Leticia Angel in Loving It 2 15:00
Leticia Angel in Loving It 2 15:00 Leticia Angel makes her debut this week on MIB. She's fresh from being a former 19 year old and turned 20 weeks before this film. You can almost see some of her young timidness come thru on camera. Still she does her best to keep the viewer engaged with her looks and sensual pussy rubs. She's probably not yet ready for anal, so if you MIB anal lovers are looking for that, you will not see any of that this week. Sorry. What you will see is sexy young thang with some really nice tits. One of them is even pierced and of course they have that Brazilian tan line. All in all you will see a young Leticia enjoying her first time on camera.
Iris Kiss Kiss in Blonde analyzed after romantic walk 12:00
Iris Kiss Kiss in Blonde analyzed after romantic walk 12:00 During a gloomy day, beautiful blonde with wavy hair is having a romantic promenade with her man on the rocky shore. They drink coffee and chat a little bit before deciding to return home. Once lovers are in the apartment, mutual attraction overflows them and they start to passionately make out in the living room. Girl with perky tits enjoys pussy licking and gives partner amazing blowjob. Cock riding on the sofa leads to anal sex that ends with cumshot inside asshole and all over her bald snatch.
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Marina Visconti in Marina Visconti 5 12:00 Big tits lovers rejoice! Meet Marina, a fresh 18 year old with a set of huge mouth watering natural breasts getting fucked.
Tracy Lindsay, Kira Zen in Letters Of Love 15:01
Tracy Lindsay, Kira Zen in Letters Of Love 15:01 When Tracy Delicious gets back from vacation to an empty house, her mind is filled with nostalgic thoughts of her lover Kira Zen and all the time they've spent together. A stolen kiss here, a love letter there. But of all their times together, the one thing that sticks out above all is one lazy morning in bed, as gentle touch turned into sensual caresses. The lesbian lovers took their time, working their way up to an orgasmic frenzy as they kissed, licked, and tribbed each other's eager waiting pussies.
Esmeralda Duarte in SEX ON HER MOM'S BED . ESMERALDA DUARTE 10:59
Esmeralda Duarte in SEX ON HER MOM'S BED . ESMERALDA DUARTE 10:59 Esmeralda Duarte finds it more exciting when she gets fucked in her mom's bed. Since when she was younger, she secretly watched how her mommy had sex with countless lovers on that same bed. Now, she wants to feel as slutty as her mother.
Rachel Starr in Rachel Starr POV Hit Me With Your Best Shot 12:59
Rachel Starr in Rachel Starr POV Hit Me With Your Best Shot 12:59 Rachel Starr POV Hit Me With Your Best Shot. If your bag is MILF's then you can do no better than Rachel Starr. With a body made for speed and ease of use, and an attitude predisposed toward cock this busty brunette has it all. From the soaking wet FULL STREAMS AHEAD 2 this is a MILF lovers dream. Check it out.
Shrima Malati, Kathy Fuckdoll in The Games You Play 15:00
Shrima Malati, Kathy Fuckdoll in The Games You Play 15:00 Shrima and Kai are sitting alone in the candlelight when Kai remembers a card trick he just has to show the beautiful brunette. With fireworks going off in her privates, Shrima isn't interested in playing cards. Fortunately, she has a different game in mind. Shrima suggests they play strip spin the bottle, and Kai is all too eager to accept. Overhearing all the fun, Kathy joins from the kitchen and enters the game. Soon all three lovers are stripped naked and giggling, and when there are no more articles of clothing to remove, things take a turn towards the sensual. They can't keep their hands off of each other, so they take turns pleasing one another until the trio is bursting with orgasmic energy. After Shrima and Kathy finish Kai off with their mouths, they intertwine and kiss passionately, contently sharing the fruit of their labor.
Julia Rain in Full Of Joy Episode 1 11:58
Julia Rain in Full Of Joy Episode 1 11:58 Passionate lovers Julia Rain and Maxmilian Dior sit kissing tenderly, as episode one of Andrej Lupin’s erotic two-parter "Full Of Joy" begins. Max squeezes his sweetheart’s beautiful breasts through her pink lace lingerie, then pulls her onto his lap to tease her stiffening nipples with his fingers. He flips her onto her back and kisses his way down to her shaved pussy, fingering and eating her until she’s dripping wet, then grabbing a vibrator to buzz against her clit until she’s squirming and squealing, totally overwhelmed by the intense pleasure. Max guides his hard cock into gorgeous blonde Julia’s pussy in missionary, pressing the vibrator against her clit again as he thrusts slowly, then tossing the toy aside as he fucks her harder and faster, driving her wild. They move into cowgirl, Julia leaning back so her man can stimulate her with the vibrator once more, giving her one immensely powerful orgasm after another before she jerks out his hot cumload.
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Alyson Thor in Tis the season for intimate loving 14:59 Lovers Alyson Thor and Angelo are in front of the Christmas Tree sharing some seasonal intimacy! Alyson looks stunning in a tight blue evening dress, and Angelo kisses her deeply before gifting her a pair of lace purple panties. Alyson puts them on and Angelo licks her pussy, then she gives the stud a blowjob. Taking off her bra, Alyson shows off her perky titties before climbing on top of Angelo so she can ride his cock. After some missionary and doggystyle, Alyson bounces her booty up and down in reverse cowgirl, then Angelo pulls out and cums on her ass!
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Hazel Heart, Remi Jones in REMI JONES AND HAZEL HEART 3WAY 11:00
Hazel Heart, Remi Jones in REMI JONES AND HAZEL HEART 3WAY 11:00 Wonder lez sweetness-as-fuck powers ACTIVATE again! Yes it's 18-year-old duo Hazel Heart & freshly off her de-virgining the day before lover Remi Jones. Jay is one lucky bastard getting to fuck these girlfriends again and for their first 3way ever by the way! I think every guy would agree that they've always wanted their GF to have a GF. Just saying. So this little soiree begins with these two sweeties on the ExCoGi bed raring to go and just itching to lick pussy and take their first dick together as innocent lovers exploring their sexuality. I fucking love this shit and so does Jay as he interviews these two and gets them to open up as they paint us a more vivid and colorful picture of their past love making. Sweet isn't it? What love abounds and it's explained to us that Remi is the more dominate one and it's Hazel that likes to be dominated. Well, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Again, everything about these girls that needs to be said was said in their debut scenes' write-ups so go read it there if you need to find out what color hello kitty backpacks they own. Or if you need to know what their interests are or what they like to do when they have their clothes on. Get it? But if you want to watch two hot as fuck, sweet and innocent looking lesbian lovers take their first dick together on camera quit reading this and start playing the video. It's what you have wet dreams about when thinking of pubescent teenage girls doing things to each other on a sleep over when they think their parents are asleep. Yeah it's that kind of scene. It's Innocence with pubescent hairy pussy'ed horny-as-fuck inexperienced girls who just turned legal who love licking pussy, taking dick, licking ass and will try anything once who also eat cum type of video. And guess what? They even have matching white lace little girl panties on that are cute as fuck that scream "We are not slutty whores". I couldn't write a better porn script if I did that lame ass sorta shit. Anyways. Again, I'm not sure if all you perverted fucks out there deserve such treats as Remi and Hazel first pussy licking and 3way ever on camera for the whole world to see, but here they are. And it's beautiful!
Pamela Rios in PABLITO SHARES HIS MILF . PAMELA RÍOS 10:59 They are such good brothers that they share everything, including their respective lovers. Pamela Ríos will get double penetration from these guys.
Emily Wilson in TEEN FUCK TRIP TO THE CITY 10:01
Emily Wilson in TEEN FUCK TRIP TO THE CITY 10:01 These teens have just met, but the fire of their passion burs so bright making them get naked and make love to one another on a very first date. They are both in this city for a weekend and they will spend it fucking their way to multiple orgasms, having oral fun like long-time lovers and cuddling between fuck sessions. They are full of desire and they just won't quit until they both fall on the bed completely sexually exhausted.
Jane Wilde in JANE 4 YOU 10:00
Jane Wilde in JANE 4 YOU 10:00 It's the big day for Seth, he's getting married to his new wife. Jane, his ex, is invited. But while the party is in full swing, she decides to go to bed. Seth came instantly to make sure she was okay... and say that he missed her very much. One thing led to another, the two lovers decided to say goodbye one last time in the most beautiful way.
Rayveness in Rayveness-WatchingMyMomGoBlack 11:59
Rayveness in Rayveness-WatchingMyMomGoBlack 11:59 Rayveness is in the envious position of having a husband who loves having her bring black men over to fuck her and send him the pictures. He also has a son that loves spying on his stepmom and jerking his tiny minute cock off to her whenever he gets the chance. Today though he gets caught watching step-mommy Rayveness with another one of her lovers and gets a front row seat unwillingly. Embarrassed and having his penis turtle out on him in front of the giant black snake hanging between Isiah's legs he still has his daddy's genes and complies with stepmom's request to take some pics for her to send his father. She even allows him to play with his little boy root as she does so. In fact she encourages it. So there is Travis diddling on his 3 inch thunder stick as stepmommy is getting a foot long black shaft blasted up her dripping cock parking lot. It makes for quite the festive afternoon and is defintely a bonding experience between stepson and stepmom. Isiah mercilessly pummels her cunt box and tosses her around the bed as she writhes and moans like a banshee. That's what middle aged women love and covet - massive black meat poles filling the lonely void left in their lives when youth faded away. Like a warming trip to the salon Isiah coats her face in a refreshing spray of piping hot man juice as stepson Travis watches. He can only wish a woman may one day be as satisfied with him as his stepmom is with Isiah for those fleeting moments bouncing on his black phallus of destiny.
Alisha Rage, Iskra in Strip Poker 3 15:00
Alisha Rage, Iskra in Strip Poker 3 15:00 As soon as cute brunette teen Alisha leaves the room, her hot blonde stepmother Elen challenges her stepdaughter's hunky boyfriend Kristof to a game of poker. The sexy MILF doesn't have any chips, but she can think of another way to keep score! Whether by sheer luck or by distracting Kristof with her slender body, Elen wins nearly every hand. When Alisha returns, she's stunned to see her boyfriend taking off his briefs! Her sexy stepmom talks her into joining them, and pretty soon Elen gets both teens naked and suggests a different kind of game! The three lovers are eager to play, exciting each other with kisses and letting their hands and mouths roam over one another's bodies. After giving Alisha a lesson in deepthroating Kristof's huge cock, the hot cougar leads the teens in a sexy threesome where they all win the jackpot!
Eve Sweet, Stacy Cruz, Jenny Doll in Lesbians get horny straight girl into threesome 15:00
Eve Sweet, Stacy Cruz, Jenny Doll in Lesbians get horny straight girl into threesome 15:00 Lovely lesbians Jenny Doll and Stacy Cruz stumble upon the massage room of the Fake Hostel, and the lovers make their way to the bed! Stacy pours oil on Jenny's feet and gives her a massage, then the cheeky lesbian slides off Jenny's shorts and dives tongue first into her ass and pussy. As the lesbians fuck, Eve Sweet eavesdrops on them and starts touching herself! Stacy and Jenny notice, and Eve flees, but the lesbians chase her into the bunkbeds upstairs and seduce her. The three ladies run a pussy-eating chain, then each of them gets a turn having their tits, ass, and pussies worshipped! Lots of rimjobbing and fingering later, all the ladies have cummed, and lay back satisfied!
Ariana in Ariana Dropped Out Of Gurlschool To Make Amateur Porn She Loves Anal! 14:59
Ariana in Ariana Dropped Out Of Gurlschool To Make Amateur Porn She Loves Anal! 14:59 Ariana is guy crazy. She tried a stint at Gurlschool to learn how to be a lady but all she did was daydream about dick! Giving in to her carnal desires, Ariana dropped out and started making amateur porn videos with her lovers. Now she's making a name for herself on the porn circuit and when you see how good she can take anal, you'll understand why!
Tali Dova in He Shoots, He Scores! 15:00
Tali Dova in He Shoots, He Scores! 15:00 Sometimes the best sex can happen when you least expect it. Lucas had planned to spend the afternoon watching the game with his girlfriend Tali, but after he spills his snacks on her and helps her take her stained shirt off, he finds himself watching her perfect bare breasts more than the television. Lucas's clumsiness must be catching, because a minute later, Tali spills her soda in his lap! As she mops up the spill, the mood between the couple grows scorching as Tali notices her boyfriend's big cock is already hard! Soon, these young lovers have a very different game in mind. Lucas takes advantage of the opening by pulling Tali close to suck his hard dick before showing his athleticism with a round of upside-down pussy eating that had Tali squealing with ecstasy! Soon, sportsman Lucas is showing his beloved every position on the field for a big score!
Stacy Bloom, Elina De Lion in Watch Me Get Wet 11:59
Stacy Bloom, Elina De Lion in Watch Me Get Wet 11:59 Stunning Stacy Bloom takes a bath, soaping up her beautiful big breasts, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie "Watch Me Get Wet" begins. As she steps out of the tub, she’s watched appreciatively by Elina De Lion. The lovers kiss, Stacy peeling off her sweetheart’s sexy lingerie, licking her stiff nipples and shaved pussy. She sucks the tall, slender brunette’s prominent clit and fingers her to a fierce orgasm, then lies back to get pampered. Elina laps at her hot pussy with its neat dark bush, making her squirm and gasp. She straddles Stacy in a sixty-nine, riding her face as she eats and frigs her juicy slit until they each climax on the other’s tongue.
Madison Ivy in Morning Glow 3 15:00
Madison Ivy in Morning Glow 3 15:00 There's nothing better than a lazy morning at home! Madison starts hers off by luxuriating in bed, appreciating the feel of the soft sheets against her skin, before slipping on some clothes and making herself a delicious cup of coffee. The busty brunette settles in on the buttery leather couch to enjoy her brew and listen to some tunes, and before long, she's thought of the perfect activity for her quiet morning: getting herself to the peak of orgasm! Engrossed by the feel of her hands all over her slender body, Madison doesn't even notice her husband Danny slipping in through the sliding door until he kisses her! Any other plans for the day Madison had evaporate in the face of her urgent need to ride Danny's thick, hard cock! The lovers soon drive each other to greater and greater ecstasies, filling the morning air with their moans of pleasure!
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Ainsley Adams in AINSLEY ADAMS 11:00 Let us introduce our latest big titted horny MILF for your enjoyment, Ainsley Adams who we think has had an impact on many a young man. Not that she’s had a lot of experience, she’s only fucked 8 guys, but she did teach in high school so you know how that goes, it’s hot for teacher day here at HMF! There must of been a line of guys around the boys room ready to bust a nut after one of her classes! But our stud JJay is no school boy and he was eager to sample some of this hot MILF pussy. Ainsley was pretty nervous going into this, but in a way you know she was hungry for some real cock. Recently separated, she was due for a good fucking and JJay was all to happy to help her out with that. Mama may say no to fucking in the car, but she definitely says yes to having a hard cock shoved down her throat. Once they were on the bed it was a different story and JJ got an A+ for her first body shaking, eyes rolling, grab the sheets orgasm. Apparently, her other lovers never hit the mark quite like that, and that was just with the Magic Wand! There are plenty more where that came from and Ainsley gets the pounding she was craving. In the end JJay unleashes a huge facial all over Ainsley’s face, guess her pussy was pretty damn sweet! This one is as real as it gets and you’re going to enjoy watching this teacher learn a few new lessons!
Nila Mason in Nila Mason: The Gift To Plumper Lovers 6:00
Nila Mason in Nila Mason: The Gift To Plumper Lovers 6:00 One of your favorite bra-busters at XL Girls takes a soapy shower and wants you to watch as every drop of water drips down her huge breasts. "Nila Mason is a gem," wrote super-fan J.G. "Nila is the hottest woman on the planet. I love her belly and those gorgeous rolls. She's a 100% unabashed plumper, as she should be. Everything about her is beautiful." "When we first discovered the H-cup phenomenon, we knew we had to shoot as many pictures of her as possible, and in as many poses as we could convince her to get into," wrote the editor of XL Girls magazine. "We knew we made a good decision. Nila can lose a man's face in her cleavage, and make any fan of busty plumpers bust their nut in a second."
Asteria Diamond in Slapping the Skin 14:59
Asteria Diamond in Slapping the Skin 14:59 Peter Green gives Asteria Diamond a drumming lesson, teaching her just how to slap the skins on the conga drum, then playing for her while she shakes her big booty. Asteria starts sucking Peter's cock whil he plays the bass, so he bends her over and slaps her ass, ripping open her leggings and fucking her doggystyle. These horny music-lovers definitely make some noise as they fuck in the studio!