The Sex Tape

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Blaire Johnson is putting on a film for the swap fam. She accidentally puts on a sex tape with her swap husband Ken Feels! The swap siblings Jodie Johnson and Megan Marx instantly go straight to teasing. Later that night, Blaire and Ken are in bed when Megan and Jodie come sniffing around for some poon. The swap parents know they should say no, but instead it turns into a swap family fuck fest as Megan sucks Ken's dick and Jodie enjoys Blaire's big titties. Getting on her knees, Megan takes a pussy pounding in doggy from her swap dad while swap mom rides Jodie's dick. The girls switch out with Megan giving Jodie a reverse cowgirl ride as Blaire takes Ken's fuck stick on her back. Switching one last time, Blaire gets on her belly for Jodie to dick her down until he creampies her, while Megan spreads her thighs for Ken to give her the same lusty treatment.

3 months ago