Alexa Grace, Molly Manson in Cheerleaders Pt.2

These little cheer vixens are totally over their stepdads them to live out their failed dreams of being cheer gods. Training is way too tough and nobody has time for that! Luckily Alexa and Molly are devious enough to devise a plan. They decide to sneak their panties off and do the infamous D-I-C-K chant! What a view the stepdads got of their young daughters beautiful pussies. Alexa takes the lead and lets the stepdaddys know that the park wont cut it for them to practice their extra special super secret moves. In part 2, Molly actually teaches coach a few lessons, blowing the whistle when she wants to change positions. She screams louder from being fucked then she could with a megaphone. Her tight ass shakes like some pom poms when she gets it doggy too, which is so fun to watch. Her tongue welcomes a doosey of a stepdaddy load more warmly then a new member to the cheer squad. If there was a national competition for eating cum, molly would take 1st prize!

1 year ago