Jesse Pony in Office ASS-istants #02 - Jesse Pony & Seth Gamble

Jesse Pony is feeling horny at work, so she hides in a bathroom stall to masturbate. However, that's still not sneaky enough, because she gets called into the office of her boss, Seth Gamble. Apparently, some of the other employees could hear what Jesse was doing, so they complained to Seth about it. Seth tells Jesse that kind of behavior is not acceptable in the workplace.Jesse explains that she had to masturbate because her pussy is wet at work ALL DAY. Seth gets flustered and tells Jessie she shouldn't be watching porn at work, but Jesse says she's not watching porn. The reason why she's always horny at work is because she thinks Seth is hot! This catches Seth by surprise, and Jesse says she can tell that Seth likes hearing that... because she can see a bulge in his pants.She asks to see Seth's cock, so he unzips his pants to let his cock out. Jesse eagerly crawls over and gives him a blowjob, with Seth reasoning that doing this in the privacy of his office is better than Jesse noisily masturbating in the bathroom. They get undressed so Seth can fuck Jesse's pussy in various positions, and eventually he fucks her beautiful ass too!

2 months ago