On The Floor

Jasmine in JASMINE — FREELY FLOWING 9:00 Оasmine is another new face to make her debut on Wet and Pissy and in this update she is laying on the chaise longue in sheer lilac lingerie and this hottie knows how sexy she looks. She rubs her hands all over her hot body and after giving her nipples some attention, Jasmine moves down to her panties and slides her hand inside them to touch herself. She stands up and suddenly needs to piss so squats down on the floor before this naughty babe is filmed peeing her pants! A wet patch appears in her crotch as her stream flows down to the floor and we zoom in close on her first pissing experience. Jasmine takes her time and her juices just keep on coming then she takes off her panties and dips them into her pee puddle. Bending over on the chaise longue, this hottie fingers her wet pussy and suddenly she pees again while still bent over! Jasmine rides a dildo which she sticks to her bedside table then once she's finished, she pees on the floor and dives into her wet mess to finish this pissing porno!
Renee in Renee 2 11:00
Renee in Renee 2 11:00 When we say our 20 year old French-Irish-German blonde spinner Renee has given mouth-to-mouth to over a hundred people, that's not a euphemism for saying she's had triple digit sex partners. No, Renee is a real lifeguard in Tampa , Florida, with swimsuit and EMT license and sexy tan lines, and everything. When she's not busy dragging fat tourists out of the water, Renee enjoys being cocked down by Italian guys (surprisingly, the wife beater- wearing kind, not the Armani suit- wearing kind. Yes, we asked). Renee confesses that she loves it rough and hard. Raised by a conservative Christian mom and dad, her passion for extreme sex has been hampered most of her life. Until now. When she decided to do porn, her family wasn't exactly thrilled about their little angel's imminent descent into the pits of hell. Now here is where we'd like to say THIS is her first porn, but it isn't. Renee actually did one scene for a different site before, about a year ago. She then went back playing Baywatch: Tampa Bay Edition for a year to think about if porn was really something worth risking her soul over, especially the kind that takes place in a cheap hotel room. Luckily for us, she decided that, yes, it was. Renee was a bit disappointed when instead of the promised studio and makeup artist, Troy drives her to - tada! - a cheap hotel and rushes her into doing her own face paint and hair. Smooth talking white guy, cheap hotel room, lights pointed on the bed, consumer camcorders everywhere - everything looked just like that one scene young Renee did a year ago. Was this going to be another big mistake? What she doesn't know is that we do have one big, BIG surprise in store for her... Renee is all too eager to let our white camera guy finger and fuck her pussy and ass with toys and butt plugs. She even lets him put one of the toys that graced her tight little ass into her mouth, and she keeps it there like a pacifier like the good little submissive she is. Everything goes swimmingly (hehe) until Troy reveals that he's about to text the guy Renee will be having sex with. Now she takes out her butt plug pacifier to clarify if she just heard right - she'll be fucking a DIFFERENT guy? That's right, points for listening, Renee. Having backed herself up into a metaphorical wall earlier by stating how open minded and adventurous she is, Renee has no choice but to wait and see who is going to walk through that door in a moment... Now here is the part where gigantic black cock lord Jovan Jordan walks in and we describe in detail all the hot sex these guys have together. But there isn't enough space here to convey to you how much fucking and sucking and anal and ass-to-mouth-and "fuck me, daddy" stuff is going on. This video is over 100 minutes long and the screenshots hopefully give you an idea. But we can honestly say that Renee quickly takes to that big black cock and gobbles and deep-throats and fucks her way into pornstardom like nobody before, and we cover every position and depravity we can think of with her - and she loves it! Our quiet life saver really is a sexual athlete. ANAL! With Jovan fucking Jordan,guys! Look at her tiny ass almost split in two by that huge dick! Before that, she lets him deep throat her so much, she actually throws up. Hey, we never said all porn is erotic all the time. Especially not when it involves amateur girls and gigantic black cocks. But Renee somehow manages to stay composed and calm anyway. She's so unexpectedly awesome and composed yet ultra dirty through this entire time, and says all the right things, it's like she was born to be in the porn business. "Can I use a vibrator on my clit as you fuck my ass?". I mean...c'mon!!! So damn hot! After lots and lots of anal, including a split-screen worthy doggy position on the floor, we end things on the couch, where Jovan pumps his man seed deep inside our young girl's womb. Whatever didn't make it inside Renee's baby-maker or her thighs or ass, flows back on the couch. We make her eat up all that spilled cum from the couch and her own body before winding down and congratulating the 2 on one of the hottest, sweatiest, anal-est scenes of all time on Black Ambush (maybe even all of porn). UPDATE: At the time of Renee's shoot she didn't have a last name for her pornstar career yet. Troy just got a text saying she thinks of going by Renee Saint-Pierre. She just made an Instagram account too. Once we're sure she's keeping it, we'll post it here or on our Twitter (https://twitter.com/blackambush).
Fuck)Olivia Grace in OLIVIA GRACE — THE KAMA SUTRA 9:00
Fuck)Olivia Grace in OLIVIA GRACE — THE KAMA SUTRA 9:00 Olivia Grace returns to We Like to Suck this week and is flicking through the Kama Sutra with our stud looking at all of the positions. He makes his move and kisses her while they sit on the floor then he lifts up her tank top to suck and lick her nipples. As they start to strip, Olivia kneels and starts sucking cock, licking up and down his shaft and working the tip while stroking it with her hand too. Olivia lays down on the bed and with her legs open wide enjoys some oral sex of her own as he licks her pussy intently! This hot blonde turns to the side and our guy pounds her pussy, which soon turns into some proper doggystyle fucking! This hardcore scene continues as they move to the dresser, still fucking from behind then Olivia kneels back down and takes a facial all over her pretty little face!
Anya Olsen, Samantha Hayes in Cinco De Pie O - S2:E5 15:00
Anya Olsen, Samantha Hayes in Cinco De Pie O - S2:E5 15:00 Anya Olsen and her stepbrother Logan Long are putting up Cinco de Mayo decorations with the help of their parents and Anya's friend Samantha Hayes. Samantha ribs Anya for wearing no panties beneath her miniskirt, then starts stroking Logan's stiffie to prove she can get whatever guy she wants. When Samantha proves that she's not wearing underwear over her trimmed fuck hole, Logan whips his dick out so Samantha can suck it. Anya tries to get them in trouble, but her parents remain oblivious. Samantha takes a break from sucking cock to put on a blindfold and try to hit a pinata, but neither she nor Anya succeed. Logan's stepmom takes a turn, and when the whole family is distracted Logan pulls Samantha close to finger bang her twat. Logan's stepmom finally breaks the pinata, and when the girls rush for the candy Anya backs onto her stepbrother's dick! She's not about to stop now that she knows how good it feels, so she keeps pumping her hips while Samantha joins in on their family fun by dropping her knees to lick Anya's clit. The trio holds nothing back now, with Samantha soon finding herself on the floor with her face buried in Anya's snatch and Logan's dick filling her from behind. The trio switches it up when Anya hops on the table and spreads her thighs to accommodate her stepbrother's big cock. When Logan sits on the chair and pulls Samantha into his lap for a stiffie ride, he leaves her nice and sated. Anya gets one more round of loving as the trio spoon in front of the table, and as his stepsister cums so does Logan to give Anya a load of cream in her taco for Samantha to lick up.
Fuck)Mystica Jade in Mystica Jade Late Night Hotel Service 10:00
Fuck)Mystica Jade in Mystica Jade Late Night Hotel Service 10:00 Mystica Jade wears a leopard print dress as she sits in a pure white couch near the TV. Her dress looks more like a nightgown rather than something that one can wear outside. James Deen wear a white shirt/ but that is not important really, because they just take off the clothes in a few more minutes. James sits down on the couch with her back on his chest and begins teasing her. He puts all of her long black hair on one side as he trails kisses at the back of her neck down to her shoulders. He stops, walks in front of her and kneels down on the floor. He once again trails kisses from her knees down to her toes. He then goes back up again, pulls her dress down and takes her big tits into her mouth. Mystica is now on her fours, her white underwear and butt cheeks exposed. He kisses her feet and without any hesitation, heads to her pussy. She was surprised and turned on at the same time. She bites her hand and the bed sheet, trying not to scream. James lays her down on the couch with her legs spread widely and dives into her wet and tight pussy. She looks like a gymnast with her flexibility. He playfully bites her clit and then later on sucks it. He French-kisses her pussy before she takes over. The two switch roles. Mystica is now in charge of the situation. She starts off with licking his ear down to his cheeks as he sucks her thumb. He’s had enough and takes control. Mystica now sits on the couch wearing nothing while James, still-clothed is at her back doing everything to pleasure her. She unbuckles his belt, takes it off, drags it to his neck and rubs it off. Mystica kneels down on the floor and faces James’s big hard dick. She looks like she hasn’t done a blowjob before that he ends up guiding her into deepthroating his cock. She continues sucking his dick with him lying on the couch. With his dick already hard and ready to fuck, James positions her into doggy-style and rams into her wet and tight pussy. He humps her hard from behind repeatedly before shifting into a more pleasurable position. He pulls out his cock, lifts one of her legs up and thrusts it in her pussy. Feeling that he is about to reach orgasm sooner, Mystica sucks his cock once again. The moment she sinks her teeth into his cock, he orgasms and releases straight into her mouth. The rough sex between the two isn’t finished just yet. James sits on the couch as she hops on top of him. She slowly inserts his cock inside her pussy. His hard dick hit that spot and she ends up riding him crazily. James Deen orgasms for the second time around as Mystica deepthroats his cock again. Instead of the mouth, James releases his warm cum into Mystica Jade’s pretty face.
Delilah Day in Delilah Day Gets A Facial Shower 13:00
Delilah Day in Delilah Day Gets A Facial Shower 13:00 Delilah Day brightens Manuel’s (day…) in this scene from Jules Jordan.com. Delilah Day has a silky smooth frame with a hunky-dory disposition. She’s adorned in purple undergarments with black fishnet stockings. She performs a smile infused tease that resolves with Manuel Ferrara focusing on her hairy pussy. The brown-eyed lass vocalizes soft, quiet approvals while Manuel indulges in her nethers. Delilah Day returns the favor then Ferrara mounts her from the side. He fucks her then folds her legs together. Day has to open her legs back up and says “I can feel you so deep”. Delilah mounts in reverse-cow and the slick Frenchy traps her legs under his. As she slides up and down his rod Manuel thumbs her asshole while saying “look at that!”. The sexy views amp up with Delilah Day in missionary. Ferrara folds her once again, forming a luscious ass mound. This time Day enjoys the rapid pounding. She goes face down, ass up on the floor. A curvaceous site that prompts Manuel to discharge torrents of cum into her mouth and onto her face…
Alektra Blue in Alektra Blue Anal Is In Fashion 9:59
Alektra Blue in Alektra Blue Anal Is In Fashion 9:59 Alektra Blue is cute and lusty little lady. She wears a white with red spots bikini that shows off her toned stomach but can barely contain her big tits and ass. A white hat is on her head and white almost transparent shawl covers her arms. She completes her outfit with a pair of sunglasses. Alektra is busy wandering around the pool, doing various poses for an unknown photographer. She pulls at her two piece and shoes off her tits.. Right after, she teasingly lifts up her panty and shows off her petite butt cheeks and the dildo that’s been up her ass for who knows how long. She then heads to where Michael Stefano is standing already naked and without any warning, grabs his big cock by the hand and puts his full-length member inside her mouth. She gives him a blowjob until he almost cums in her mouth. She lay down and used her foot to tease Michael’s cock. Michael loves her mouth on his dick that the moment he finishes, he hurriedly returns the favor. He turns her around, her back on her chest as she faces the kitchen counter. He eats her pussy as she bends over and lays her upper body on the counter. He then slowly thrusts his hard dick inside her wet and tight pussy in the frisk position. He humps her hard as she slowly climbs up the counter. Michael pulls his dick out of her pussy as Alektra lies down on the marble counter with her legs bent and spread widely giving him more access to her pinkish pussy. He pleasures her as he licks her clit and her pussy before he climbs up the counter and rams his cock inside her pussy in missionary. The two horny porn stars continue on with their rough sex. He once again lays her down on the kitchen and this time around he takes control of the situation. He starts with another pussy-eating session before he lifts her tutu skirt up and widely spreads her legs. He teases her by slowly inserting his big cock inside her wet and tight pussy. He wants to feel her pussy adjust to the size. He fucks her hard when he is fully inside her. It is now Alektra’s turn to control the situation. With Erik’s back now laid on the counter, she hops on top of him, slowly guides his big dick inside her pussy and rides him hard in cowgirl. She craves for more pleasure so she decides to switch and ride him in reverse cowgirl making his hit the right spot. With Michael Stefano almost reaching his orgasm and their clothes on the floor, he fucks Alektra in a stand and deliver position. His dick now throbs unstoppably with cum dripping from its tip. Alektra deepthroats him until he comes all over her face. Alektra Blue just had the most erotic facial ever.
Shakila Asti in First-time anal seduction 10:01
Shakila Asti in First-time anal seduction 10:01 Her boyfriend tries to fix a phone, but Shakila Asti has her own plan for the day. This teeny is so hot and full of passion and today she wants to do something she's never done before. She shamelessly distracts Brian with a playful blowjob and leads him to fucking her in the ass for the first time ever. Oh, that virgin chocolate hole must have felt so good. So warm and tight it made the lucky guy cum hard all over his girlfriend's butt-cheeks.
Gena in Sexy Blond Teen Hottie Squeezes Big Dildo in Her Twat 10:00
Gena in Sexy Blond Teen Hottie Squeezes Big Dildo in Her Twat 10:00 The body on young blond coed Gena is truly outstanding! She kicks off the clip wearing a tiny black slip, and when she uncrosses her slender, perfectly formed legs you realize she's not wearing any panties! At first she just idly plays with herself, tweaking her nipples and fingering her snatch until she really gets down to business. The highlight of the scene has to be when she pulls out her favorite sex toy, an enormous cock and balls dildo that is freestanding and upright on the floor. Wearing only her high heels, she squats down on the toy, slowly easing it inch by inch in to her dripping wet snatch. She rides it until she cums!
Tetti Dew Korti in TETTI DEW KORTI — CAUGHT 9:01
Tetti Dew Korti in TETTI DEW KORTI — CAUGHT 9:01 Raven haired Tetti Dew Korti is sitting on the arm of her chair with her hand down in her panties when she is caught in action by her friend. He watches as she pulls her panties to one side to touch herself and walks over to join in with his cock already hard. He helps her strip out of her floral dress and she kneels on the floor, sucking his cock like a pro! Tetti works both his shaft and balls with her mouth before they switch places and she enjoys some pussy licking action. Her friend fingers her pussy frantically and then fucks her right there on the chair! Tetti climbs on his shaft and rides his cock then turns around to ride him in reverse cowgirl. He slips his dick from her pussy into her ass, ass fucking her while rubbing her pussy with his hand. Their anal sex continues on the rug and Tetti lays on her side while getting her ass filled even deeper with cock. She takes a final doggystyle anal pounding before she takes a messy facial over her pretty face, sucking his cock dry to finish!
Molly Kelt in Cuckiversary 15:00
Molly Kelt in Cuckiversary 15:00 Hot wife Molly Kelt got all dolled up and cooked a special meal for her anniversary... so she's surprised when the doorbell rings and it's her husband's buddy, Lucky Sam! When she finds out that her husband forgot all about their anniversary and invited Sam over to watch the game, telling him Molly would take care of him until he gets home, the annoyed wife decides to do just that. Molly sucks Sam's cock and he fucks her over the kitchen counter, then she rides him on the floor in her lingerie and fishnet stockings. Sam's friend might have missed out on his anniversary treat, but it didn't go unappreciated!
Lara Nadeshkina in Redhead has the nicest booty 8:00
Lara Nadeshkina in Redhead has the nicest booty 8:00 Lara Nadeshkina was bent on passing the exams but her study partner has other things on his mind. The guy just can't keep his hands off Lara's hot ass and it didn't take long before Lara gave in. You'll get to watch this fine-looking brunette ride the guy's dick on the floor and take his dick up her butt.
Naomi Cruise in Mike Deez Fucks Naomi Cruise In Her Pussy 9:58
Naomi Cruise in Mike Deez Fucks Naomi Cruise In Her Pussy 9:58 Naturally busty blonde Naomi Cruise does a slow stripping from her blue and white lingerie. Enter Mike deeze, licking naomi's shaved pussy and ass. Naomi brings the oral from her side, using that pretty mouth, blowjob action for the win. After the oral, this juicy blonde gets fucked in her pussy. Riding that cock like no tomorrow, and shifting to doggystyle position after all the cowgirl riding. She puts her legs up as Mike fucks her some more. Naomi gets on her knees, on the floor, wanting mike's cum in mouth. He delivers, and the final images are the big breasts and huge ass.
Fuck)Raylene in Raylene Divorced MILF Legend Gets What Is Hers 10:00
Fuck)Raylene in Raylene Divorced MILF Legend Gets What Is Hers 10:00 The scene starts with Raylene and James Deen showing up in court to finalize their divorce. They stand in front of a judge and rows of people waiting for the verdict to be stated. James is wearing beige suit with a striped tie. Raylene is wearing a tight black dress the shows of her curves and displays her assets well. As the session goes on and on, she begins to feel a little bit cold so James gave his coat to warm her up. At that same moment, she begins to doubt if the divorce was actually a good idea. Before the court could decide, she takes it all back with a lewd kiss. To the horror of the whole court, James pulls her up and deposited her on the defendant’s table. He pulls down the front of her dress, exposing her breast. He promptly buried his face into her massive breasts. Her big tits and nipples are exposed for everyone to see. She slid down to the floor and waited for bit as James unblocked his pants and freeing his erection. Leaning forward, Raylene took James’ massive cock fully inside her tight, naughty mouth. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down, increasing her pace to make sure James would moan her name and beg for more. The whole court was scandalized but made no move to stop them. James stopped her right before he reached his peak and pulled her to her feet. Not long after, His thick, sturdy cock is drilling her tight ass hole. There was no escaping the strong, solid pounds of his lengthy dick inside her backside’s wet, inner walls. Her dress was hitched above her thighs and over her waist. She braced her arm against the table with one hand and used the other to spread her ass cheeks for James’ dick to fully penetrate her. His dick came out of her ass and he shoved it into her pussy. Soon her pussy was stretched and pleasantly aching as he pumps hard into her. James repositioned her body without pulling his dick out. They are now face to face and they can clearly see the lust raging in the other’s eye. His thrusts became more erratic and uncontrolled as moments passed by. James hand wanders down her body and massages her clit before pulling out. Raylene gets down to her knees and gives him another blowjob. She tastes her juices on his dick and it turns her on more than ever. James laid down on the floor and let Raylene straddle his hips before guiding his length to her pussy. She sat over James in reverse-cowgirl style. She rode his dick and he, in turn, moved his hips up and down so that his cock filled every space inside of her love hole. Up and down they both went, enjoying the moment. Her tattooed ass grinds down on his dick giving them intense pleasure. The next clip shows Raylene on her knees again. She fondles her breasts and presses them together to form a flesh hole for James’ dick. James wasted no time pumping between her glorious boobs and soon enough, he spurted thick white cum, spraying her face. The whole court claps happily.
Fuck)Antonia Sainz in ANTONIA SAINZ — MERRY CHRISTMAS 9:00
Fuck)Antonia Sainz in ANTONIA SAINZ — MERRY CHRISTMAS 9:00 It's nearly Christmas and who better to bring back to Wet and Pissy for this special event than Antonia Sainz! Stunning Antonia is dressed in red lingerie and high heels and looks the perfect gift to stuff under your Christmas tree! She writhes around then suddenly pulls down her red panties and starts pussy pissing right through them! We zoom in on her trimmed pussy as she lets her juices flow and Antonia heads into the lounge to continue to tease. She pulls off her panties and licks them before making herself comfortable on the rug. She takes off her heels and squeezes her tits together, giving her nipples some attention then leans back to play with her pussy and finger herself. Antonia opens a gift left for her on the rug and sees that it's a cute plaid minidress. Placing it on the floor, this naughty babe pees all over it then squeezes her piss into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking. She puts on the wet garment and continues to finger herself, grabbing another item of clothing from her gift. She pees all over this too and gets dressed in the soaking wet bodysuit before pulling the crotch to one side to fuck her pussy with a beaded dildo! Antonia gets hold of a glass vase and pees into it, pouring her juicy goods all down herself to drench her body even more! Moving onto a glass dildo, this horny brunette gets herself off and finishes this pissing porno by filling a glass goblet with one final stream of pee!
Anna in ANNA 3 10:58
Anna in ANNA 3 10:58 Anna is really excited about her first porno today. She doesn't know exactly what to expect but she hopes for a tall athletic guy who is experienced in the art of lovemaking. You see, poor Anna had a very strict Catholic upbringing in her German-American family, and as such has only started to have sex in college, ie recently. Having never been with a black guy, we have to hold our breath for a moment as big black porn god JD reveals himself to our blonde newbie. After the initial shock, Anna works hard to prove that not only is she not a racist, she can also take a huge black cock like a pro. Well, she can't. But she tries, really hard. She creams up to the point where we think JD came inside her early (happened before) but nah, that's just Anna enjoying that huge black cock in her pussy. Happens the first time during cowgirl, you can't miss it. After some sweaty and intense rough sex, Anna asks JD to take her anal virginity (!). To make things extra juicy, we have Anna get on the floor and we put one camera on her ass so we can see JD's big dick fuck it, and one camera on Anna's face so we can watch her facial expressions as she gets ass-fucked for the first time in her life. You'll love it! After pushing that envelope, we get Anna to do the pornstar anal cowgirl. You know it when you see it. Hell, it's the big thumbnail pic here. At some point her now devirginized asshole tightens up too much and JD can't get back in, so he just puts his cock back in her pussy until he cums - without telling anyone. So the resulting creampie footage is a tad shaky. Not that it matters because the man shoots so deep inside the blonde, hardly anything comes back out. Most of that white stuff you see on his dick is actually Anna's cum. Cowgirl and big black dick really seem to get her going. We make Anna take a morning-after pill and film it to cover our asses, then send her packing to...whatever the heck she'll be doing. She really enjoyed her first porn, her first black man, and even felt her first anal was a good experience. So who knows, maybe we see this leggy blonde somewhere else some day.
Sadie Blake in Pale Cutie Tastes Married Cock 15:01
Sadie Blake in Pale Cutie Tastes Married Cock 15:01 Inked-up cutie Sadie Blake tries to repay Jmac for getting her out of the rain with a quick blowjob! But, things quickly escalate to a pussy stuffing, tits squeezing fuck fest, with Jmac's wife taking a nap upstairs! Sadie will have to lick up all the evidence.
Moka Mora in Hypno Fuck - S1:E6 15:01
Moka Mora in Hypno Fuck - S1:E6 15:01 Moka Mora and her stepbrother Damon Dice have come to an agreement that they find each other mutually attractive. Moka worries that they'll get caught fucking, but Damon just knows what he wants. When he eventually gets his way, he and Moka finds themselves with Damon's fingers buried in her greedy fuck hole while she strokes his stiffie. They're locked in their mutual masturbation when their parents call them downstairs to show them something neat. Damon's dad has learned how to hypnotize, but while he's trying to show off his trick on Moka's mom he accidentally hypnotizes both of them. They decide it would be kinky to fuck in front of both of their parents, so Moka drops to her knees and starts sucking Damon's big hardon off. Turning around, she pulls her shorts down so that Damon can take her in a doggy style pussy pounding right on the carpet in the living room! The couple starts spooning with Damon filling Moka's cum hungry twat and flexing his hips for both of their pleasure. As Moka rolls on her back, she enjoys the orgasmic fruits of Damon's labor. Then they get a big acrobatic with Moka on the floor and Damon pounding her bare pussy from above on the couch. Seeing his super skinny stepsister laid out before him like that is too much for him to handle, and he pulls out to give Moka a facial of jizz. They decide to fuck with their parents, but ultimately they wake them up from their hypnosis.
Nikita Bellucci in Nikita Bellucci Double Down For Double Anal 10:00
Nikita Bellucci in Nikita Bellucci Double Down For Double Anal 10:00 Nikita Belluci welcomes her visitors inside her home wearing a short black and white dress. Her tattooed arms are exposed. Three men, also dressed in black and white arrive. They decide not to waste any more time and proceed to anal sex. The three men begins touching her and pleasuring her. One is focused on sucking her breasts and nipples. One is trailing kisses from her mouth down to her neck while the other is already palming her pussy. Nikita bends down and hurriedly unzips one guy’s pants setting his hard dick free. One guy is behind her, mouth and tonguefucking her pussy while the other one watches. The man behind her inserts a finger into her butt hole preparing her for some rough anal sex. Three dicks are finally out and Nikita is already on the floor, kneeling. She takes one dick after another into her mouth, without taking any breaks. She wants to make sure that all three will be ready to fuck anytime. Nikita once again deepthroats a dick while everyone is taking their clothes off. She gets surprised as one of three men puts all of his five fingers inside her ass hole. She is caught off guard but she likes the sensation of her ass hole slowly opening up to the size of his hand. Nikita is now fucking wet. One of the three guys aims for anal sex right away. She is on her fours while one guys sits on the couch as the other stands in front of her. As one is butt fucking her, she takes and sucks both cocks interchangeably. The four people then switch sex positions. Nikita now hops on top of the guy who is sitting on the couch and slowly guides his dick inside her butt hole. The two other guys stand on her sides. She rides his dick hard as she gives the two guys on the side a blowjob. The ass pounding rough anal sex that the four people had is the best that Nikita Belluci had yet.
Natali Ruby in Art student taking first anal 10:00
Natali Ruby in Art student taking first anal 10:00 Natali is a curious art student who loves sex and dreams about anal endeavors. She found herself a new handsome poser and drawing him naked and with a partial hardon she can't help it staring at his big beautiful cock and fantasizing about taking it in her every fuckable hole. Art is magic and her dreams come true when this hot guy fucks her in the ass right on the floor giving Natali her first ever anal orgasm and inspiration for new paintings.
Hazel Dew in HAZEL DEW — DRESSED FOR SEX 9:00 Russian babe Hazel Dew walks into the room in a skintight dress and wows our stud with her perfect figure. He stands up immediately and they start to kiss. He can't keep his hands off her! He helps Hazel strip down to her black lingerie and she takes out his cock, wasting no time in showing off her cock sucking skills while she squats on the floor. Hazel lays back and with her stocking covered legs opened wide, enjoys some pussy licking. Their sensual hardcore fun continues as Hazel bends over an armchair and gets fucked in the doggystyle position in front of a mirror! They move back to the bed and she climbs on top of his shaft while he rams her quickly, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. They change positions a couple more times and Hazel masturbates frantically while riding our stud in reverse cowgirl. This gorgeous girl kneels down on the floor and waits for our guy to cover her in a messy cumshot all over her pretty face!
Fuck)Priva in Priva Tag Team Throwback Thursday 10:00
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