Abbey Brooks in Show Me How You Jerk Off 11:59
Abbey Brooks in Show Me How You Jerk Off 11:59 After wrapping up in the shower, Abbey Brooks went off in search of lotion to moisturize her skin, including her big boobs and thick booty. As Abbey tore her house apart looking for that bottle of skin-cream, she popped her head into her step-son's bedroom and caught him using it to jack off. The sight of Tyler's pink dick got that blonde Milf so wet and excited to bone, she squirted cream all over his shaft and told him to show her exactly how he masturbates. When the sight of Tyler working his cock was too much for her to resist, Abbey cut the jack-off-instruction short and straddled him, riding that dude's dick to the big finish!
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Angel Wicky in Rubbed Out 6:00 It's the breast of both worlds with Angel Wicky. She's as hot with herself as she is with a porn-dick. Today, Angel will be massaging her own sexy body and taking primo care of her big boobs while you watch. She has a private little spa where she pampers her skin to keep it velvety soft and silky smooth. Angel rubs her lips with her tongue and makes intense eye contact because there's always a dirty bad girl inside the angelic good girl trying to take over her body and mind. There's lots and lots of tit bouncing, nipple pulling, jug jiggling and self-licking. Angel lays back on the massage table, whips off her panties and pulls on her pliable angel wings. She picks up a spritz bottle and oils her body, rubbing the stuff in until she shines. There's a dildo with balls to grip that Angel's been wanting to try out and now is the time. She fucks her cunt fast and hard and gets every inch inside her as her screams fill the room. Careful, Angel, or your oiled body will slide right off the table. Her screams subside to sighs of pleasure after she falls off the cliff of climax into a gasm-chasm. Now she's ready for her next erotic adventure.
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Vanna Bardot in Ditching Class To Smash 12:00 Vanna Bardot is a horny college sophomore who isn't interested in going to class, she wants to get her pussy wet. So, she fakes sick by warming her head and her pussy with a hot water bottle. When her new stepmom checks her temperature, she's burning up. Vanna's got her fooled and it's time to sneak a big dick in her room. She texts Van Wylde some dirty pics of her humping her hot water bottle and he gets there lickity split. And Van's got a plan to fool Vanna's stepmom. He sets up a dummy in place of Vanna rigged to the door. Vanna's stepmom isn't that easy to get rid of, and crazy capers ensue as Van taps that ass while Vanna tries not to get caught ditching class to smash.
Shrima Malati, Kathy Fuckdoll in The Games You Play 15:00
Shrima Malati, Kathy Fuckdoll in The Games You Play 15:00 Shrima and Kai are sitting alone in the candlelight when Kai remembers a card trick he just has to show the beautiful brunette. With fireworks going off in her privates, Shrima isn't interested in playing cards. Fortunately, she has a different game in mind. Shrima suggests they play strip spin the bottle, and Kai is all too eager to accept. Overhearing all the fun, Kathy joins from the kitchen and enters the game. Soon all three lovers are stripped naked and giggling, and when there are no more articles of clothing to remove, things take a turn towards the sensual. They can't keep their hands off of each other, so they take turns pleasing one another until the trio is bursting with orgasmic energy. After Shrima and Kathy finish Kai off with their mouths, they intertwine and kiss passionately, contently sharing the fruit of their labor.
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Noname in Blonde receives special anal gift 12:00 Just seconds before New Year good-looking blonde gets visited by boyfriend dressed like Santa Claus. He surprises her with an innocent gift and a bottle of champagne. After drinking delicious wine, attractive teen becomes very horny. She makes move on surprised guy and finally gets access to his cock. After sucking every inch of hard dick, hottie in stockings has her bald pussy nicely licked and drilled by fellow. They have fantastic anal sex on the couch that ends with cumshot on the babe's ass.
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Sahara Leone in Sahara Leone Overexposed Busty Bikini Photo Shoot 6:00 Sahara Leone arrives at the home of amateur photographer Stirling Cooper for her bikini photo shoot. One look at the very seductive Sahara, what she's wearing, her sexy voice, and her seductive, eye-banging personality get Cooper worked up. But first, the photo shoot. Or so he thinks. Sahara doesn't need to change her outfit in the other room. She's already wearing a tiny bikini under her tight titty tube top and cut-off shorts that show plenty of ass-cheek. She's ready to go. Sahara takes a bottle of oil from her bag and rubs some in, teasing Cooper with sexy comments. Cooper begins shooting as Sahara poses but finds himself rubbing Sahara's big oiled tits at her invitation. Her tits come out of her bikini top. Cooper tugs on her erect nipples, rubs and plays with her boobs. She's very vocal and bouncy, asking him to keep rubbing her breasts. "Let's see that hard cock," Sahara says, pulling his pants down. His boner pops out and Sahara kneels to give him a blow job. Her cock-sucking technique is super-hot. She can get it all down her throat while she makes appreciative moans, slurping, gagging sounds and spit strings. Cooper bangs her boobs and gives her more cock to suck on. The photo shoot is postponed so model and photographer can get busy on the couch, fucking hard and hot. Sahara's gyrating hips work his cock as it thrusts into her tight pussy and her horny words work his mind. Any more ultra-sexy models like Sahara and Cooper is never going to finish his shoots and make any sales but it'll be worth making the attempt. And Sahara? A star is porn.
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Christina Brooks in Watch Christina Brooks fuck and suck cock in the office 15:00 Receptionists these days; why can't they complete all their assigned tasks, maybe be a little proactive and do something without having to be told once in a while and, for fuck sake, make sure the water dispenser always has a full bottle of water? I guess they think bending over backwards ... and maybe forwards ... will make everything all right!?!
Vina Sky in Oiled Minx Vina Sky Takes Two Cocks In Her Tiny Ass 13:01
Vina Sky in Oiled Minx Vina Sky Takes Two Cocks In Her Tiny Ass 13:01 Uber sexy Vina Sky delivers a filthy feast of slippery sexual solidarity with Jules Jordan and Steve Holmes in this wickedly entertaining anal fuck show. Devilishly diminutive queen Sky is draped in what could be described as a sexual safety harness. The killer garb is matched with a delightful pair of pink high heeled boots. The outfit suits Vina perfectly while it should be mentioned all the action takes place on a razzleberry purple loveseat. Oil is immediately brought into play and Vina says “it’s so that cock can slip right inside of me”. Sky is very liberal with her pours and the two rascals are all too eager to shine up Vina’s modelesque chassis. Next Vina fills up said chassis by poking the end of the squeeze bottle into her tiny asshole. She fires the liquid out in a powerful stream. It’s a trick worthy of a night time light show but we’ll take what we can get as Sky has more tricks up her ass… The scoundrels put a large toy in the now fully lubed hole and Vina pops it out in a twisted game of catch. Holmes deviously remarks “what an amazing asshole you have”. The talented trio proceed to put on an anal hardcore romp layered in oil. Vina’s glossy frame oozes sexy in doggy and missionary when railed on the arm of the loveseat. Special mention that the hard working Sky wears those sexy boots throughout. Including a sidemount anal ride on the floor with Holmes. All the debauchery resolves itself as Vina’s beautiful face awaits a double dose of glamour glue. She expertly handles the evacuations. Giggling graciously on fade..
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Noname in Carly & Jamie in hot foursome 8:00 When a group of horny people gets together, all they want to do is explore the fun and endless sex possibilities, which is what describes GroupSexGames the best. In this section, you will get to see lots of horny individuals fucking and pleasuring each other in a lot of interesting ways, sometimes including sex games. GroupSexGames is all about hardcore sex and games such as beer pong, twister, spin the bottle, and many others. Any game that could be made sexual, you will be able to see it here. Of course, those are not the
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Sofia Deluxe in Sofia Deluxe: Bikini, Oil, Sun 6:00 A proud member of the Colombian tit squad, Sofia Deluxe has a body just right for tiny bikinis and this scene is proof. It's another hot day in this lush nation and Sofia makes it hotter. For girls like Sofia, Isa Gomez and Sofia Damon, our photo team will gladly fly over a thousand miles and arrange a scenic location to shoot in. Sofia walks around the pool area and struts her stuff, and this girl has a lot to strut about. Her body is lush and her tits are enormous and beautifully shaped with pale areolae and pointy nipples. It's oily time for Sofia. She squirts her body with the entire bottle. "Sorry, we ran out of oil," Sofia jokes as she rubs it on her tits, her belly and her ass. "I want to masturbate," Sofia says in Spanish. She sits and pleasures her clit and pussy. Sofia said she masturbates constantly but only has sex four times a month on average.
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Marley Brinx in Caught Red Handed 2 15:00 Mr. Diesel needed a babysitter ASAP so what else to do other than call the babysitters club? Unfortunately for him, Marley was the only babysitter available - he had some trouble with her in the past going through his so he wasnt happy about that. After showing her around and letting her know to not touch his , he left and when he came back he caught Marley red handed with a bottle in her mouth! He threatened to call the babysitters club to get her fired and she dropped to her knees to fill her mouth with his cock! Mr. Diesel bent this little slut over and pounded into her tight snatch from behind and she loved every second of it! She bounced on his rod and he fucked her missionary and it ended with a mouthful of cum for Marley! Of course, she swallowed it all to prove that she was good enough to keep her job...
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Mona Azar, Barbie Crystal in Bald Head Big Titties 12:00 Curvy Barbie Crystal never told her girlfriend, the voluptuous Mona Azar, but she has a soft spot for bald men. Whenever she sees a smooth and shiny scalp, she loses it and turns into an insatiable pervert. When bald plumber Musa Phoenix shows up at her place to fix her sink, she doesn't think twice before hitting on him behind her girl's back. Barbie She first licks his scalp and pulls down her top before shoving Musa's head between her boobs. The plumber is startled at first, but quickly enjoys the ride. When Mona surprises them fooling around, she's mad as hell! She angrily empties Musa's lubricant bottle all over Barbie's chest and Musa's head. If Mona's goal was to punish her girlfriend, she failed miserably. The perverse Barbie is quite happy to be covered in lube and immediately gives a titty fuck to the lucky Musa. Jealous Mona realizes she could as well take part in the messy action.
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Liya Silver in Tattooed Stud Passionately Ploughs Sexy Liya Silvers Asshole GP2029 15:01 Liya Silver is bored and horny at home, so she opens up a bottle of champagne and starts touching herself on the kitchen counter. To entice her fuck buddy Juan to cruise over, she films herself on her mobile phone, and as a result, Juan is there within minutes, ready to fuck. When Juan arrives, Liya is ecstatic because she knows shes about to get dicked down. After sharing a quick glass of champagne, the two get down to business, and Juan begins eating Liyas asshole on the counter where she had been masturbating. The pair then move to her bedroom, and Juan passionately plows Liyas asshole, before she sucks him dry.
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Bella Bellz in Bella Bellz Crushing the competition! 8:00 Finally on AssParade! Bella Bellz is on fiya! It's only right to have an ass like this on today's update. It's huge, juicy and ready for action. She knows what the guys like. Bella teases us while the stud gets ready. Jordan Ash is in for huge surprise. This ass can crush a water bottle. Imagine a penis! We've seen her in action and know what Bella Bellz is capable of doing. If you haven't, then this is your lucky day. You get to see Bella move that ass like one with a big ass should. Need I say more. Enjoy. We love you Bella Bellz!
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Halle Hayes in Halle's Oily Photoshoot 15:00 The sexy Halle Hayes has agreed to do a photoshoot with photographer Mike Mancini. Halle comes out in a hot little lingerie set and gets some gorgeous pictures taken. Mike then pulls out a bottle of oil and asks Halle to oil herself up, to take this shoot to the next level. The shoot continues with Halle and Mike getting hornier and hornier, until they can't resist each other anymore. Halle sucks and fucks Mike right on the set.
Susie Best in Susie Enjoys a Dirty Bathroom Tryst 8:00
Susie Best in Susie Enjoys a Dirty Bathroom Tryst 8:00 Susie is an attractive blonde, playing a tawdry tart, who goes into the men’s bathroom, at a club, to have a raunchy tryst, with two, hung studs. Getting right down to business, she drops, to her knees, and voracious sucks their, potent pricks, with whorish, wolfish hunger, verve, and accomplished oral prowess. Then, sitting her on a toilet, one stud fervently licks her ravenous pussy, that is topped, with a well trimmed, furry landing strip, while she continues sucking his friend, moaning and crying out, in depraved exultation. He then, barbarously plows his steely shaft into her hungry hooch, while she balances precariously on the toilet, hungrily sucking the other prick, while bellowing and bawling, with fiery, fervor. Putting her in standing doggie, she has one monster cock, vehemently slammed into her pussy, while she gluttonously sucks the other, moaning and yelping, like a whore in heat. She then, ferociously slams her greedy cunt, onto one towering tool, and then the other, in reverse cowgirl, then anal reverse cowgirl, moaning and wailing, in decadent jubilation, consumed by her primal desires. For a perverse finale, she frantically fucks herself, with a beer bottle, while the guys feverishly jerk off, shooting geysers of goo, into her mouth, and all over her face, leaving her a gorgeous, gooey mess.
Jazmin Luv, Claire Roos in Are You A Tinkler Or A Sprinkler - S19:E8 13:24
Jazmin Luv, Claire Roos in Are You A Tinkler Or A Sprinkler - S19:E8 13:24 Jazmin Luv and her friend Claire Roos are hanging out in the kitchen in their bikinis when Jazmin's stepbrother, Ricky Spanish joins them. He has a spray bottle, which he squirts at Claire and then at Jazmin. Jazmin tells Ricky to cut it out, although Claire likes the spray. Ricky takes the opportunity to ask whether the girls are tinklers or sprinklers when they pee. Some girls have meaty pussy lips that makes them sprinkle when they pee standing up. Jazmin thinks Ricky is just being a perv, but Claire is intrigued. She tries to look down her own bikini bottom. When she can't tell, she asks for help. Ricky volunteers as tribute, but Jazmin pushes him away to keep her creepy stepbro away. Jazmin pronounces Claire not meaty, but she wants Ricky's opinion.Eventually, both girls wind up with their thongs on the ground so that Ricky can make an equal assessment. He tries to tell them that if he sticks a finger in each of their pussies and they try to urinate, their pussy lips will swell up. Jazmin is having none of it at all, but Claire is entranced by Ricky's bullshit. She encourages Ricky to try for both herself and Jazmin. When Claire notices that Ricky has one hell of a boner. Before either Ricky or Jazmin knows what's happening, Claire is on her knees with Ricky's hardon in her mouth. Jazmin tries to protest, but she has to admit that her stepbro has a pretty nice cock. She soon gets in on the action, delivering a double BJ with Claire.Next, Claire leads Ricky to the couch. She has him naked by the time Jazmin joins her, which is when Claire lets Jazmin know that she wants to watch Jazmin fuck her stepbrother. Everyone involved promises not to tell, and Jazmin gives in to her urges and climbs aboard for a reverse cowgirl ride. Claire doesn't want to tap that, but she sure loves rubbing her tits and twat to the sight of Jazmin getting the D from her stepbrother. When she gets on her hands and knees to take it from behind, Jazmin also leans forward to love on Claire's hard nipples and plump titties. Jazmin winds up on her back with her head cradled in Jazmin's lap as Ricky pounds her to one last climax and then pulls out to cover her in jizz. Running her fingertips through it, Jazmin gives Claire a taste of the goods, too.
Aften Opal, Jenna Starr in Hot Tits On A Platter 11:59
Aften Opal, Jenna Starr in Hot Tits On A Platter 11:59 Aften Opal has a serious obsession with Jenna Starr's big beautiful tits. When she spies on Jenna and her boyfriend Xander Corvus hanging on the couch, she can't resist coping a feel. Jenna thinks Xander is looking to fuck and she's down. When the they take it to the bedroom, Aften comes up with a plan to gain a few cup sizes. Jenna realizes her trusty oil bottle is empty and leaves Xander hard and hanging to fill it up. Aften seizes the moment to makes her move and jumps on his rock-hard cock. When Jenna returns to see Aften fucking her blindfolded man, she busts up the party. Jenna shows Aften a close up view of her tits while she scissors and fucks her. Xander joins the party and it turns into a pervy threesome between three horndogs.
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Joseline Kelly in Recruiting A Dark Fantasy 15:00 Joseline gets home to see the house a bit out of order, and finds a sexy black boy in the living room. She finds out that his name is Ricky, and hes one of her stepdads student athletes here for a recruitment visit! Lucky Joseline. The next day shes just chilling around her house in her undies telling her friend about how nervous Ricky is making her. Well, more horny then nervous. Watching him workout all day is really setting her crotch on fire, so Joseline decides to go for a closer look. She accidentally drops her water bottle and Ricky notices her sexy ass right away. Hes always craving that white meat, and right away whips his cock out. Joseline has no idea what to do. Good thing Ricky is assertive. He tells Joseline to get on her knees right away. She starts sucking his cock so good that the damn thing turned white! Just kidding, that didnt happen, but it was good enough to make him wanna try the pussy out. It was even better than he imagined. For Joseline, it gave truth to the meaning of once you go black you never go back. For Ricky, it opened his eyes to once you go white your dick gonna feel right! And once he nutted all over Joselines chest it felt the most right it ever has.
Reagan Foxx in Hip On The Dick Tip 7:59
Reagan Foxx in Hip On The Dick Tip 7:59 Technology moves fast these days, so you have to give Reagan Foxx credit for trying to keep up with the times. But when she creates an online profile, she finds that no one is accepting her friend requests. To prove she is a cool mom, she sucks off her pervy stepson with her MILF DSLs. Later on, Reagan is still trying to stay hip. She is trying to flip a water bottle so it lands upright, but cannot get the hang of it. She continues to practice as her stepson plows her pussy from behind! A couple days later, Reagan thinks she has figured out a way to go viral. She hides behinds a blanket and then lets it drop, only to reveal that her fat MILF ass is hanging out for the world to see. Her stepson is super turned on by his smoking hot stepmom, so he hammers her snatch with his rock hard cock. Throw that up on the Gram!