Erin Everheart, Kyler Quinn in I Can See Your Pussy Lips In Those Leggings - S1:E9

Erin Everheart and Kyler Quinn are trying on their new leggings. They love how their bodies look, and that the leggings are so sheer Kyler can see Erin’s bush. They’re just giggling about how sexy they are when Erin’s stepbrother Diego Perez walks in. He ignores them and sits down with the intention of turning on the TV. Neither Erin or Kyler likes that. They walk up to Diego and ask him if he notices anything. He claims that he does not. Stretching Erin’s thighs apart to really make the fabric see through, Kyler asks what about now. Still nothing.Kyler tears Erin’s leggings open at the crotch and asks if Diego can see anything now. Still a no. Swapping spots, Kyler spreads herself open so Erin can tear her leggings. Diego claims he still sees nothing, but he relocates to the couch. That lets the girls climb onto the couch so that their exposed pussies are on either side of Diego’s face. Thrusting their hips together, they taunt Diego with their twats. He finally admits that he could see the whole time and he was just messing with them. In response, Kyler grabs Diego’s head and shoves his face into her pussy. Erin wants some of that tongue too, which leaves Diego eagerly trying to satisfy two horny girls.Kyler and Erin let Diego lap at their sweet honey, but eventually the urge to suck him off overwhelms them. A double BJ just gets the girls even hotter, leading Kyler to climb into Diego’s lap and sink down onto his fuckstick to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Erin takes the next turn, riding Diego just like Kyler just did. When Kyler gets on her back with her head cradled between Erin’s legs, Diego gives it to her once again. That of course lets her eat Erin out while she’s being fucked. Returning the pussy feasting favor, Erin enjoys a doggy style pussy pounding as she laps away at Kyler’s twat. Diego manages to pull out just before he cums, blowing his load all over Erin’s ass. Kyler licks it all up, then snowballs her treat with Erin as the girls play with Diego’s jizz.

6 months ago