Ana in ANA 363

21 year old Ana is one of those amateur girls who you will probably see on a bunch of those big corporate-y porn sites in a bit. Right after she did this scene - her very first, if our Hawaiian spinner is to be believed - she told us that she already has another shoot planned with a well-known site in Los Angeles. We wanted to avoid having yet another girl do her first scene with us, and by the time we can put her up on ExCogi.com, she's already fucked her way through half of the big LA porn circuit. You know how important it is to us (and many of you) to have a REAL first timer. So we actually pushed the other girls we had schedule back just so that we can have Ana FIRST before anyone else. Let's hope we did it quickly enough, her shoot with us was nearly 2 weeks ago. Ana is almost too perfect. She already talks to the camera (and you) the way a girl talks who has either shot porn before, or had lots of ...ummm. intimate customers, or does web cam shows a lot. We're thinking - hoping - it's the latter. You'll hear her give perfect answers to TC's questions, says all the right things we guys want to hear, and acts like a bona fide pornstar when it's go time at the hotel. If everything she says and does is REALLY all her, and not from experience, then ...holy cow, she's born for porn.So let's focus on that and leave speculation be just speculation for now until we get more info. We immediately loved what we saw and heard from her when TC picks her up, no makeup (Ana, not TC), and just really bubbly, cute, and sweet. Since she brags about her sexual open mindedness, TC wastes no time and after a brief but surprisingly spot-on interview in the car, he talks her into giving him a blowjob so delicious, he just has to fuck her in the right away. Both get on the back seat, she sits on TC's massive cock, and just a few hops on his dick we can see her pussy cream up, you'd think TC just came inside her. But no, that's all her - Ana creams up like...something that creams up. Don't know, point is she's REALLY into TC's cock. A girl doesn't cream up like that if she's not into the pole she's riding on. A few more behind the scenes moments at the hotel, some chit chat on the bed, and it's off to the races in usual ECG style...except not. For some reason, this shoot includes bondage gear. If that was Ana's idea or TC's, we don't know. It's definitely different. If a lot of you guys like it, let us know. Watching Ana give head and deep throat while having her hands and feet tied together did look super hot, to be hot. There's even some sweet and hard fucking while she's tied up. Both TC and Ana are clearly into it. All this energetic and kinky sucking and fucking eventually gets toned down a bit and we watch our pornstar hopeful get taken any which way TC wants to. Best yet, Ana isn't afraid to enjoy herself too and achieves orgasm several times thanks to TC's Master-level cock use and his ability to find these girls' sweet spots again and again. Overall verdict - a great orgasmic girl, a brilliant in-car segment, with enough kinky stuff thrown in to shake things up, but still has all the elements we've come to love from our cockmeisters. We do wish Ana all the success if she indeed keeps shooting porn for other companies. With a tiny bit of makeup, (and a visit to the dentist), Ana could be big in the industry. Unfortunately for her, despite her quick wit, great look, and kinky, open attitude, she made the terrible choice to mangle up her otherwise tight, toned, and delectable body with awful tattoos. Those may prove to be a deal breaker in her future careers as pornstar. She might have to pawn that Apple Watch one day to pay her rent. Or the dentist.

7 months ago