To the Moon and Back

Angelina receives a special gift for Valentine’s Day. This basket of lingerie and toys is undoubtedly from Nathan. Angelina puts on her skimpy bunny outfit and dances around the house, feeling her body and reveling in her sexuality. She’s getting horny, and she wants to be nice and turned on so when she and Nathan play, she can give the romantic stud her 100%. Nathan and Angelina finally go at it, and it’s a whirlwind of lust and pleasure. Nathan uses the toys on Angelina and caresses her slender body. She sucks his cock, wrapping her lips gently around his shaft and cradling his balls. Angelina climbs on top and rides Nathan’s cock. He fucks her hard and with an intense passion. The two continue to have fun in various positions until Nathan cums hard on Angelina’s tits and face.

3 months ago