From One Pussy to Another

Even though Kimora’s best friend moved to Europe, she still visits Angelina, her BFF’s mom, to check up on her. Angelina thinks the girl is just being nice, but the truth is that Kimora yearns for a taste of the milf’s pussy. On Mother’s Day, after dropping by Angelina’s place, Kimora overhears her saying she doesn’t care about sex. She’s been divorced for many years and believes her body doesn’t have the need nor the desire to fuck. This awakens Kimora’s desperate desire to seduce her at any cost. This impulsive and daring teen will take it upon herself to show Angelina no matter what’s going on in her life, her cant can always get soaking wet. By the time she’s done with her, Angelina will rediscover the pleasures of the flesh, especially that naughty talent only kinky women know of.

2 months ago