Kimora Quin, Mae Milano in Blooming Romance

Mae Milano is relaxing when she hears the doorbell ring. Surprised, she goes to answer it and finds Kimora Quin, the owner of a flower shop she frequently uses, with a delivery of flowers.Mae is confused, saying she doesn't remember ordering them. Kimora politely reminds Mae that she ordered them months ago for her and her girlfriend's anniversary. Suddenly remembering, Mae divulges that they recently broke up and she forgot to cancel the order...Kimora is mortified, afraid of bringing up bad memories, although Mae tries to assure her that everything's okay. Wanting to cheer Mae up, Kimora playfully alters the names on the card so that the flowers are a gift from HER to Mae instead!Mae is flattered by the sweet gesture and tries to politely decline the gift, but Kimora insists. Mae is ALWAYS the one giving flowers to others, so she deserves some TOO.Mae is touched by such thoughtfulness as she finally accepts the offer. But the more they talk and lock eyes, the more something changes between them... which soon leads to an unexpected, passionate visit.

12 months ago