Risky Breeding Business

Aubry has been babysitting Angelina and Donnie’s children for a while now. The poor girl has just broken up with her boyfriend and can’t help but envy the happy family. She wishes she had a man who could seed her and give her the nice family photo she yearns for, and she believes her boss Donnie is the right guy to knock her up. The girl is constantly wondering what it would be like to have Donnie’s cock releasing its sweet load inside of her and believes that she could replace Angelina in the family photo, so she decides to seduce the man. Donnie knows he shouldn’t be doing stuff with the babysitter, but can hardly resist the teen’s flirtatious attitude and luscious body. He doesn’t even have a condom and prefers to play safe, but the cock-hungry nanny convinces him to play without a rubber. Donnie agrees but tries not to penetrate her without protection. However, Aubry insists so much that she convinces the man to pound her sweet pussy without using a condom. Aubry’s constant begging to be bred gets to the guy’s head and he ends up cumming inside the babysitter. Now that Donnie’s seed has been planted in Aubry, will she destroy this family forever and take Angelina’s place?

3 months ago