Long Slutty Mom Licks Feet

Be obedient and lick your legs - the chick gives the bearded man lick his legs, a little BDSM and fetish. The red-haired actively kicks the guy's face and fingers in his mouth, the bitch loves to be in charge. The bearded man suffers, although at first he tries to resist a little, the mistress continues to give her friend's legs to lick. And then the female takes off the pantyhose, now the bearded man licks his bare legs. Fingers under the very nose, foot on the tongue - this is such a fetish. The video lasts a little more than five minutes and all this time the man licks the chick's feet. What can I say, the bearded man has a labor tongue and let's hope that before filming the minx had washed his feet well, although why wash them, my friend carefully licked everything with a playful tongue.

3 years ago