Sade Mare in Will You Tell

Beautiful Italian brunette Sade Mare crawls over her bed wearing nothing but some cute blue panties and a white T-shirt. She falls back onto the pillows and lifts her top to caress her breasts, her nipples jutting out. Pulling off her panties, she rolls onto her side, stretches her legs out and opens them. Turning herself on, she flips onto her back and spreads her slender lags, sliding two fingers inside her tight shaved pussy and masturbating slowly, working her fingers in and out. Her eyes close as her breathing quickens. She grinds her hips back and forth, lifting one leg up with her free hand, in a world of her own. Pressing her lips together, she grips the head of the bed, thrusting her pussy back against her hand as her fingers slip in and out, rubbing at her clit as her orgasm comes closer and closer, so uninhibited.

6 months ago