Mylfwood releases are always a special treat and a ton of fun. We love a good parody and giving classic flicks a sexy twist. This time, we’re paying homage to 2000s Bedazzled, a rom-com with lots of potential to get hardcore. In this scene, Ryan is desperate for the attention of Allison (Lindsey Lakes), but she never seems to notice him. Ryan’s over-ambition to please gets in the way, and his dorky personality doesn’t seem to do him any favors. But Ryan’s luck takes a turn when he makes a deal with the Devil (Venus Valencia). She’s a drop-dead gorgeous babe with a twisted sense of humor. She sees Ryan for how hot he is and is willing to help him obtain all he desires in life. The cost? His soul. Ryan’s first wish is to have Allison suck his cock, wearing sexy lingerie. With a snap, Allison is in the kitchen adorned in skimpy green lingerie. She gets on her knees and starts blowing Ryan, just like he’d hoped. Ryan isn’t oblivious to how hot the Devil is, and he wants her to join in on the fun, too. The threesome moves to the bedroom, where both the Devil and Allison suck Ryan’s cock. They share his shaft and play with balls, making sure to bring him close to climax but not letting him finish - there is more fun to be had. Allison and the Devil take turns riding Ryan’s cock and play with each other all the while. After Ryan busts his load, the Devil and Allison vanish into thin air, leaving Ryan all alone and without a soul.

3 months ago