy, that's what. Seriously, 22 year old Italian-Native American cutie Chanel has played it safe with her Mexican man for years. Chanel is quite shy and nervous about today. She didn't want to tell us at first why she "broke up" with him but it slipped out that he actually got deported. Now she is making her previously pristine pussy available to other men in town (Latinos only). And to huge black cock lord Jovan (which she doesn't know at the time she gets into Troy's car). Thank you, President T ...we guess? We only tell Chanel that the white dude she's been flirting with in the car is not the guy she's going to be fucking on camera...2 seconds before she walks into the hotel room. Just look at her face when she steps in and sees a huge naked black man on the bed waiting for her. Jovan is already stroking his dick in anticipation. Chanel has never been with a black man before and she recalls all those rumors about black men and huge cocks. We let Chanel keep her clothes on for now as she sits next to him, strokes him hard, and even starts sucking his huge cock (she did NOT expect that dick to be so big!). Letting her keep her clothes on for a few minutes serves 2 purposes. One, it makes her feel comfortable and gives her a way out should she decide to call the whole thing off. Two, we want to see some Clothed-Female-Naked-Male (CFNM) action. It's hot. Let us know if you like that and we do it again. Anyway, Chanel eventually warms up to Jovan's charm but his enormous cock is a lot to handle for her tight pussy. She has to take a few breaks and we can tell our black lord is stretching her Italian snatch to the limits. Anal is an absolute no-go unfortunately, no matter how much we beg. "He's too big, my pussy already hurts!", she whimpers. We try to make up for it by having her deep-throat and gag herself on J's big black cock, and let him have his way with her precious vajayjay however he pleases. He ultimately has his fill and unloads a big load of cum over Chanel's pretty face (yes dear members, we did get your emails and tweets about seeing a cum facial again, so here it is). Dripping with the black man's sperm, we take a few photos of a very spent, very used up white girl who will undoubtedly walk funny for a few days.
Angelica Heart, Mimi Cica, Jayla De Angelis in Tempted by Translation 1 6:00
Angelica Heart, Mimi Cica, Jayla De Angelis in Tempted by Translation 1 6:00 Professional translator Jayla is ready for her next appointment at a luxury cosmetics company. When she arrives, she hears the marketing assistant on the phone with his manager, talking dirty in Italian. And then, when her assignment officialy starts, it gets even weirder...
Lady Gang in Play Games with Me 15:00
Lady Gang in Play Games with Me 15:00 While I was driving around, this good-looking man hailed down my cab and asked for a ride to work. On the way to his destination, we got chatting. He told me he was Italian and mentioned he was single. Feeling horny, I asked him if he was interested in playing a game. He was hesitant at first, but after letting him play with my big tits, he agreed to show me his dick. When he pulled it out, I could barely contain my excitement at how big it was! As soon as I’d found a good spot to park, I joined him in the backseat where I finally got to enjoy sucking on his huge cock and then he pounded my wet pussy from behind doggystyle. My big boobs were jiggling as I rode him reverse cowgirl and then I wanked him off until he gave me a hot facial!
Jessica in JESSICA 2 11:01
Jessica in JESSICA 2 11:01 19 year old beautiful blonde first timer Jessica has only done foot fetish videos before. She'll tell you all about it during her interview and even demonstrates how she does it. Foot fans, that segment is mandatory viewing for you. After that we focus on what we're here for - Jessica's first bona fide porn shoot. Like many girls her age, she wants to start earning some real money and having done those foot fetish clips for her fans, she feels comfortable doing some REAL porn now. Luckily for us, we got her first. Jessica doesn't know that her very first time having sex on camera will be with a huge black man with a dick the size of a beer can. In fact, she's never had sex with a black man before, only the Italian guys she likes so much. But Jessica is genuinely sweet and open minded , so it's not a big surprise when she opens the door, realizes she will be having sex with the tall black stud standing in front of her...and then starts kissing him all over a few moments later to begin the scene. We wanted to take it slow but no, Jessica is all over JD, and our man doesn't mind. He enjoys a BJ - his cock barely fits in Jessica's mouth! - and then takes her hard bent over the desk in the room. They take things into the bedroom where things are more comfortable (and better lit) and we get to watch our white bonde with her black stud doing sexual acrobatics until JD cums early inside her pussy without warning. He just couldn't hold it any longer and looking at Jessica, we can't blame him. Very hot scene with a real and gorgeous first timer.
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Valentina Nappi in Valentina Nappi 3 11:59 Italian hottie Valentina Nappi gets banged hard until a sticky load oozes out of her pussy.
Anna Khara in Horny Blonde Just Loves Cock 15:00
Anna Khara in Horny Blonde Just Loves Cock 15:00 I saw this dirty blonde slut Anna Khara on the side of the road. She was a pretty Italian woman, and had no money on her. I let her in the cab and told her a damsel in distress always needed saving. She wanted to repay my kindness, and so asked if she liked big dick! She saw mine and said "wow," and then I joined in the backseat. I was already hard, and she jumped right on my cock, giving me a thirsty blowjob. She stripped off her panties, so I fucked her shaved pussy missionary, and she liked it so much her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She squeezed her tits as I put my hand around her throat, and she came on my dick. She slammed her ass back against me doggystyle, then eagerly took my facial!
Kylie Storm in UNCUT ITALIAN STALLION LUKAS CANNON AND NEW HOTTIE KYLIE STORM FUCK 12:00 Italian AND uncut?! Can Lukas Cannon get any sexier? Kylie Storm loves sucking dick and had Lukas's eyes rolling back in his head... many times. Just the right amount of passion and roughness in this scorcher of a scene. These two are beautiful!
Lily Veroni in Anal Superstar 2 13:59
Lily Veroni in Anal Superstar 2 13:59 Today in the studio we have a beautiful Italian MILF that can't wait to have her body used by her Italian coperformer. She has a lot of experience and her ass hole is begging to be pounded hard but before that she give a wet blowjob with lots of deepthroat and spit. Right after that Christian Clay wastes no time and shoves his thick dick into her ass, stretching it out while she is sucking his toes, moaning in pleasure. Her pussy is not treated to any dick today because it's an anal only feast.
Francesca Palma in Can I touch your Dick? 14:59
Francesca Palma in Can I touch your Dick? 14:59 An Italian woman by the name of Francesca Palma got into the taxi today. It was a cold day, and she did not speak much English, so we did not chat much until she received a phone call. I heard her yell into the phone, and through her broken English, she communicated to me her bastard boyfriend had cheated on her. I was sympathetic, but soon after, Francesca leaned forward and asked if she could see my dick! I pulled over, and got into the backseat. By the time I was seated, Francesca was already topless. She teased me with her perky tits, then started sucking my cock. Francesca climbed onto my lap and I stuck my hard cock in her tight, shaved pussy. After some doggystyle and some spoon fucking, I pulled out and covered the cutie with a facial!
Cece Capella in Sweet Treasure 15:00
Cece Capella in Sweet Treasure 15:00 This weeks submission was brought to us from Sean Lawless. He caught his lovely girl Cece Cabella doing the dishes in her panties, and we are sure glad he shared with us. Cece was so cute with a perfect body. He coerced her to take out the trashed completely naked for an Italian dinner with the works. At first she felt awkward, but once she was outside she really started to feel sexy. It was like she had opened the door to a whole new experience. Once they were back inside both of them were heating up. As a hot young couple they was no need to romance, they just went at it right there in the kitchen. Cece looked really good with her pussy spread open. She was loving the camera as she got fucked. There is nothing better than a girl friend that loves to fuck where ever, whenever, and finish with a load to the face.
Scarlett Sommers in The Italian Way 15:00
Scarlett Sommers in The Italian Way 15:00 When Scarlett Sommers gets back from Italy she stays with her stepdad Filthy Rich who has gotten the house ready to make her feel comfortable. Scarlett is so grateful for her stepdad’s hospitality that she decides to thank him in a very Italian fashion… with an open mouth and open legs!
Martina Smeraldi in Lust Wrapped in Lingerie 15:00
Martina Smeraldi in Lust Wrapped in Lingerie 15:00 Sexy Italian brunette Martina Smeraldi craves a cock. She seduces Kristof Cale and takes his cock in her tight ass!
Silvia Dellai, Lana Roy in The Spanish Stallion: Martina Smeraldi the Italian Nympho - Episode 5 15:00
Silvia Dellai, Lana Roy in The Spanish Stallion: Martina Smeraldi the Italian Nympho - Episode 5 15:00 The Spanish Stallion: Martina Smeraldi the Italian Nympho - Episode 5
Jayla De Angelis, Stefany Kyler in The Spanish Stallion: Martina Smeraldi the Italian Nympho - Episode 3 14:59
Jayla De Angelis, Stefany Kyler in The Spanish Stallion: Martina Smeraldi the Italian Nympho - Episode 3 14:59
Martina Smeraldi in The Spanish Stallion: Martina Smeraldi the Italian Nympho - Episode 2 15:00
Martina Smeraldi in The Spanish Stallion: Martina Smeraldi the Italian Nympho - Episode 2 15:00
Natasha Ink in Premiere with an Italian milf 12:00
Natasha Ink in Premiere with an Italian milf 12:00 He was very nervous because he ordered another girl for sex, but his dick was not nervous. Italian tattooed bitch with hairy pussy sucked his cock so well.
Ocean Pearl in Feeling On The Booty 15:00
Ocean Pearl in Feeling On The Booty 15:00 Ocean Pearl was getting a quick exercise in before we went to dinner but she was taking too long. So I hopped on the truck and looked for that ass. She wasn't too far up the block till I found her and had her get that ass in the truck. I was starving for two things. Some delicious food and some good pussy, not in that particular order. So I took the party back to our bedroom where I gave Ocean the D. I had her moaning for joy and begging for more! If she wanted some good Italian food she'd have to work it.
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Natasha Ink in Hairy amateur Italian milf 12:00 This extravagant Italian couple came to the Czech Republic to show us a real Italian stormy sex