Stepsisters Pussy Makes It Right

Dylan Moore is chilling in her room when her stepbrother Jodie Johnson comes in. He wants to borrow a phone charger, but Dylan knows he's also there to check her out. She gives him a peek at the goods as she flashes her tits at him. Later, Dylan borrows Jodie's phone without asking to lure him back into her room. She crawls into bed and tugs her thong aside so she can challenge him to fuck her. Jodie is uncertain as he fondles Dylan's clit, but he soon realizes his stepsis is serious. She even sucks his dick after he eats her pussy. Crawling on top of Jodie as he lays prone beneath her, Dylan slides him in and rides that D in cowgirl. Slipping out of her thong, Dylan rides in reverse cowgirl. Then she gets down to her knees so Jodie can come in from behind and fuck her hard. Rolling to her back, Dylan lets Jodie enjoy the full frontal view as he takes her to cum town. Jodie pulls out to nut on Dylan's stomach, whereupon she kicks him out of her room.

3 weeks ago