The Right Tool For The Job

Xxlayna Marie has called a repairman for her dryer. Quinton James is assigned to the job, so he arrives ready to work. What Quinton doesn't know is that Xxlayna is instantly attracted to him. She uses the excuse that it's laundry day and she needs to get that moving right now to strip naked for him. When Quinton notices that Xxlayna is nude, she tells him up front that her stepbrother is watching right now and that he's going to drop a load inside her after Quinton bangs her. In fact, she's fantasizing about pretending she's stuck in the dryer and Quinton going for it. He doesn't need to be asked again; when Xxlayna demonstrates by leaning forward, Quinton sticks it in and sinks balls deep into that tight fuck hole. Now that the seal is broken, the two come together with a voracious appetite. Quinton does Xxlayna against the wall and then puts her on the washer so he can eat her pussy. Getting to his feet, Quinton slides deep inside that velvet glove. He picks Xxlayna up next and flips her upside down for a standing 69. When he rights Xxlayna, it's to slam into her as he holds the spinner hottie up. Crouching, Xxlayna blows Quinton until he pops in her mouth and promises to come back again soon.

5 months ago