Yvette, Nela Decker in Old and perverted 8:00
Yvette, Nela Decker in Old and perverted 8:00 This amazing Family screw episode is seriously hot. Every single slut young or old will be covered fresh semen. These families know how to screw and put on a show. Because after one Family screw episode you don't want anything else to release your load.
Mabel May in MABEL MAY 11:00
Mabel May in MABEL MAY 11:00 OH BOY, AMBER ALERT!!! If you like your girls YOUNG looking, today's exploitee is super young looking Mabel May. She may look young but she is 18. Yea we looked extra hard and careful at her ID to make sure. But don't let this young and innocent look fool you. Mabel (She got her name from a fucking cartoon) May revealed to Jake that she has had 3somes, sex with girls, and has had a sugar daddy all by the "Tinder" age of 18!!! Yes our little sex kitten doesn't get enough sex she says and only has sex 1 or 2 times a month!!! WTF!!! Doesn't she know she could be getting dick or pussy every night, or morning, with those looks and body? I know. I know. All you sugar daddies are looking her up as you stroke it I bet. Well as Jake continues to probe our little solo Cam girl for more about herself we find out all sorts of fun fact. Here's one: Mabel gets ALL of her sex from Tinder. "How else do you hook up with people?", our little swipe right hottie says with a giggle. Well not in a bar for you honey. Unfortunately, a young little thing like your self tends to attract the type of guy that hangs around a high school waiting for the school bell to ring LOL. Another fun fact is little Mabel likes to be called, or have nasty "sweet nothings" whispered in her ear like, slut and whore, during sex. Just make sure its PASSIONATELY whispered. We think this is called being degraded dear. "Yea, that's what I call it"; "I want to be passionately degraded", she says coyly with a smile as her fingers swipe her hair behind her ears. Oh did I mention this little fuck toy has braces!!! How much more awesomely innocent can this girl be? And she likes being degraded!!! My cock is soooooooooo hard right now. This is the type of girl who will let you do anything to her, doesn't know how to say the word NO and will let you live out your perverted fantasies on her. A fuck doll basically. "Do you consider yourself a slut?", Jake asks. "Yea, but in a good way", she answers with a smile. Oh Jake. I hope you show this little slut what a "REAL" fucking is since she has only had loser tinder hookups. Trust me he does. And this epic shoot ends with Mabel losing one thing she didn't think she'd lose today, HER SPEWGINITY! Wait till you see it. This girl can deep throat a baby's arm and she needs to be CLONED god damn it. We don't think Mabel had any clue what to expect at today at her first sex on camera, but she said she liked it. So there you go. I'd say she walked in SHY, and then walked out SORE. We love you Mabel!!!
Melina May in My Perverted Step-Family - Scene 2 15:00
Melina May in My Perverted Step-Family - Scene 2 15:00
Andi Rose, Jane Rogers in JANE ROGERS ANDI ROSE 3WAY PT 1 11:00
Andi Rose, Jane Rogers in JANE ROGERS ANDI ROSE 3WAY PT 1 11:00 Today started out with a long ass drive out to the desert to pick up super cute and sexy Jane Fuck'n Rogers. Let me Fuck'n say she's a Fuck'n hottie with a body! Schwing alert! Trust me the long ass drive was will worth it. Jake thought so too wasting no time getting her naked to check out what god blessed this sunflower with and blessed she is. You'll notice Jane is all smiles today and for good reason. It's 3some day and I'm not sure who's more excited, Jake or Jane? I think they're equally excited and for good reason because the other slit in this "menage et trios" is non other than the highly member rated Andi Rose. If you haven't seen her scenes you need to. Two of them are rated #1 & #2 and the 3rd is ranked in the top 10; and for good reason. Anyways, "Back at the Ranch" and the drive from it, we do find out that Jane's BF is supportive and even encourages her extra curricular activities. He even gave her a big kiss goodbye outside the house before Jake wrapped his perverted arms around her and whisked her away for the best sex of her life. You have a good man there Jane and she even repay's this openness by bringing girls home to share with him. That is one lucky guy because sharing is caring and we love you for it. Is Jane a keeper? I'd say definitely and she's definitely the type of girl you want to chew up all her bubble gum. You'll also wanna take her home to your momma's house type of special. Did I say she's special? Yeah she's special. So yda, yda, yda in the back seat were Jane gets naked and gets to sucking and fucking Jake's dick for some really hot warm up sex because you know us. Why waste a long car drive to the ExCoGi hotel room by just talking. Talk is cheep and car sex is a hell of a lot more fun. Now go watch both parts.
Amber Green in AMBER GREEN PT 1 10:59
Amber Green in AMBER GREEN PT 1 10:59 So is having sex with strangers a good time? That is the BIG question posed to 22 year old newbie Amber Green by our stud Jake right after this bundle of energized excitement entered the ExCoGi car for her proper introduction to the porn world. "Yeah-yeah it is", this more excited than nervous newbie giggled as she surveyed the surroundings with much anticipation of what was going to happen to her. So what chain of events brought sweet little Amber our way you ask? Well let me explain you. Amber is girlfriends with super cute and sexy porn star Dani Blu who, thankfully for us, encouraged her to take the porn plunge and boy are we glad she did, and did with us. Amber is cute and horny, sweet and horny, has a killer body and is super horny. Was blessed with perfect tits and horny. Sports a giggly personality and is horny as fuck all the time horny, down for anything horny and oh yeah horny. Perfect, just the way we like'em. Now Jake barely gets a few questions thrown Amber's way before she asks the question every perverted guy wants a hottie with a killer body that just got in their car to ask. "So should I take my clothes of now?" Yes please Amber and off they came for some of the hottest car sex in awhile I do declare. This girl lights up a room, or car, when she enters it and loves to be the center of attention. Every girl does right? And you're going to be the center of Jake's attention for the next 4 to 6 hours that's for sure as he introduces every inch of himself to ALL of you girl. Jake is in rare form today and jumps all over this unsuspecting girl like a dog in heat that just won't quit till he has a heart attack. Welcome to Arizona Amber and ExCoGi. This is just the warm up and she's all smiles as we pull into the parking lot of the hotel were Jake's going to properly give Amber his cock for round two. You know the story. Girl is introduced to the Hitachi and girl has first of many orgasms. Jake thrusts his cock down her throat. There's fingering, cunnalingus, phalacio, tea bagging, ass slapping, hair pulling and many many more orgasms. Limits were meet and exceeded with pleasure as these two climbed to new sexual heights. I must say this girl and scene was a pleasure to film and I do mean pleasure. So welcome to the big leagues Amber Green! We thoroughly enjoyed introducing you and your perfect body for the world to get off to. And yes, you know we kept her over for her first BBC EVER over at BlackAmbush. BOOYA! That's right first time with a black guy as Isiah Maxwell thoroughly introduced himself as well. So keep an eye out for that.
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 2 11:01
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 2 11:01 If you missed Part 1 of Blake Blossom's Epic debut scene here at ExCoGi you have to check it out. But in case you didn't, the beginning of Part 2 gives you a little taste of the fun rides the Blake Blossom Amusement Park has to offer and the fun Jake had riding everything this blooming flower had to offer on the car ride to the hotel. With so much "Strange Danger" about, a quick call to mom before her beautiful daughter takes dick on camera is always a safe bet and today's scene is MOM APPROVED! So lets focus on Mom's blossoming offspring shall we? "I don't get naked in front of many people," confessed Blake. Could have fooled us how easy it was to get you into your birthday suit in the car and then again naked during your makeup. Blake, your a natural exhibitionist. "I don't know what that means", she said with a perplexed face. It's what you're becoming dear by fucking in a moving car and stripping bare ass naked in front of 3 complete strange men you just met minutes before. God bless America! She then followed those statements up with more of what we wished every naked young beauty would say to 3 strange men in a hotel room, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it". YES PLEASE. We do tell her what to do, and guess what? She does everything on our checklist like the good like super slut in training she is, and I mean EVERYTHING. Right off the bat Jake makes Blake squirt and gives her her very first orgasm ever with the "Hitachi Thingy". That's her new BFF for sure. Next Blake gobbles Jake's cock with her sweet DSL's and takes his baby arm down that oh so fuckable throat like she hasn't seen a real cock in months, which she hasn't. "Fuck me now please", she whispers to Jake. Not before we make her rim his ass. Check. "I'll try" declared our eager beaver as I use the Hitachi on her pussy while Jake's nuts teabag her pretty face. The way she squirms as her pussy lips vibrate from the Hitachi is fucking hot and hard! The only thing I love more than telling a girl to lick ass for the first is when a girl does lick ass for the first time after I tell them to. This outgoing obedient girl is special and from what I can tell, very sex starved by how eager she is to please. Trust me, Jake takes full advantage of his self-proclaimed perverseness and gives her the fucking of her life for sure. Of course the rest of this scene lives up to everything you expect from the perverted fucks we are and confirms you don't want us to get a hold of your daughters or college coeds. We hope you enjoy this scene as much as we enjoyed making it because this is one fucking hot of a scene. Just remember this thought. Beautiful ExCoGi pussy like Blake Blossom is proof that god exists and wants us to be happy so happy fapping! Stay Safe - Stay Home. Wash your HANDS and Wash your BUTT! Enjoy, Steve
Sweet Melli in My Perverted Step-Family - Scene 4 15:00
Sweet Melli in My Perverted Step-Family - Scene 4 15:00
Jasmine Rouge in My Perverted Step-Family - Scene 1 15:00
Jasmine Rouge in My Perverted Step-Family - Scene 1 15:00
Milana in Ice cream and great sex for nymph 12:00
Milana in Ice cream and great sex for nymph 12:00 Enticing blonde places her phone on the table with intention to record a video for social media in which she is eating ice cream. During this process, she is approached by perverted BF who whips out already hard cock inviting chick to cover it with ice cream before wrapping greedy lips around delicious prick. He enjoys blowjob and returns the favour with pussy licking. They make love on the couch in doggystyle and cowgirl positions until fellow is ready to cover her pretty face with his hot sperm.
Hazel Heart in HAZEL HEART 4 11:00
Hazel Heart in HAZEL HEART 4 11:00 Wonder Lez-powers ACTIVATE! The wait is over and let me introduce you to 18-year-old Hazel Heart! She is the other half of the Remi Jones (18 yo Virgin) super duper extra special LezFriends duo, and what a duo these two make. If you missed Remi's scorching lost Virginity scene last week you have to check it out. Her hour-long BTS, makeup and post interview will be released soon so check that thing out if you're into that shit. If you did see it Remi's video also included the car pickup & intro with a majority of Hazel edited out. But rest assured everyone's going to get the full Hazel treatment with today's update of the hotel sex. You will have to wait a few days for all the BTS, post interview and shower content in a BTS update that will follow soon. Yes LezFriend Remi's scene was almost 2 hours long and so is Hazel's so we are breaking hers also into 2 parts. Let us know your feedback on this format of breaking the scenes up between Hotel sex and BTS footage. Ok enough of that shit and more HAZEL please! Things start off with the girls being picked up by Jay and boy is he excited. Fuck I would be two if I was about to get may dick sucked by two barely legal girls and one of them has never even seen a real cock before. The anticipation is killing me and you will have to wait a few days to see I'm afraid to say. But it's worth it. Trust me. So you get a little taste of the car at the beginning and you're whisked away to the ExCoGi hotel room were super eager and horny Hazel awaits. This girl is so sweet and innocent looking it kills me. But don't let those shy eyes fool you. This girl is HORNY-AS-FUCK and ready to get it rough! "I like pussy, but occasionally I like it rough and usually the only ones that can go there are guys" confesses Hazel in that Fuck-Me-Now smile. "I like being submissive and letting guys have their way with me." Yeah we agree, there is no substitute for the real thing. A real cock attached to a real guy to give it to you right. Damn we love this girl. I love it, that's hot. So we barely get started and I see that Jay's cock is standing at attention so she just starts sucking it! Wait wait wait everyone. We are getting waaaaaaay ahead of ourselves here. Pull back the reins everyone. Pump those breaks we need to get to know this little tart a bit and we do. This is one of the most fuckable girls we have had on the ExCoGi hotel room bed in a long time. So how did super horny, extremely fuckable Hazel whined up here? Hazel was always a super good girl. Did what her parents told her. Got good grades. Was an honor role student with lets saaaaaay, very strict and controlling parents. I'm sure there is a lesson here but I hate to point out the obvious. Anyways you just want to fuck the shit out of and take control of this girl from the moment she walks into your line of sight she is that special. Trust me this is one eager beaver and we are eager to see Hazel with her full bush in full action. Hazel likes both girls and boys and we love this! There isn't anything about this girl we don't like and you wont either. Hazel is girlfriend material and as Jay said at the end of this scene "I've always wanted my GF to have a GF." So has everyone. This scene is fucking awesome with Hazel taking Jay's huge load in her mouth and she swallows it all, with a little gagging involved, but she does it all and asks for more. Again I'm not sure if all you perverted fucks out there deserve such a treat but here she is! HAZEL HEART everyone! Enjoy, Steve
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 1 11:01
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 1 11:01 Does your mom know you're doing this? That was the question asked of this week's exploitee Blake Blossom as Jake and I drove through her well-groomed and upscale community as we pulled up to the very nice home she lives in with her mother. "Oh yeah she knows and is cool with it" proclaimed eager Blake in her sweet, sexy giggly voice. Right away we new we were in for a treat with this one because Blake has the personality and voice you just want to fuck over the phone. "Oh my god... She's so hot", confessed Jake, with a big smile on his face as we pulled up. It reminded me of a kid pulling into Disneyland with his parents for the first time, and his eye widen like saucers as he gazes upon all the massive fun rides he will get his hands on and soon ride. Yeah it was kinda like that for Jake I think as he gazed upon very fuckable, 20 year old Blake with her 32DD tits and curvy, it all right places, body. "What ride will I go on first" I'm sure was dancing through that perverted mind of his, because I have to admit, she's special this one. As the car door opened Jake scampered out to meet our unsuspecting amusement ride and her twin sisters that precede her. "You are so hot" was her greeting from Jake. "I am?" responded Blake coyly. These are the car rides wet dreams are made of and I'm sure everyone won't mind Jake getting right to the business of unwrapping Blake so he can go on his first ride in the car. We do however take the time to have Blake properly introduce herself and say a few words, but shortly there after the fun stuff begins. I won't bore all of you regurgitating the brief car interview questions. Most of the interview happens back at the hotel anyways at the end of the car ride, but trust me, this car sex and hotel interview is so hot and long we decided to make this scene 2 parts. Not many girls can command enough great content to warrant 2 updates from the same day but Blake is that kinda gal. "This is so crazy and fun you guys", sexy Blake declares as she strips down to her birthday suit in front of two complete strangers. The power of a hot expensive car to influence inexperienced young girls to get their juices flowing and explore their sexuality at 90 mph. Love it. Yeah this car ride is that hot and Jake takes full advantage of the situation giving our newbie a good taste of what she's been needing, from the only industry that can fill those needs. What "needs" need to be filled from a young hot thing like Blake you ask? GREATEST MIND BLOWING SEX of her life is a good start I'd say. Oh and being physically dominated by a cocks-man like Jake who she's watched in porn and gives her her first squirting and orgasm EVER is another good one. Oh and not to mention sex lasting longer than 10 minutes, yeah that made the list also. The list goes on and on but you get the picture of what Blake is in for today. Lets just say that when I asked her what her favorite position was back at the hotel she screamed with a big smile, CAR SEX! Wasn't aware the car sex was a position but we get what she's saying. Yes this week's scene is broken down into 2 parts because I just felt 3 hours of good content could not be trimmed down into 1 update and it warranted it. So sit down, strap in, keep all hands, feet and genitals inside the moving car at all times because the rocket ship is about to take off and your in for a fun ride today. Stay safe by staying home. Wash your hands. Wash your butt! Enjoy, Steve
Isabella Gonzalez in Stroke It Out 2 7:29
Isabella Gonzalez in Stroke It Out 2 7:29 Isabella Gonzalez is a naughty teen masseuse who does not like perverted customers. Today she is asked for an extra service and she does not want to disappoint her client. While the perverted man is blindfold she uses her plastic sex toy to fuck his cock, making him think he is actually fucking her teen pussy. The cute masseuse makes this man cum for her but she is never going to let him know the truth. "Did my pussy feel good, you pervert?"
Kari Cachonda in HOT AND PERVERTED AUNTIE - PART 2 - GANG BANG . KARI CACHONDA 11:00 Kari Cachonda was supposed to take care of her crazy nephew, but the fucking slut gave him a blowjob. Now she will have to pay for what she did. Her brother and her nephews are going to fuck her.
Rebeca Fox in Redhead fucked on her bf lap 10:00
Rebeca Fox in Redhead fucked on her bf lap 10:00 Watching her boyfriend and his buddy play mobile games on a bed this perky redhead has this crazy idea her man accepts with great enthusiasm. He always wanted to watch her have sex with another guy and this is their perfect chance to fulfill their perverted erotic fantasies. He stays by her side all the way as she gets fucked from behind right on his lap and watches her get fucked some more after taking a massive cumshot on her ass. What a finish!
Ellie in ELLIE (HAZEL MOORE) 11:00
Ellie in ELLIE (HAZEL MOORE) 11:00 The day before the shoot with Ellie began just like any other beautiful late April day. The sun was out, the birds were singing, there was a brisk cool bite to the air. I had lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant and when I opened my fortune cookie it read, "You'll be blessed with a wonderful gift at work". Fucking aye right I was blessed with a wonderful gift! A gift from God I would say, and the gift was named 18-year-old Ellie from Iowa! Damn this girl is sweet, wholesome, innocent, with a fucking flawless knockout body with spectacularly huge natural tits. Oh and the prettiest pink pussy and tight little butt hole you ever saw. Cute as a button thatasshole is. I just wanted to lick and stick my tongue in it the second I saw it. Now I have met my fare share of amateur girls in my days and I must say that out of the 750 or so shoots I have done,Ellie is in the top 3 for just how fucking awesome and innocent she is. "How awesomely innocent was she Steve?" you ask. Well... Ellie was so awesomely innocent that she just started masturbating a few days ago! Yes that's days with a D!!! Another fun fact is she just had her first Orgasm only 2 months earlier!! How awesomely innocent and sweet is that!! I know, I know, that seems backwards... Just watch the interview and all will be explained. So as the interview progresses we get our naive starlet naked, thank God! It's blasphemy to keep those 34D's caged in. Let the beasts' roam free and spread-eagle those legs wide revealing thoseperfect pink pussy lips and asshole. Fuck I have to say this girl is so clean she squeaks when you rub her, and rub that pussy and asshole Cam does. Cam also has to taste how sweet this girl is, bringing her to her first O of the day as his tongue flickers over her erect clit and fingers her fuckhole. Another 1 st for Ellie are sex toys, and fuck man does she take to them like a duck to water. We start our novice off with a torpedo vibrator that brings our little Ellie to the edge, but she really finds the full pleasure gear when the Hitachi is introduced and we fill her holes with allsorts of gadgets. Sexual Gratification 101 Class is in session and Ellie is up for show and tell. That pussy gets so wet and she gives herself an oh-so-nice O from all the action going on down there. I say she gets strait A's. Now when asked if Ellie likes things up her butt she murmurs, "Umm, I guess... maybe", that wasn't a NO. So Cam inserts his thumb up that ass followed by a butt plug. We can't leave any hole not filled so, torpedo's away!, up her fuck hole it goes while the Hitachi dances over her clit. "It's hard to keep still", she says with a smile right before she cums a 3 rd time. I think our whore in training finally understands what sex and pleasure is all about, and I've never wanted to be a vibrator or butt plug more than I do right at that moment LOL. Now Ellie confessed she doesn't really like to suck cock, but we don't care. We make her do it anyways, and fuck if she isn't great at that also. It doesn't look like she doesn't like doing it to us? Call it beginners luck, or she's a "natural" at sex, but this girl I feel was born for pleasure and pleasing. Every single perverted request or demand we uttered to her, she obeyed without question. Like a ball of clay, we were able to mold this little Mormon girl into the perfect instrument of sexual pleaser. Instructing her to use every orifice of her body in every perverted way we thought of to extract the most viewing pleaser is our faithful goal. You know I just feel so grateful; I have to give thanks to our creator. Let us pray:
Pamela Rios, Yamileth Ramírez in PERVERTED AUNTIE . PAMELA RÍOS AND YAMILETH RAMÍREZ 11:00 Pamela Ríos financed the breast augmentation of her niece Yamileth Ríos. Now the horny auntie wants to enjoy her investment.
Remi Jones in REMI JONES 2 10:59
Remi Jones in REMI JONES 2 10:59 Do we have a treat for everyone today! Meet 18 year old sweet, innocent? Super fucking hot Lez- Lovers Remi Jones (VIRGIN) and her 18 year old girlfriend Hazel Heart. Where do I begin? Well before I do let me just clarify that today is Remi's day. The intro and car sex is edited to focus on Remi. If you want to see more of Hazel's scorcher you need to see her scene that's coming out after Remi's. And it's worth it, trust me. Now that I've clarified that, let me say these girls are two of the cutest geeks I have ever meet and Jay's dick was hard as soon as they got in the car. We find out that they met 3 years ago Cosplaying and their friendship grew into love. I love this story and pussy does not come any fresher than these two. They even have untrimmed pussies and peach fuzz on their bodies. The fucking innocent, hot peach fuzz. Yeah... that's what I'm talking about. So we find out that Hazel was the initiator of the relationship and has a sex drive I don't think either Jay or myself have experienced in a long time. This girl appears to be frustratingly starved for cock. Why? Well they live at Hazel's parents' house. How innocent is that? They also share a bedroom with her younger sister! OMG! How really innocent is that? And yep, she keeps walking in on them lezzing out!!! My dick is getting hard as I type this shit. I couldn't think up a better story. So as Jay whisks these two fresh-as-fuck 1st timers away for the best sex of their lives he gets these two naked for one of the hottest car BTS porn-play shot to date here at ExCoGi. Yes, I know some will be frustrated that a majority of Hazel is edited out, but today's focus is on whom? The one in the backseat who has never seen, touched, sucked, held, fucked, or tasted a man's cock or cum before. YES Remi is a VIRGIN! Now we do find out that Hazel and her have fucked with a strapon before but Remi is taking this huge leap of faith with her girlfriend to expand her horizons. And let me say that Jay should be paying me for this experience. No doubt and Jay samples these two newbie's for some hot car and outdoor sex having Remi see, touch, stroke and suck her first cock ever! Now once I edited this scene down there was just so much fucking good content (3 hours worth) that I'm breaking Remi's scene into two parts. Today's is the car intro with her girlfriend and the hotel sex. This alone is 1h:58m worth of hot as fuck virginity lost sex and the BTS, makeup with interview, shower is over an hour long going up a few days after this scene. There's just too much good shit here to leave anything on the cutting room floor. As stated by Jay "I was not expecting you to suck dick this well". I second this! I might say this girl just needed a good cock to suck and a little interest from the boys to show her how good a stiff cock feels up her pussy but she found out today. Remi confesses that she had a few guy friends in the past growing up but they never showed must interest. Their loss I say because this girl is a natural. I guess all that pussy licking translates into dick sucking because she took Jay's cock down her throat like a pro. She likes to be dominated by girls so Jay found out if she likes being dominated by a man as well. Yep! She liked it from the smiles all over her face as Jay throat fucked her and once he probed that virgin hole she loved it even more. Let me also clarify that Remi has had a strap-on up her from Hazel but in her own words she likes a cock much better. "It just feels better with real skin." Dildos hurt more declared Remi and we agree that nothing compares to the real thing. I could give you a blow by blow of the positions but with each one Jay fucked her in you could tell Remi was just a little overwhelmed. But in a good way. We don't blame you sweetheart. Losing your virginity is a special time in a girl's life and we are glad we could be the one to take it from you. Oh and of course we kept her over to have a 3way with Hazel. These girls are special, sweet and I'm not sure your perverted fucks out there deserve this but get ready for a special treat. Here's REMI! Steve
Hazel Heart, Remi Jones in REMI JONES AND HAZEL HEART 3WAY 11:00
Hazel Heart, Remi Jones in REMI JONES AND HAZEL HEART 3WAY 11:00 Wonder lez sweetness-as-fuck powers ACTIVATE again! Yes it's 18-year-old duo Hazel Heart & freshly off her de-virgining the day before lover Remi Jones. Jay is one lucky bastard getting to fuck these girlfriends again and for their first 3way ever by the way! I think every guy would agree that they've always wanted their GF to have a GF. Just saying. So this little soiree begins with these two sweeties on the ExCoGi bed raring to go and just itching to lick pussy and take their first dick together as innocent lovers exploring their sexuality. I fucking love this shit and so does Jay as he interviews these two and gets them to open up as they paint us a more vivid and colorful picture of their past love making. Sweet isn't it? What love abounds and it's explained to us that Remi is the more dominate one and it's Hazel that likes to be dominated. Well, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Again, everything about these girls that needs to be said was said in their debut scenes' write-ups so go read it there if you need to find out what color hello kitty backpacks they own. Or if you need to know what their interests are or what they like to do when they have their clothes on. Get it? But if you want to watch two hot as fuck, sweet and innocent looking lesbian lovers take their first dick together on camera quit reading this and start playing the video. It's what you have wet dreams about when thinking of pubescent teenage girls doing things to each other on a sleep over when they think their parents are asleep. Yeah it's that kind of scene. It's Innocence with pubescent hairy pussy'ed horny-as-fuck inexperienced girls who just turned legal who love licking pussy, taking dick, licking ass and will try anything once who also eat cum type of video. And guess what? They even have matching white lace little girl panties on that are cute as fuck that scream "We are not slutty whores". I couldn't write a better porn script if I did that lame ass sorta shit. Anyways. Again, I'm not sure if all you perverted fucks out there deserve such treats as Remi and Hazel first pussy licking and 3way ever on camera for the whole world to see, but here they are. And it's beautiful!
Megan Venturi in Teen brunette first anal sex 10:01
Megan Venturi in Teen brunette first anal sex 10:01 This teen brunette might look like a nerdy student, but deep inside she is a naughty kitten full of perverted desires. She always wanted to try anal sex and today is the day her dream comes true. She's tried anal fingering and sextoying already, but nothing compares to feeling a real hard cock slide deep inside of her tight virgin ass hole. What a pleasure! She loves it so much even taking it ass-to-mouth to swallow a load feels so natural. Wow!
Lilly Bell in Lilly Bell: Perverse Blonde Pantyhoser 15:00
Lilly Bell in Lilly Bell: Perverse Blonde Pantyhoser 15:00 Platinum pussycat Lilly Bell teases in pantyhose and high heels. The gorgeous blonde seduces us with sultry movements, tight ass, natural tits and bedroom eyes. Alpha-male performer/director Mick Blue fully indulges his stockings/hosiery fetish. He liberally douses her with lotion as she rubs the oil onto her hairy twat. Mick palms her greased butt cheeks and then tears open the fabric, revealing her delectable duff au naturel. Stiff, Mick plunges his big cock in her cunt and fucks it doggie style. She takes his dick in her hot mouth and strokes it in a spit-lubed blowjob. Lilly licks out his asshole in a perverted rim job and then runs her active tongue under his ball sack. Mick's POV-style camera captures Lilly taking his prick in multiple positions. She bounces eagerly on his wood while she fondles her hirsute slit. 'That's right on my fucking G-spot! Holy Shit!' she wails loudly as she bounces like a spring on Mick's power tool. She deepthroats his schlong. He rams her pussy and eats her out until she cums again. Finally, Mick lets the jizz fly, coating the comely blonde in a tasty cum facial!
Honey Hayes in HONEY HAYES 11:00
Honey Hayes in HONEY HAYES 11:00 “I’m wearing a black skirt, a white top that says ‘Baby Girl’ and a white Cardigan sweater. Someone said I look like Brittany Spears in the airport”. Those were the words that 20 year old Honey Hayes used to describe herself to us, and she wasn’t fucking kidding! Wow!!! I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off of her either if I saw her walking threw the airport, and walked through the airport proudly she did. If I looked liked you Honey I would be a little baby girl slut wanting all my holes filled everyday. Well that’s something to work up to I suppose but you’re here now and we’re going to make the most of the opportunities that are laid, and spread before us. So this is Honey’s 2 nd shoot and she’s fresh off the Backroom Casting Couch were she did anal for the first time ever and we love that. She admitted she’s not a huge fan of anal at the moment, but said she’d be more into it once she has more practice with it. My dick’s getting hard typing this shit because this girl has everything going for her to be a superstar. Rocking great body, fine ass tits, beautiful pussy, sweet as all fuck personality and the right fucking “I want to please” attitude that makes cocks go stiff when she walks in the room. So we find out that Honey’s got a BF who’s kinda supportive with her new career choice. We say boyfriends aren’t roadblocks Honey, they’re speed bumps and it looks like the road is clear. So lets put the peddle to the metal shall we and get this car romping moving in the direction of cock sucking, titty pinching, finger fucking, ass rimming, and pussy pounding till you cant walk strait action because I know Jake’s raring to go as he always is. Just remember everyone. This IS someone’s daughter and Jake certainly fucked the shit out of someone’s daughter today for one of the better sex scenes we’ve shot in the past few years. Yes Honey may look innocent and sweet but don’t let looks fool you. Today Honey walked in a BABY GIRL, and walked out SORE. Those are her words, not mine. Trust me when I say Jake took this Baby Girl for a ride on his sit and spin using her like his own personal little fuck doll and she loved it. She couldn’t stop shaking from the intense dicking Jake gave her. Her sex life will never be the same your welcome. “This is the sex that all my future fucking’s will be judged from,” she said during her post shoot confessional. We agree and you’re welcome Baby Girl. This is just the way we like to treat and leave all the newbie’s that we get our perverted hands on here at ExCoGi. So enjoy Baby Girl everyone! Jake did you lucky son of a bitch.
Ember Snow in Ember Snow: BJ, Rim Job & Slam-Fuck! 15:00
Ember Snow in Ember Snow: BJ, Rim Job & Slam-Fuck! 15:00 Asian hottie Ember Snow poses for veteran director/cocksman Mick Blue, showing off her tight, petite bod. His perverted, POV-style lens practically leers as she diddles her twat. The little brunette takes his big cock in her small mouth for a worshipful blowjob. Moving south, she eats his asshole in a tasty rim job! Ember's cute, oiled butt cheeks bounce up and down as she rides Mick, his dick deep in her sweet cunt. He slam-fucks her in multiple positions, fully packing her pussy hole. Mick flips her onto her back in time to unleash thick strands of cum onto her chest. She laughs and licks a few drops from her fingertips.
Dafeny Miles in DAFENY MILES 11:00
Dafeny Miles in DAFENY MILES 11:00 It's about to get real!!! Is what I say to 24 year old Dafeny Miles (aka Angel Blue) who is returning to the ExploitedX network for her 3rd shoot and first ever DP. It's also another first here at ExCoGi as resident stud from Black Ambush, Isiah Maxwell makes his debut appearance to help out Jake Adams fill ALL, and I mean ALL, of Dafeny's holes today. And she as well as us couldn't be more excited. If you haven't seen Dafeny's scenes over at Backroom Casting Couch or Black Ambush, you must. They are top rated for a reason and this DP scene is sure to be up there as well. So you can tell Dafeny's really giddy as a school girl and confesses she's more excited than nervous for today's events which is kind of a surprise knowing that she's had a few group sex experiences already in her personal life. Well those past little Suarez were fun I'm sure, but they were definitely only filled with amateur cocks which in turn will make today's shenanigans even more memorable we think. So Jake in great haste wastes little time getting Dafeny naked so the day's festivities can begin and our DP newbie gets right to a double BJ taking turns sucking the long stiff cocks displayed before her. This girl loves all kinds of sex, as she declared earlier, and it shows. Letting Isiah and Jake take turns clogging her windpipe as they throat fuck our willing slut in a precursor of the coming rough events of the day. You can just tell Dafeny loves to have our guys hands all over her as they use her as a little fuck doll while taking out their perverted lustful desires on her. It's hot and also not long into the action before a butt plug is introduced to get that little asshole of hers prepped for the day's doings. And you know it happened. Yes Isiah made her taste her ass, telling her to lick that plug freshly from her sphincter. Which she did willingly like the good little submissive slut she is. Next it's onto taking turns, turning her out, and Eiffel towering our little honey until the main event that she came here for takes place, and take place it does. Dafeny rides Isiah's stiff cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl as a warm up and the room starts heating up. "You know why we're both here right?" is what's asked of Dafeny and obediently she confirmers that all her holes are to be filled with cock as Jake shoves his cock up her pussy as she continually thrusts down on Isiah cock up her ass. "Fuck me", she screams and you can tell Dafeny loves anal and really wants this DP. If I didn't know better I would say she's done this before but Dafeny's down for anything and the boys oblige her taking turns filling her up. This is one hot fucking and it all ends in a glorious double filled facial of cum that Dafeny gladly licks up and swallows before confessing she wants to do more DP's in her personal life as well as on film. We agree Dafeny, you look fucking hot as fuck with cum dripping off you as you glow with the "I just had all my holes filled, giddy as a school girl post fucking of a life time look", look. You know the look, and yeah she throws us a kiss to the camera in the bathroom afterwards and she says she'll be back for more before she showers off the nasty she just worked so hard cover herself with. God I love nasty girls and Dafeny checks all, and I mean all, the nasty as you want me to be boxes in the nasty as fuck department. After today we're all hoping you're ready for more nasty and you pick us to fill those future lustful desires girl. Our door is always open for a girl like you as long as all your holes are open for us. So enjoy Dafeny's DP debut. Isiah and Jake most certainly did. Cheers, Steve
Jasmine Wilde in JASMINE WILDE 2 11:00
Jasmine Wilde in JASMINE WILDE 2 11:00 “Damn girl, that walk up and those titties bouncing with your panties showing and that dress hiked up so high. Em, Em, Em,” is right says Jake Adams of today’s exploit who is just so excited to be here. We’re excited for you Jasmine Wilde and I don’t think we’ve ever had such an enthusiast girl who just can’t wait to take her clothes off and suck someone’s, anyone’s dick more than this girl. I’m surprised she didn’t get molested walking thru the pool area of the hotel on her way to the front lobby dressed like that. But don’t worry Jasmine, if you want a stranger to grope and fondle your eager and willing body look no further than self-admitted pervert Jake who leaped from the back seat to greet our honey. Right off the bat, and from the word hello, this girl gives off the “fuck me” vibe in a serious way and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jake start to dominate a newbie as quickly as today’s little fuck doll. So we find out Jasmine likes to be manhandled for thrills and if she had her way she’d be getting manhandled everyday. But she hasn’t been so lucky lately with the tinder dick and when she’s not being dominated she likes to masturbate 2 to 3 times a day. “I’ve already played with myself twice this morning before you picked me up” she says as she rubs herself thru her panties. This girl is horny and we love it. She also likes girls as much as boys, preferring it rough she declares. She also admits her favorite thing to do is suck dick and/or lick pussy, preferable at the same time, and we just can’t get enough of what this girl is selling. How do we clone this vision of our perverted dreams who just can’t seem to get enough dick? Well we can’t clone this jewel of a girl because that would be medically unethical, but we can make her do all sorts of naughty things in the back seat and more. And by more we mean more pussy probing, finger fucking, deep throating, ass and face slapping, Ass licking, nipple pinching debauchery of a good time more. Yes this girl begged to be used like a little fuck doll and who are we to not give an eager young lady what she wants. She has a rocking hot body too. Ok so that’s it folks for the blow by blow of what happens today because the saying is true. A sex video is worth a 1000 words. Well maybe I’m paraphrasing that saying a bit but you get the picture. Watch the video and learn something boys and girls. Also parents lock your daughters up because Jake and ExCoGi Steve are on the prowl.