Mirabella in Curvy

Athletic stunner Mirabella runs through her gymnastic routine in a tight white leotard. She uses a hoop as part of her exercise, flexing and stretching, her lean, slender, petite figure, so striking. Placing the hoop on the floor, she leans over, resting her hands on its rim, waving her cute buns at the camera, then stands and rolls it between her thighs, rubbing it against the crotch of her costume, her pussy lips folding around it from behind the white material. She turns herself on, her desire driving her to slide her top down and stroke her naked breasts. She sits down and rubs her hoop against her pussy again, standing to pull off her outfit and rub her clit. The sexy beauty plays with her shaved slit, nipples stiffening as she toys with them between her fingers. Turning her back, she pushes her ass out and rubs at her pussy between her thighs, lost in her own pleasure.

2 months ago