Hazel Grace, April Olsen in What's Mine Is Yours 3

April Olsen comes down the stairs to join her boyfriend Seth Gamble in the main hall. She nervously asks if she looks alright, and Seth kindly replies that she does. April admits that she's pretty nervous- she's never done anything like this before. Seth assures that there's nothing to worry about- he's sure it'll all go splendidly. April loves how reassuring Seth is, and as she runs her hands over his chest, tells him that she's excited for him to see her with another guy. Seth smiles, saying that he's excited for her to see him with another girl. They'll just have to see if the OTHER couple is into it as much as they are.Seth and April head to the front door and welcome their new friends Hazel Grace and Oliver Davis into the house. It's clear that everyone is excited even though it's the first time they've had a double date together. They all sit on the couch, kick off their shoes, and get to know each other a little with some small talk. April muses about how they've never really had couple-friends before, so this is really nice! Hazel and Oliver agree, and comment how so many people in this town are stuck-up, so it's nice to find some down-to-earth people like themselves.When the chemistry seems to be flowing, April asks the couple if they are open-minded. Hazel and Oliver laugh and confirm that they are. Seth asks them just HOW open-minded they are. For example, would it be okay if he and April kissed in front of them? Hazel and Oliver don't mind and watch with arousal as Seth and April make out with each other. Before long, Hazel and Oliver are making out as well, and it isn't long after that these couples decide to swap, leading to an incredible and steamy foursome.

1 year ago