Charly Summer in The Big Game: A Charly Summer Story

Jessica (Charly Summer) wants nothing more than to get attention from her stepfather, Ryan (Seth Gamble). He's confident, cool, and stable... everything that she wants in a parent figure. But Ryan is a typical alpha male when it comes to all things football, meaning that whenever the game's on, no women are allowed in his man cave, not even Jessica.But no matter how much Ryan pushes her away, Jessica does everything she can to try and win him over. All she wants is for him to LIKE her, although she's starting to run out of ideas. Given that her trying to be sweet and accommodating isn't doing the trick, it's time to push herself further than ever.The morning of the big game, Ryan barks at Jessica to get out of the house so that he can enjoy the game in peace. Although Jessica agrees, she slyly changes into revealing loungewear and casually enters the man cave. Ryan is immediately startled to see Jessica's hot body, trying to keep himself in check as he orders her to go get changed. But instead of slipping into something conservative, Jessica instead returns in a skimpy football uniform and fishnet stockings.Again, Ryan is floored, barely able to keep his eyes off her. Jessica is playful as she asks if she can stay and watch the game. Although Ryan reminds her that she was SUPPOSED to leave, he grunts that he supposes she can stay around... as long as she's quiet.Jessica, feeling braver than ever, settles in next to him. She KNOWS this is her moment and seizes it. Emboldened, she spreads her legs a little and begins touching herself, clearly wanting Ryan to catch her in the act. When he finally does, he's shocked and tries to scold her, but Jessica sees the primal lust in his eyes.As Jessica tells him to loosen up, Ryan's resolve starts to crumble as hunger takes over...

1 year ago