Ornella in Taxi Wait 2

The sex party is in full swing – but gorgeous Ornella is running late. Her friends are already messaging to ask when she’ll arrive, but her cab won’t be here for another 20 minutes. Petite and pretty, with waist-length auburn hair, striking blue eyes, pink lipstick and red manicured nails, she’s dressed for action in a tight red skirt, net top, motorcycle jacket and spike-heeled sandals, with a black satin bra and peekaboo panties underneath. With time to kill and already horny, she takes a bag of sex toys from her purse and lays them out on the tile floor. Then she grabs a cushion from her hall seat and squats on the floor, selects a hot-pink, ridged vibrator and sucks on it sensually, smiling to herself as she runs her tongue over the shaft. Next, she takes off her shoes, flaunting her bare feet as she sits on the cushion. She splays her legs wide to reveal the cutaway lace panties that barely cover her crotch and, after a quick stroke with her fingers, she yanks them sideways and begins to play the vibe over her shaved pussy. Her breathing is heavy as she grinds the toy against her clit, and soon her slit is wet with juices. She slides it inside of her snatch and pumps it in and out. Carried away, she strips naked, exposing her beautiful, natural tits, firm, rounded ass and a cute navel piercing. She caresses her globes, then teases her nipples with one hand as the other strokes her pussy. Then she returns to playing with her vibe, sucking it clean of juices before pounding it inside of her slick hole once again. Soon, she gets on all fours and plows herself doggie-style, with her free hand rubbing her clit. On her back again, thighs spread wide, she screws herself even harder and deeper, body rocking and trembling as she moans and sighs her way to an intense orgasm. Ecstatic, she enjoys the afterglow – only to be snapped out of her reverie by the sound of a car horn. Her taxi has arrived! In a panic, she gathers up her sex toys and clothes – then she stops and allows herself a naughty giggle as the picture fades...

6 months ago