Katy Rose, Emylia Argan in Dust

Hot lesbian lovers Emylia Argan and Katy Rose quite literally get down and dirty as Andrej Lupin’s sizzling erotic movie "Dust" begins. Naked apart from white panties, the gorgeous brunettes stand in a shadowy basement, caressing and kissing each other voraciously, their beautiful bodies smeared with dirt and dust. Busty Emylia rubs Katy through her panties, then tugs the underwear down to her knees. With one hand groping her lover’s pert breasts, she fingers her shaved pussy frantically. She sits on a trunk and pulls Katy onto her lap, frigging her visibly juicy hole even harder. Katy’s eyes close in ecstasy and she emits erratic pants of pleasure as her girlfriend increases the intensity of her finger fucking. Her legs shake uncontrollably as she suddenly careens into a climax that leaves her breathless. Sliding to her knees, Katy nuzzles Emylia’s beautiful big breasts, then yanks off her panties and starts eating her pussy, with its dark triangle of bush. Ass raised invitingly, her tongue flickers up and down Emylia’s slippery slit, and the curvy cutie holds her head in place, forcing her tongue deeper. After kissing her own juice from Katy’s lips, Emylia leans back to get finger-fucked to a powerful orgasm. She expresses her gratitude by sucking Katy’s stiff nipples, then eating and fingering her dripping pussy from behind, using both hands to drive her to another, even more immense climax. It’s a grimy, atmospheric setting for an encounter that’s pure pleasure.

6 months ago