On The Floor

Flexible teen was doing her stretching routine in the nature before she got fucked on the floor 11:56
Flexible teen was doing her stretching routine in the nature before she got fucked on the floor 11:56
Slimthic Vic and Dani Jensen are kneeling on the floor while sucking dicks, during a casual foursome 27:42
Slimthic Vic and Dani Jensen are kneeling on the floor while sucking dicks, during a casual foursome 27:42
Lylith Lavey in Lylith Lavey Work Out My Asshole 10:00
Lylith Lavey in Lylith Lavey Work Out My Asshole 10:00 Stretching before any incredibly-taxing activities is must to prevent any injury on the actual thing. Lylith Lavey got that basics down and went ahead and do the next level. James Deen joins her to make this a little exciting for all of us. The human body is flexible in almost any way possible. Lylith proves this statement by using her body. She do basic stretching on the wall until every part of her body is conditioned except for one part: her asshole. She can’t possibly stretch her ass efficiently on her own. Lylith calls on James to do it for her. Lylith leaves everything to James to handle this request. James slowly caresses every inch of her body to relax her. James starts from the bottom. He takes off that shorts to lick what’s inside it. Being bent over against the wall, this provides James a perfect angle for him to ease up her ass before the actual stretching he will make out of it later. We can’t really have James Deen in a scene without him putting women in their place. Being know for a rough fucker, he handles her by grabbing her by the neck and pulling on her hair. You know how it goes. Once he’s done kissing the shit out of her, he slams her against the wall and making her kneel to suck his dick. Lylith happily complied and gagged on it like a pro. James bends Lylith against the wall to get the real thing. James now penetrates her ass and starts fucking it as he likes. James is a considerate man. He makes Lylith lie down on the nearby surface and continued fucking her like before. He just adjusted her legs to change her orientation. They did it on the floor afterwards and Lylith riding his dick with the same hole being fucked. Near the end, she was bent over again to let him finish. He showered her big tits with his cum.
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Amalia Davis in Amalia Davis Holds The Corner Wall As Her Stud Plows Her Pussy Standing Up 14:59 Amalia Davis leaves a trail on her studs pants before this scene even starts! She is so wet for his cock! These two fuck on the floor, fuck standing up, fuck every which way until she's exhausted and he's cumming in her mouth!
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Lissa Bon in Teeny anal and facial finish 9:59 Watch this gorgeous blonde teeny happily take hard cock balls deep down her tight welcoming ass-hole and keep moaning out loud as the lucky guy fucks her to a powerful anal orgasm. She can do it on a sofa or right on the floor – just keep those frictions intense and rhythmical and she will make you cum harder than ever before. Ass-to-mouth – that's the way this beauty loves it when she has hot jizm dripping down her chin and titties.
Fuck)Madelyn Monroe, Zoey Monroe in Zoey And Madelyn Monroe Two True Butt Sluts 10:00
Fuck)Madelyn Monroe, Zoey Monroe in Zoey And Madelyn Monroe Two True Butt Sluts 10:00 One of the finest things that you see when walking in a room is two blonde chicks in the most revealing outfits, ’bonding’. Zoey Monroe and Madelyn Monroe, not only share the same name, also share the same methods on how to get people off. They tried entering each other’s spaces by kissing and giving each other some good oral. The girls suck on each other’s tits and cunts. They did a bit of 69 for a bit until James Deen walks in on them. Wasting no time, he pulls out his big fat dick and chooses one of them to have at it first. Zoey kneels down as a willing volunteer. James grabs her by the wrists and made her kneel down before his glory. James eventually reaches the back of her throat using his dick, leaving her gagging and wanting more. Being a generous guy, James gives Zoey what she wants. He bent her over against the wall and starts pounding her asshole. The other Monroe, Madelyn, gets her turn too. She also kneels down and starts sucking James off. Zoey eventually joined her. Madelyn gets the same treatment as Zoey too. She was bent over and got her ass drilled hard. This time, Zoey gives a little assistance by sucking his James’ dick whenever it gets out and kissing and licking every now and then. James gagged Madelyn while fucking her. After some time, James gets his turn to get down to. Madelyn gives James a juicy blowjob while Zoey tries her best rimming James. After that, James sits down on the floor and dragged Madelyn to sit on his dick and Zoey did some nice assists. Zoey gets fucked from behind for a bit before the Monroes exchange position again for the last time and made James cum in their faces.
Fuck)Fuck)Krissy Lynn in Krissy Lynn's Song of Anal Destruction 10:00
Fuck)Fuck)Krissy Lynn in Krissy Lynn's Song of Anal Destruction 10:00 Ever been to recitals before? If you have, you might remember good acoustics and other things that make the experience special. But in Krissy Lynn’s case, she has more things that she does to hook audience into watching her performance. While playing the musical piece, she has this attire that gives people reason to stay a while and listen. For one, she has her bare ass being shown if you’re watching from behind. If that’s not enough, James Deen enters to give her body some action. Since her ass and pussy is out already, James just went ahead and ate her out while she’s leaning against the piano. There are many parts of Krissy’s body that James can hold her but he chose to hold her by the neck. All throughout the scene, this is gonna be the theme of this— a good rough fucking. After eating her out, James now makes Krissy kneel down and make her suck his dick off. Krissy can’t help but gag from time to time. You know how it is. This can’t be helped. James makes Krissy lean on top of the piano. This is for him to fuck her ass. As Krissy raises one of her leg, James goes now to do his business. Even with the rough handling, Krissy’s face doesn’t show any kind of negative reaction. She’s a natural. Now, to give some variation, James made Krissy sit down on the chair and raise her legs in the air. This exposes her ass and pussy for him to fuck. James goes for the ass again. Krissy just rub herself to get some extra pleasure. She gets to the floor on all fours to again, be fucked in the ass. After, the stand up and keep her one leg in the air. James sit down afterwards for Krissy to ride his dick while he pulls both of her arms. For the ending act, Krissy was riding his dick while James is on the floor. When he was ready to cum, he made Krissy sit down on the floor and wait for his cum. Krissy sits down like a good girl and rubs her pussy. James buckers off and showered her tits with some warm cum.
Janice in Young Janice Spreads Her Skinny Legs for a Huge Cock 10:00
Janice in Young Janice Spreads Her Skinny Legs for a Huge Cock 10:00 Just out of the shower, lithe brunette beauty Janice can't decide which clothes to wear. Arthur spills onto the movie, horny dog that he is, and decides she's best totally nude. Easily picking her up and laying her sprawled on the floor, he eats her out faster than you can say afternoon delight. Then, once he's had his fill of her hairless lotus blossom of a pussy, he feeds her his dirty bang stick to suck off, a pleasure Janice herself doesn't deny. With no hands, she bobs her head to and fro for maximum shlong-head stimulation! This goes without saying, but definitely check out her hot teen butt getting tapped doggy-style.
Morgan in MORGAN102017 11:00
Morgan in MORGAN102017 11:00 Twenty year old Morgan may come off as a cute girl next door type but her inner pornstar emerges when she drops to her knees for one of the most incredible blowjob performances of the year. She's literally eye fucking the camera while mouth fucking Jay. Her oral skills are so good that we show the entire beej from two different angles and side by side.As usual we start with Jay playing confessional and prying as many dirty secrets as he can from our girl. In comparison to the other ladies of ECG, Morgan is pretty tame. Aside from hooking up with girls at music festivals, her sexual adventures aren't especially crazy. But if there's one thing we know it's that girls who are all talk usually aren't all action and vice versa. But when Morgan strips and spreads her legs to show off Jay gets all kinds of ideas. With a bit of lube, a little vibe and a whole bunch of penetration Jay manages to give Morgan her first orgasm.When Morgan gets on the floor for blowjob time, things really take off. Spend as much time as you want watching and rewinding this performance because it's literally one of the best scenes on the site. Watching Morgan's big, sexy, brown eyes look up at the camera as she devours Jay's cock is mesmerizing. There are all kinds of adjectives one could use, but this is the magic: a pretty, innocent 20 year old beauty worshipping a hard cock with her lips. Of course, after that amazing head, it's P in V time and Jay has Morgan lay back on some pillows while he fucks her.Finally, some really great shots of Morgan getting fucked on her back: a few close ups to start and then Jay switches to a cam mounted way up, where you can see everything from a bird's eye view. We're toying with calling this angle the 'eagle eye' because you get a great overhead view of the action. Jay drills Morgan for a bit and then has her switch to doggy after you get another view of those beautiful, innocent eyes as well as her very wet pussy. Finally Jay lays back and has Morgan ride him in cowgirl which results in an intense mutual orgasm. While a facial with Morgan's big, brown eyes staring into the camera might have been nice, there's just nothing sexier than a creampie.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
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Angel Rivas in Angel Rivas Fucks Her Mma Coach And Her Pussy Taps Out Its So Good! 14:59 Angel Rivas has been working on her MMA game with a trainer but sometimes after rolling around on the floor all day her pussy gets wet and soaks her leggings. When that happens, her trainer knows she wants him to fuck her pussy into submission!
Fuck)Abella Danger in Abella Danger Double Anal Demolition 10:00
Fuck)Abella Danger in Abella Danger Double Anal Demolition 10:00 Stunning babe Abella Danger teases with James as she boasts her big bountiful ass. She is wearing tiny black laced-panties under skimpy skin-tight stockings. Her luscious tits are highlighted by her black bra with shining padding. Abella bends over the bed to make her butt stick out in the air. James pulled down her panties, revealing her plump and already wet pussy. She continues to beg James to stuff his hard dick inside of her but he constantly rejects the idea. Abella can’t take it anymore so she approaches James and began teasing him harder. She lied on the floor and spread her legs. Using both of her hands, she stretched out her pussy lips. Abella crawled out of the door. Her very step while on fours makes her pussy and ass to stick out more. The stunning babe saw Markus quietly sitting on a chair. She approached him and started touching his body. After sharing a deep, passionate kiss, Markus begins to savagely lick her ass and pussy. Markus stuffs his hard dick into her ass. His hips started to move faster as she lightly chokes Abella. She sat on the chair with both legs spread far apart from each other. Markus continues to stuff his dick into her ass. Her tight asshole gapes every time Markus removes his throbbing penis. Abella rubs her fully exposed pussy as Markus pumps deeply into her asshole. One dick is not enough for this anal whore. James joins in the fun. Both guys stand beside Abella. Their dicks are right in front of the horny girl. Abella deepthroats the huge white dicks alternately. Her mouth and throat are punished endlessly. Markus drags Abella by the hair and led her to the living room. James and Markus sandwiched Abella, stuffing their dicks into her ass and pussy. Abella can’t hide her ecstasy anymore. They continue to fuck her asshole and cunt while dirty talking. The two guys keep on enjoying Abella’s delicious holes. James got tired of her juicy pussy and joins Markus’ dick into her asshole. Two dicks are now wreaking havoc in her tight asshole. As the men began to feel like they are about to reach orgasm, they stand in front of Abella. She strokes and sucks their dick simultaneously, trying to fit both cocks into her mouth. James and Markus both ejaculated to her pretty face, giving this pretty babe a great facial and pearl necklace.
Mirabella in Curvy 7:59
Mirabella in Curvy 7:59 Athletic stunner Mirabella runs through her gymnastic routine in a tight white leotard. She uses a hoop as part of her exercise, flexing and stretching, her lean, slender, petite figure, so striking. Placing the hoop on the floor, she leans over, resting her hands on its rim, waving her cute buns at the camera, then stands and rolls it between her thighs, rubbing it against the crotch of her costume, her pussy lips folding around it from behind the white material. She turns herself on, her desire driving her to slide her top down and stroke her naked breasts. She sits down and rubs her hoop against her pussy again, standing to pull off her outfit and rub her clit. The sexy beauty plays with her shaved slit, nipples stiffening as she toys with them between her fingers. Turning her back, she pushes her ass out and rubs at her pussy between her thighs, lost in her own pleasure.
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Madi Collins, Britt Blair in Spin The Bottle 2208 15:00 Madi and her best friend Britt beg their respective stepbrothers Austin and Oliver to play spin the bottle with them so that Britt can have her first kiss. Oliver protests at first but eventually they give in and the four sit on the floor, spinning that bottle. They all take turns making out with each other, until things get way naughtier and the guys swap their stepsisters to fuck them!
Ornella in Taxi Wait 2 7:59
Ornella in Taxi Wait 2 7:59 The sex party is in full swing – but gorgeous Ornella is running late. Her friends are already messaging to ask when she’ll arrive, but her cab won’t be here for another 20 minutes. Petite and pretty, with waist-length auburn hair, striking blue eyes, pink lipstick and red manicured nails, she’s dressed for action in a tight red skirt, net top, motorcycle jacket and spike-heeled sandals, with a black satin bra and peekaboo panties underneath. With time to kill and already horny, she takes a bag of sex toys from her purse and lays them out on the tile floor. Then she grabs a cushion from her hall seat and squats on the floor, selects a hot-pink, ridged vibrator and sucks on it sensually, smiling to herself as she runs her tongue over the shaft. Next, she takes off her shoes, flaunting her bare feet as she sits on the cushion. She splays her legs wide to reveal the cutaway lace panties that barely cover her crotch and, after a quick stroke with her fingers, she yanks them sideways and begins to play the vibe over her shaved pussy. Her breathing is heavy as she grinds the toy against her clit, and soon her slit is wet with juices. She slides it inside of her snatch and pumps it in and out. Carried away, she strips naked, exposing her beautiful, natural tits, firm, rounded ass and a cute navel piercing. She caresses her globes, then teases her nipples with one hand as the other strokes her pussy. Then she returns to playing with her vibe, sucking it clean of juices before pounding it inside of her slick hole once again. Soon, she gets on all fours and plows herself doggie-style, with her free hand rubbing her clit. On her back again, thighs spread wide, she screws herself even harder and deeper, body rocking and trembling as she moans and sighs her way to an intense orgasm. Ecstatic, she enjoys the afterglow – only to be snapped out of her reverie by the sound of a car horn. Her taxi has arrived! In a panic, she gathers up her sex toys and clothes – then she stops and allows herself a naughty giggle as the picture fades...
Lulu Chu in My Boyfriend's Buddy Has a Huge Cock 15:00
Lulu Chu in My Boyfriend's Buddy Has a Huge Cock 15:00 When Lulu Chu sees her boyfriend's buddy, Damion Dayski, playing video games, she gets too curious about the size of his cock, and just has to find out for herself! Leaving her bestie to distract her man, Lulu lures Damion to the bathroom, where she takes out his huge dick and sucks it. Lulu answers all her questions about what a big cock can do as she gets bent over and fucked from the back, then rides Damion on the floor, and as a bonus, Damion covers Lulu with a big load!
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Angie in Anal helps ginger find inspiration 11:59 Sweet girl is trying to find inspiration while typing a new novel with the help of typewriter when caring boyfriend brings her coffee. They passionately make out and guy undresses redhead with intention to lick her sweet pussy. Teen in return polishes his boner before inviting guy to fuck her from behind. It feels so good that beauty even permits partner to thrust manhood into her tight asshole. Anal sex on the floor in all kind of poses culminates for lassie with massive cumshot all over her ass.
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Fuck)Dana DeArmond in Dana DeArmond is an Anal Show Off 10:00 No one likes a show off. Dana DeArmond gets justice for being one with help of our man, James Deen, with a way he only know and can do— fucking her deep in her ass. It’s only right to do so since she was showing off her ass. James handled it like a pro. And at the same time, he handled Dana less of a person and more of an object. He made Dana swallow whole of his dick making Dana let out mostly gagging noises. Her filthy mouth was overflowing with spit. When he felt the time was right, he bends her over and starts lubing up her ass with his mouth. That ass will get wrecked in few moments. James sits down and made Dana sit on his dick, mounting her balls-deep. She had the nerve to sneak in some little rubbing of her pussy while being drilled hard in her ass. James caught up to this and starts playing with her filthy mouth. He occasionally inserts his whole hand into her mouth. After some time, he stands up and starts fucking her while her legs are in the air. They eventually stood up to fuck her in different angle. Dana puts her leg up and James just helps himself from behind while occasionally grabbing her by the neck. Dana just lets out a bit of pain and mostly pleasure-filled scream as James drill her ass relentlessly. Mercy is the last thing you will find here at this moment. Ironically, Dana’s reactions don’t show any regret or anything similar— just pure ecstasy of the dick wrecking her cute asshole. At the end, it was she looked really happy. It wasn’t obvious that her asshole got abused by a fat dick. She just sit there on the floor awaiting James’ cum shower.
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Fuck)Anna Morna in Anna Morna's Tight Butthole Wrecked by Toys and Cock 10:00 Pretty model babe Anna Morna shows off her bubble-butt while on the stairs. She is wearing a cut-off jean and a black polka-dots bikini bra. She erotically moves her butt, waving it sexily as she kneels on the floor. She removes her white high-heeled shoes and stands near the wall. She slowly pulled down her skimpy shorts while leaning on the wall. James Deen walks down the stairs and approached Anna. James slaps her bubble butt as he plays with her asshole. Anna spreads her butt cheeks using both hands. James uses his fingers to tease her asshole. He pressed the tall babe firmly against the wall and starts kissing her while his hands are rubbing her pussy. He led her to the table and bends her down over it. James starts to lick her pink pussy and tight asshole. A lubed-up butt plug is jammed into Anna’s tight asshole. The butt plug stays inside her asshole while James aggressively rubs her pussy. Anna sucks James hard cock. He makes sure to slap her ass as she devours his dick. James allows Anna to deepthroat his cock. He mouth fucks Anna with animosity, burying his dick deeper to her throat. James stuffs his hard dick into her wet pussy. The butt plug is still inserted in her anus while she rides him; she's enthralled by his fat cock stretching out her pussy. James carried Anna and lays her on the table. He removes the butt plug and inserted his penis into her asshole. He anally fucked the beautiful model while rubbing her clitoris. Anna’s moans and screams are becoming louder with every thrust. She spread her legs apart, holding it with both hands. James keeps on fucking Anna’s tight butt hole. Her ass is starting to gape every time James pulls his hard dick out. They changed their position from missionary to doggystyle. The pounding is noticeably faster than before. Anna’s ass becomes accustomed to his dick, making penetration easier. When James is about to cum, he pulled out his dick and strokes it in front of Anna’s face. He let out all his cum to her face, giving this beautiful model a facial and pearl necklace that perfectly suits her pretty face.
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Nelly Kent, Lady Gang in Wife Fights For Her Right To Threesome 14:59 Nelly Kent is irked when she catches her husband, Tony Carrera, checking out raven-haired beauty Lady Gang in the Fake Hostel. Later, Tony sneaks up behind Lady Gang and starts eating out her tight, pink pussy and ass. After being plowed by Tony in doggystyle, Lady Gang climbs on top to ride him reverse cowgirl – only for their lewd liaison to be interrupted by Tony’s irate wife! Nelly wrestles with Lady Gang on the floor, but it isn't long before the busty babes are making out, and then they each take turns sucking on Tony's dick! Tony pounds Nelly’s trimmed pussy missionary-style as her big boobs jiggle up and down, then she sits on Tony’s lap to bounce on his huge cock. After a sexy threesome, Nelly and Lady Gang kneel in front of Tony as he jerks off until they're covered in his double facial!
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Serenya Gomez in GOOD FOR YOU 9:01 A sexy brunette makes her debut today on Wet and Puffy and this cute babe is made for porn! Teasing on the floor with her curvy ass, Serenya Gomez writhes around and lifts up her miniskirt to show off her panties. Pulling up her top she teases her nipples and makes them hard before she lays down on the couch and starts to touch her puffy pussy through her panties. Pulling them against her lips, this little minx is getting seriously turned on in front of our cameras and she takes off her panties ready for some fun. We zoom in close as she fingers her pussy and then she gets to enjoy a pussy pump for the very first time. She loves the way it feels as her juicy puffy pussy gets swollen and then Serenya decides to fuck herself with a dildo. Bending over into the doggystyle position, she works herself quickly and masturbates at the same time to give herself an orgasm on film!
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Fuck)Sheena Rose in Sheena Rose Gets ANALIZED 10:00 So what do you get if you combine a porcelain skin, a couple of ink and a beautiful body to put it on? You might think a couple of chick from your past but today, we have Sheena Rose to hog the spotlight for herself. James Deen will be helping her do some highlighting of the said beauty using his fat dick. As he was mesmerized when Sheena stands around the translucent curtains, he thought, ‘I’m gonna stick my dick inside that’ or at least look like it. He invites Sheena to come over to give her some tender, loving power fuck. But he didn’t go straight to that. Are you nuts? He did the right thing and gave her a couple of smooches first. They slowly undress each other and when James’ big dick pulls out of his pants, Sheena kneels down to suck it off. But Sheena’s cute of a mouth can’t handle all of him. So Sheena stands up and sits on that dick with her pussy. As she was already standing up, James takes this opportunity to fuck her while standing up too. He just lifts up one of her legs to accommodate his dick into her tight pussy. He eventually sat down on the floor to let Sheena ride it again. They escalated this to main course afterwards. Sheena stands up and bends over to offer up her cute tiny asshole. James fucks that hole with all his might and made Sheena crumble down to the floor. She just takes the dick from above while occasionally rubbing her pussy. James sits on the couch afterwards to make her ride the dick again but this time, it’s in different hole. This position shows all of Sheena— her pink pussy and asshole being fucked wide. Once the showcasing is over, James decides to end this analization in his own pace. He bent over Sheena to fuck her again from behind and eventually making her lie on her back to do the same thing. Sheena’s cutesy act didn’t fade until the end. Even when James showered her mouth with his cum.
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Ariana Van X in Ariana Van X and the Big Dick 12:00 Ariana Van X took a bath to be cute for Aaron Rock, Aaron was this cute looking dude with a giant monster cock. They didn’t waste much time. They kissed, he undressed her. Ariana had beautiful, pointy breasts.She took out his giant dick and started to suck it. Then Aaron started to fuck her tiny little pussy. They fucked in missionary. He was choking her. Then she was riding him. Cowgirl and reverse. They did it in doggy, they did it in spoon. He was laying upside down on the floor while she was fucking him. Then he came in her mouth.