This Calls for Cock

One morning, Ike receives a call from his stepdaughter Athena’s school. She has a real attitude problem, her grades are at an all-time low and, to make things worse, she has been giving blowjobs to her schoolmates in the bathroom. The bratty girl is out of control and she acts like nothing happened in front of her stepdad. Determined to teach her a lesson, Ike fucks his stepdaughter’s mouth just like other guys did. The severe stepdad gags Athena with his dick to make her understand that she needs to be responsible with her sexuality because otherwise, men may pound her kisser just like he did. Athena feels disgusted with the situation until her stepdad cums, swallowing his creamy load and opening a sinful door. After the episode, Athena starts looking at her stepdad in a different light, lusting over her stepfather’s cock. To provoke him, she dresses like a slut and tells him that she is going out. This triggers Ike again, feeling forced to pound her pussy nice and hard. The two are secretly enjoying this taboo sexual relationship, but the sound of Athena’s mom entering the house makes them stop to avoid getting caught. Athena is a little bummed that he didn’t get filled by her stepdad, so she confronts Ike and invites him to finish what they started. Noticing how devoted she is to him and how hungry she is for his seed, Ike grants Athena’s wish and gives her a second round of pussy-pounding. This time, he’ll shower his now well-behaved baby girl’s face with his buttery cum.

3 months ago