Jericha Jem in Cum Hustler - S2-E5 15:00
Jericha Jem in Cum Hustler - S2-E5 15:00 Jericha Jem doesn't want to go to school anymore, so she writes a note to tell the school she's pregnant. Her stepbrother Lucas Frost learns her plan and mocks her. Jericha calls Lucas back and unbuttons her school uniform to pull out her perky all naturals so Lucas can feel them up. Soon he's stroking her tits while she reaches down to rub his stiffie. Finding him nice and hard, the Latina babe pulls Lucas's cock out and leans forward to start sucking with long, enthusiastic strokes.
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Iveta Rucka in Bushy preggo plays with dildo 5:35 In this video, we have a very pregnant chick named Iveta showing off her huge swollen belly and very hairy pussy on the couch. Iveta is pregnant and ready to drop anytime but that's not stopping her from playing with her sex toys.
Casey Deluxe in Big Deluxe Boobs 6:00
Casey Deluxe in Big Deluxe Boobs 6:00 One of the staff mentioned that pretty German bra-buster Casey Deluxe has "tits like taffy." Casey can tug her pliable, hanging breasts, pull them, yank them and stretch them. The last time we photographed Casey, she was very pregnant (close to nine months). Her breasts are now bigger than they were when we originally met her and her body is back to her usual slim figure. "I go to a special shop for big bras," Casey said. "I like lacey bras that show a lot of cleavage. I enjoy showing off what I have." Casey does something most girls don't do. She likes to ask her followers to send her close-up photos and videos of them shooting their loads over her photos. "I see it as a compliment," Casey said with a smile.
Xxlayna Marie in My Stepbrother Put A Lot Of Sperm In Me - S23:E3 15:00
Xxlayna Marie in My Stepbrother Put A Lot Of Sperm In Me - S23:E3 15:00 Ricky Spanish has been into mini collectables for a long time. Lately, his collection has been all over the house. His stepsister, Xxlayna Marie, is getting annoyed with finding the pieces everywhere. Her temper flares when she steps on one of the minis. Bringing it back to Ricky's room, Xxlayna taunts him for his mini hobby, which probably means he has a mini dick that shoots mini sperm that couldn't even get her pregnant. Knowing that she went too far with that last bit, Xxlayna stomps out of the room.Later, Xxlayna catches Ricky in the living room playing with another one of his minis. Resuming her taunts, Xxlayna finally breaks the end of Ricky's patience. He gets to his feet and tells Xxlayna that if she really thinks he's got a mini dick then she should stick her hand down his pants, but if she does then he gets to feel her up in return. Xxlayna agrees. Once Ricky is certain his stepsis is suitably impressed with what he's packing, he tells her that he knows she has a family breeding fetish and that he'll bust a load in her if she wants. Xxlayna tells him she's on birth control, but she wants to pretend. Ricky is down with that. They begin with Ricky groping Xxlayna's perky all naturals, and then Xxlayna gets on her knees to deliver a BJ that gets them both nice and ready to fuck.Climbing onto the couch, Xxlayna drops her shorts and wiggles her butt as Ricky peelsdown her thong. He slides into her from behind as she watches over her shoulder. Doing it in doggy is a good starting point, but these stepsibs want so much more. Ricky takes a seat and lets Xxlayna ride him in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl while he squeezes her big ass. Xxlayna rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs so Ricky can get her off one last time and deliver his promised big load. When Ricky makes good on his promise, Xxlayna laughs and tells him she lied about being on birth control.
Brittany Bardot, Mina in Wannabe Mother DPd at Gynecology Clinic GP2178 15:00
Brittany Bardot, Mina in Wannabe Mother DPd at Gynecology Clinic GP2178 15:00 After trying for months to get pregnant and failing, Mina and her husband Josh go to see if they can get some answers at the local gynecologist clinic. Instead of getting proper medical advice, however, the two get pulled into an orgy with two of the gynecologists David and Brittany Bardot and Thomas.
Charly Summer in One Weird Trick, Get Pregnant By Nuru 15:00
Charly Summer in One Weird Trick, Get Pregnant By Nuru 15:00 Dante Colle and his wife Charly Summer are disappointed when a pregnancy test they took comes back negative. They've been trying to start a family for so long, but with no luck. Dante cheers Charly up, insisting that they'll keep trying.Charly then tells Dante about something she heard from a friend - there's an erotic massage called NURU, and her friend claims that it can help couples get pregnant. Although slightly incredulous, Dante agrees that they should give it a try. The next day - after having researched NURU online - they have set up the NURU mattress and supplies. They are nervously excited to begin the massage.Charly puts NURU gel on her breasts, and begins sliding her body against Dante's. They start to enjoy this new activity, and the massage becomes more sensual and erotic. Eventually, Charly caresses and sucks on Dante's cock, which they also both enjoy. But can the NURU massage really help Charly get pregnant? There's only one way to find out: Dante has to cum in her pussy.
Jordan Maxx in Concept: Creampie Clinic 2 15:01
Jordan Maxx in Concept: Creampie Clinic 2 15:01 It’s time for another Mylf Lab! This time, we’re bringing fans a sequel to the Creampie Clinic experiment. As the potential series could go, Creampie Clinic is all about couples who can’t get pregnant, bringing in an outside source to assist with the process. In this installment, Sammy Slater wants a family, and nothing would make Jordan Maxx happier than giving him one. However, Sammy has had difficulty knocking up Jordan, and he fears himself to be infertile. As a solution, the couple contacts the Creampie Clinic. Donnie Rock brings his services right to their door, and within minutes, the Creampie Clinic patented process begins. Donnie gets Jordan as comfortable as possible and finally busts a giant load right inside of her, thus putting in an honest day’s work as a Crempie technician.
Michaela Krausova in Horny preggo gets shagged 8:00
Michaela Krausova in Horny preggo gets shagged 8:00 Is there anything hotter than watching Michaela Krausova suck a cock? Watching her take it inside her pussy of course! Michaela is one horny pregnant woman who's about to get the fucking her was hankering for from an older man.
Princess Angel in The Pregnant Busty Brunette & The Showerhead 5:59
Princess Angel in The Pregnant Busty Brunette & The Showerhead 5:59 Pretty Princess Angel oils and bathes in this scene. Her huge baby bump makes getting around difficult but the design of this tub is high-tech and makes showering and bathing much easier. Angel's nipples have turned a dark cocoa brown from her hormonal shifts. She's looking forward to her upcoming motherhood. Angel oils her stretch marks and her boobs. After washing off the oil with shower gel and water, she aims the showerhead at her pussy. The spray and her fingers make her cum. "'I'm getting a lot of attention and it is flattering," said Angel. "It depends, of course, who is giving me attention. I like to be busty and show it. My boyfriend is crazy about my body and he loves to buy me bras. He's crazy about my breasts and can't keep his hands and lips off them."
Claudia Macc in Your wife is pregnant and she is expecting my cock! 10:00
Claudia Macc in Your wife is pregnant and she is expecting my cock! 10:00 Walking down the park, I started to wonder – just how many women I already fucked? I was in the mood for something special, someone new. Here we have a great couple. I haven’t had the privilege to fuck a pregnant lady yet, so I decided to approach them. Their situation was nothing out of the ordinary: lady and her loser hubby who doesn’t have enough money to pay rent or mortgage. I offered them a large sum of money just to see my cum splattered across her baby bump. As you would expect, the guy was livid, but he had no other choice, really – they do want what’s best for their kid, sooo… I promise to be gentle with your pregnant wife as I enter her swollen cunt…
Renee Maddoxx in RENEE MADDOXX 11:00
Renee Maddoxx in RENEE MADDOXX 11:00 The best things cum in small packages I hear and today is the best of both worlds I would say. Today’s shoot with 34 year old Renee Maddoxx was supposed to be just a BG scene since she just got her ass fucked over at and nothing, I mean nothing could have prepared me for today’s events. If you took a look at this girl's search categories or her favorite sex position she wrote down then you got a glimpse into the crystal ball of what debauchery awaits us all. Either people in general are getting freakier in the sheets or I’m getting just a little too vanilla in my silver years because this girl was a shocker and shocker or not we are all about firsts here at the ExploitedX Network. Firsts for the models… Check. Firsts for our male talents… Check, and firsts for ExCoGi Steve… Double check. But Steve this girl looks like a schoolteacher. How freaky can she really be you ask? Well when I got a glimpse of what she wrote down for her favorite sex position I had to ask. Is anal fisting in doggy even a sex position? I suppose if you’re naked and whatever you’re doing involves genitalia then it’s a sexual act and therefore can technically be a sex position and booya! Today was a day full of surprises. So lets count the surprises shall we? Surprise numero uno: Shoving a magic wand up this girl asshole then Tyler fucking her for her first ever DP with toys. That was a first for the whole room by the way. Surprise numero dos: Anal fisting. Lets just leave it at that shall we, because the words anal and fisting in the same sentence need no further explanation. Surprise numero tres: Modified double anal fisting/fucking. Yes we didn’t technically double anal fist this girl but Tyler did fit his fist up her asshole all while he fucked this girls asshole at the same time. That’s Tyler’s fist and his cock up her ass at the same time. Just wanted to make that clear. I didn’t even know this happened until yesterday when I had finished reviewing the edit and my jaw dropped to my desk. I thought he was fucking her pussy while his hand was anally fisting her. Silly me. Even Rocky our PA got into the act and held the magic wand so it wouldn’t slip out of her ass while Tyler DP’d her. The only thing that would have made it better for Rocky at least was if Renee was pregnant. He’s into the breeding and fucked up shit like that in case you were wondering. So lots of firsts today everyone, lots! You know I’m a big fan of Clint Eastwood and his Western movies. Topping my list is “A fist full of dollars” and I’d say it was a fist full of firsts all around today with Renee walking out of here with "A fist full of dollars". Glad she was able to walk after today’s events, and Tyler giving “A fist full of asshole” and all I can say is wow, WOW! Just WOW everyone and I hope you all enjoy it because it’s not what we typically shoot, but when a girl says her favorite sexual position is anal fisting then you just kind of have to do it, you just have to. And Tyler was so turned on by it that he blew his load all over her asshole then jumped around to her head and finished off his load on her willing face. Epic. Well enjoy the best of both worlds everyone. The largest toys going up every hole of a very tiny woman. I call it improvising, ExCoGi Steve style.
Marica Chanelle in The Dilemma 15:00
Marica Chanelle in The Dilemma 15:00 Marica Chanelle thinks she might be pregnant and asks for the help of her stepbrother, Nicky Rebel. His services don’t come free, and he has some requests of his own. Now Marica will have to do whatever it takes to get Nicky on her side.
Samantha Reigns in Stepsister big dick creampie 10:00
Samantha Reigns in Stepsister big dick creampie 10:00 My stepsister desperately needed the money for a trip to the beach with her friends and I've been desperately craving to fuck her. So I had something she wanted and she had something I wanted, what a great coincidence. She found my big dick really nice and just wouldn't let go riding me all the way. Then I fucked her from behind and it felt so good I totally lost control and came inside. Fucking slut, hope she doesn't get pregnant on me now!
Siri Dahl in Third Wheel: The Insemination Of Elizabeth - A Siri Dahl Story 15:00
Siri Dahl in Third Wheel: The Insemination Of Elizabeth - A Siri Dahl Story 15:00 Six months after the events of 'Third Wheel,' where Elizabeth (Siri Dahl)'s wife, Terri, convinced her to have sex with a man to get pregnant and then stole the pregnancy herself, Elizabeth remains a broken women. Terri is now expecting 'their baby' and has been begging Elizabeth to come home. But, the estranged Elizabeth cannot get past the betrayal. At least not until she can become pregnant as well...Elizabeth books an appointment with an unusual medical professional, Dr. Torrance (Tommy Pistol), who specializes in extreme insemination. She drains the couple's life savings and arrives at his home office for their consultation, and Dr. Torrance is happy to help Elizabeth, taking her through the steps of how he'll get Elizabeth pregnant. Elizabeth is willing to do anything and EVERYTHING at this point without hesitation, in order to get what she wants.After doing a thorough body exam, Dr. Torrance brings her to his patented breeding bench to begin the strenuous procedure. Nervous but determined, Elizabeth bends over and is ready to take every ounce of cum the doctor prescribes. Maybe now, she can FINALLY go home and have the family she's wanted all along.
Princess Angel in Beautiful, Busty Brunette Is Ready To Pop 6:00
Princess Angel in Beautiful, Busty Brunette Is Ready To Pop 6:00 A very pregnant Princess Angel is ready to pop. The Czech brunette has a beautiful face, a slim body (with a massive baby bump) and large, cocoa-colored areolae capping her tan-lined tits. "I like to be busty and show it," Angel said. "I like to wear tops with big decollete. I get a lot of attention and it is flattering. Of course, it depends on who is giving me attention." Angel undresses, shows off her sexy body, plays with her tits and pussy, and fucks herself with a giant vibrator. The things that turn up between the sofa cushions besides loose coins.... "I love to give myself pleasure with a dildo several times a day. Being pregnant has made me feel so sexy."
Nataly Gold in First Time With a Pregnant Woman 15:00
Nataly Gold in First Time With a Pregnant Woman 15:00 I was on break when this petite brunette got into the cab. Her name was Nataly Gold, and she was feeling sick, and needed to go to the pharmacy. Turns out it was morning sickness, and Nataly was pregnant. I have a bit of a fetish for pregnant women, so I told her, and she was turned on. I pulled over and got into the back seat, then ate the slut's tight, wet pussy. I stuck my hard cock in her mouth, then fucked her cheeky face. I pounded her bald pussy missionary, then doggystyle, then she bounced her big ass on my dick until I pulled out and dropped a load on her booty!
Minxx Marii in Step Sis Is Breeding Material - S6:E4 15:00
Minxx Marii in Step Sis Is Breeding Material - S6:E4 15:00 Tyler Nixon just cannot help but have the hots for his curvy and cute stepsister, Minxx Marii. He stumbles across Minxx putting groceries away and stands there staring at the line of her body and the way her miniskirt rides up to show off her lovely ass and thong. Minxx eventually notices that Tyler is there, but instead of getting offended that he's staring and chewing him out, she decides to play up to it. She grabs a pair of watermelons and holds them up to her chest, commenting that if she had boobs like that then her children would never go hungry and she could even feed the needy. Tyler claps back to tell Minxx that she isn't breading material, but Minxx has a ready retort. She grabs a banana and talks to it like she would a lover before pressing it to her pussy to masturbate. Weirded out, Tyler jets.Minxx is not about to let Tyler get away from this conversation until she's done with him. She corners Tyler in the living room to tell him once again that she is great breeding material. When Tyler doesn't immediately agree, Minxx lifts her miniskirt and tugs her thong aside so Tyler has no choice but to stare at her pussy. Then she pops her tits out of the top of her shirt to push them into his face. Minxx can see that her antics have gotten Tyler nice and hard, so without waiting for permission she pulls his hardon out to begin sucking him off. Tyler doesn't know what to do with his stepsis's mouth on his fuck stick blowing him, and he's at even more of a loss when she tells him that they would make beautiful babies. She lets Tyler know that he's going to get her pregnant, then tugs her skirt and undies off so that she can sink down on his hardon.If you had a hottie like Minxx riding your dick in reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl, you'd be committed, too. Tyler winds up with his hands wrapped around his stepsister's bottom as she keeps on rocking her hips and bouncing away while shoving her titties in his face. When Minxx gets on her hands and knees, Tyler does the only thing he can do: He gets up behind her and sinks back into that greedy snatch. Minxx finishes their fuck fest on her back, which means that she can wait until Tyler is ready to cum and then wrap her legs around him to make sure he can't pull out. As she's laying there, sated and listening to Tyler flip out that he just came inside his stepsister, she gloats that it turns out she is breeding material after all.
Dee Siren in Curvy Squirter 15:00
Dee Siren in Curvy Squirter 15:00 Gorgeous curvy blonde Mylf Dee Siren gets a double treat when both Wayne Siren and Bobby Longhorn bury their dicks in all her favorite holes. Dee will end up soaked after fucking and squirting like the thirsty slut she is!
Ophelia Kaan in Helping With the Knock-Up 15:00
Ophelia Kaan in Helping With the Knock-Up 15:00 Ophelia Kaan and her husband are trying to get pregnant, but having no luck, she goes to a better source—her stepson, Billy Boston. Billy is hesitant at first, but Ophelia quickly changes his mind by showing off her skills. But after they accomplish getting Ophelia pregnant, Billy can’t get enough of his stepmom milf. When he threatens to expose their affair to her husband, she does what she has to to keep his mouth shut.
Kaylynn Keys in Concept: Creampie Clinic 15:00
Kaylynn Keys in Concept: Creampie Clinic 15:00 What is “Creampie Clinic”? It’s a special clinic where the representative will have sex with the wife with the purpose of getting her pregnant in situations where the husband is not able to do it. In today’s update, husband Ruban and wife Kaylynn Keys are trying to get pregnant but after taking many pregnancy tests they have no success. The couple decide to reach out to the “Creampie Clinic” for assistance, and that’s when representative Peter Green comes in to make an assessment. After going through some documents, Ruban leaves Peter and Kaylynn alone so they can perform the procedure. Peter reveals to Kaylynn that the truth behind “Creampie Clinic” is that he will have traditional sex with her, and this is how she will get pregnant. Kaylynn is surprised at first but quickly learns to love this revolutionary procedure!
Scarlet Skies in Whats Mine Is Hers - S6:E3 15:00
Scarlet Skies in Whats Mine Is Hers - S6:E3 15:00 Scarlet Skies has a bit of a rivalry going on with her stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, but she thinks she has a trump card to play the next time they go head to head. Sure enough, Scarlet walks in and sees Ricky eating cereal. She wants what he's got, so she takes it and then flashes her firm boobs at him to scare him off from retribution. Satisfied that her tit trick worked, Scarlet waits until the next morning and tries it again. This time, though, Ricky is prepared for her. When Scarlet tries to get her way with her boobs, Ricky pulls his dick out. Too bad for Ricky that Scarlet doesn't care. She leans forward, boobies still out for the world to see, and starts eating his cereal.Frustrated, Ricky tells Scarlet that if she's gonna sit there like that, he's going to fuck her. Scarlet calls his bluff, so Ricky strokes himself to peak hardness and then lifts Scarlet's miniskirt and sticks it in. Scarlet likes it, although she tries her hardest to hold the moan and act indifferent. Eventually as Ricky settles into a good doggy style rhythm, Scarlet can't pretend any longer that she's not loving her stepbrother's dick. She eventually lets him pull out and says that she'll fuck him right if he promises to cum inside her. Then takes his hand to lead him to the living room so they can really go to town on the couch.Once Scarlet gets Ricky seated on the couch, she hops aboard to show him what fucking her can truly be like when she's an eager participant. Climbing off Ricky's dick, Scarlet takes her time delivering a sloppy BJ where she slurps her own juices from her stepbro's shaft. Then she gets on her side and turns her hips so she's nice and open for Ricky to reenter her rom a position of power. Scarlet is with Ricky all the way as she finishes on her back and then begs him to keep his promise and cum inside her. When he does, Scarlet confirms that she isn't on birth control and that he might have gotten her pregnant.
Cadence St John, Lou Charmelle in Lesbian Wife plus Dick 8:00
Cadence St John, Lou Charmelle in Lesbian Wife plus Dick 8:00 Lesbian couple Lou and Cadence have come to long-time porn producers Dave and Bobby because they’re looking for a stunt cock to donate his sperm to Cadence, who wants to get pregnant. Evan Stone is to be the lucky donator, but first he sits to the side and watches as the two girls make love so Cadence can get in the mood. The luscious lesbians lick and suck each others' clits and rub and finger each other slots, and it has the desired effect of getting tattooed Cadence ready for some good, old fashioned boy-girl boning. Cadence gets on all fours and mouths her wife’s wet twat as Evan pushes his hard prick up her pulsing pussy doggie style. He pumps the inked minx’s quim hard, and she turns over to continue receiving the deep vagina-stuffing in missionary position, with her head in Lou’s lap. The stud pounds away at Cadence’s tight fuck-hole, thrusting and probing with ever more vigor until he finally orgasms deep in her waiting womb. Senior citizen Dave is so impressed that he pronounces the proceeding to have been “historic,” and he sends everyone home with the knowledge that they’ve just witnessed an event of great importance. Easy now, Dave; your doctor’s warned you about getting too excited…
Kirra Lynn in Kirra Lynn: "Get Step Mommy Pregnant 7:54
Kirra Lynn in Kirra Lynn: "Get Step Mommy Pregnant 7:54 Sexy blonde MILF Kirra Lynne is standing prettily under the scorching heat of the sun. Her beautifully tanned skin catches attention. Who would have thought that this hot lady has not had a dick inside of her for years? But that ends today. This time around, she is getting some big hard cock. The rays of the sun serve as her spotlight as she sensually strides where her partner for today’s sexy rendezvous is waiting for her. She shows off her voluptuous body, from her almost perfect tits to her shaved pinkish pussy to her round flawless butt cheeks. Horny babe Kirra sensuously crawls on the floor as her partner, Mr. Pete, already butt naked enters the room. She is too horny to even start a conversation. She wants to fuck right then and there that she hurriedly takes his full-length member inside her sweet mouth, tasting all of him. The two are heading off somewhere but just couldn’t help themselves. They start fucking in doggy-style on the stairs before shifting in the cowgirl position. Mr. Pete and Kirra are now in the bar. She lies on the glass table as he stands on the edge screwing her pussy. With both of them now naked, they transfer to a red couch, just a few inches away from the table. She goes on all fours as he rams his big hard cock inside her wet and tight pussy. He humps her hard in the doggy-style position while slapping her butt cheeks that are almost reddish now. Mr. Pete sits on the couch as Kirra sits on his lap, gently guiding his dick inside her pussy. She then rides him in the reverse cowgirl position before facing him and fucking his cock in the cowgirl position. The two are now banging each other on the wooden floor. She is riding his cock hard in the cowgirl position exposing an interesting tattoo on her back. He then screws her tight pussy in the scoop me up position before she takes control riding him in the reverse cowgirl position. Mr. Pete bangs Kirra Lynne on the glass table once again until he orgasms, releasing his warm cum all over her butt hole.
Jane Wilde in Succubus - Part 3 15:00
Jane Wilde in Succubus - Part 3 15:00 Overcome with worry over where Michael is, Mary (Jane Wilde) prays at the church for his safe return. Pastor Tommy (Tommy Pistol) walks in to check on her. Seeing that she is still distraught, Tommy again encourages Mary to be at peace with what is happening.But Mary is insistent. She KNOWS in her heart that Michael would never just leave her. Tommy sits down next to Mary. He is seemingly sympathetic as he tells her that he knows that a loss like this can distort her thinking. But Mary won't budge, telling Tommy that she can feel something weird going on. Everybody in the town in some way.Tommy grows thoughtful for a moment, asking Mary why she decided to leave her family and wed in THIS town. Mary tells Tommy that they needed a change of pace. But Tommy senses that Mary is hiding something. He tells her that if she really wants his help, she's going to have to confess.Mary is hesitant, but she finally admits to Tommy that she's pregnant. Tommy smiles, and begins to ask Mary details about the conception. She doesn't understand HOW talking about this could possibly help. Tommy tells her that if SHE gave in to temptation, then Michael surely did too and is NOT coming back. She needs to accept that. Perhaps Michael leaving is her penance for giving in to temptation.Mary is reeling. She tells Tommy that she's SO confused and would do ANYTHING not to feel this way...anything for forgiveness. This gives Tommy an idea. He caresses Mary's leg, telling her he can help her.Mary said she'd do anything...but how far is she REALLY willing to go?