Alysa Gap in Alysa Gap: Piped Down By A Monster Cock 10:00
Alysa Gap in Alysa Gap: Piped Down By A Monster Cock 10:00 Alyssa shows up wearing a sexy purple and black lace bra and panties. She gets on her knees to give a blowjob and then bends over against the coffee table to get her ass stuffed with BBC.
Amber B, Antonia Sainz in Enthusiasm 12:00
Amber B, Antonia Sainz in Enthusiasm 12:00 Sexy Antonia Sainz embraces sweet blonde Amber hungrily, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbian movie "Enthusiasm" begins. Antonia caresses her girlfriend’s beautiful breasts and sucks her nipples until they are diamond-hard, pulling off her lace panties to stroke her shaved pussy. Amber arches her back, overwhelmed by the blissful sensations as Antonia licks and rubs her clit. The busty brunette fingerbangs her lover frantically, giving her an intensely satisfying orgasm. Now Amber lavishes attention on Antonia’s big boobs before going down to lick her hot pussy with its neatly trimmed bush. She gazes up at Antonia with her gorgeous green eyes as she spreads her juicy folds open and eats her skilfully. Antonia tugs and tweaks her own nipples as Amber drives her wild, frigging her to a powerful climax, making her breasts jiggle hypnotically.
Serenya Gomez in SERENYA GOMEZ — FISHNET FILLY 9:00 Stunning brunette Serenya Gomez returns to Wet and Puffy today and is dressed to impress in white fishnet stockings and a slightly sheer blouse. She rubs her hands over herself and we can see her big nipples through the fabric of her top. Serenya teases with her crotchless lace panties and then uses the ties from her pussybow blouse to pull against her big taco puffy pussy lips. She takes off her blouse and rubs her nipples then gets hold of a little pink plug which she uses to slip inside herself. Once this hot babe is completely naked she enjoys using a pussy pump to suck up her labia with. Her juicy puffy pussy gets all red and swollen and Serenya loves the sensation it gives her! Switching positions to the doggystyle pose, Serenya continues her pussy pumping before standing up to enjoy a red dildo. She toys herself in a couple of positions and leans back on the couch to fuck herself senseless until she orgasms!
BADKITTYYY in Caught In A Corset 11:59
BADKITTYYY in Caught In A Corset 11:59 BADKITTYYY is making another try-on haul video for her adoring followers and she's saved the best for last. Busty BADKITTYYY tries on a beautiful, lace-up corset over a button-up shirt and she loves it. However, when she walks into her bathroom to grab some accessories, her corset gets stuck on the bathroom door! BADKITTYYY yells out for help and her married neighbor, Michael Vegas, hears her. Michael tries his best to untie BADKITTYYY, as her big tits practically explode from her top. BADKITTYYY might be stuck, but it's not going to stop her from getting stuffed!
Tetti Dew Korti in TETTI DEW KORTI — PILLOW FIGHT 9:01
Tetti Dew Korti in TETTI DEW KORTI — PILLOW FIGHT 9:01 Tattooed babe Tetti Dew Korti makes her debut on We Like to Suck and this raven haired Russian opens up her kimono to reveal her perfect figure while looking in the mirror. The kimono slips to the floor and we spy her roommate hiding behind the curtains, watching Tetti as she puts on some pink lace lingerie. He throws a cushion at her to get her attention and they playfully enjoy a pillow fight before Tetti jumps on him and pushes him onto the bed. They kiss passionately and her lingerie comes straight back off! This horny babe takes out her roommates cock and starts licking up and down his shaft, showing off her blowjob skills. Her cock sucking is slow and sensual and is isn't long before Tetti enjoys some oral pleasures of her own! Her guy slips his cock into her pussy while she lays on her back and they fuck, switching positions a couple of times to give Tetti some deeper pounding. Their hardcore fun continues as she rides his shaft in the cowgirl position and bounces up and down on his cock with vigor, kneeling down to take a thick, sticky facial!
Emylia Argan, Alexis Crystal in Cycle Episode 1 12:00
Emylia Argan, Alexis Crystal in Cycle Episode 1 12:00 Beautiful blonde Alexis Crystal is strolling along the seafront with Emylia Argan when they run into a couple of friends, as episode one of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series "Cycle" begins. They chat and flirt, and sexy Alexis rides off with Maxmilian Dior, as her girlfriend pairs up with Nick Ross. Out on the town later that night, they fool around on the beach, the sexual tension building until they head back to their vacation villa. Alexis kisses Maxmilian passionately, thrusting a hand into his jeans as he fondles her peachy ass cheeks. She pushes him onto the sofa and peels off her black lace panties, then straddles his face so he can lick her clit as he fingerbangs her. Kneeling, she tugs his jeans down and licks the length of his thick cock, flickering her tongue over the head, then wrapping her lips around it and sucking it deep. Moving astride him, she sinks her tight pussy down around his big dick, rocking her hips as she rises and falls on it, his hands clutching her rippling booty. She turns around into reverse cowgirl, impaling herself teasingly slowly, then bouncing hard and fast as he thrusts up into her. Alexis orgasms hard as they slam together, and keeps right on riding, her perfect ass moving up and down hypnotically. Maxmilian rubs her clit as he fucks her, making her climax again before she jerks his hot load out all over her pussy.
Zazie S, Sarah Cute in Budding Romance 12:01
Zazie S, Sarah Cute in Budding Romance 12:01 Gorgeous blonde Zazie S comes home with a bouquet of flowers for her girlfriend, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie "Budding Romance" begins. She strips down to her sexy lingerie before waking Sarah Cute with a tender kiss. The embrace grows heated as Zazie pulls off Sarah’s bra to bare her beautiful breasts, sucking her nipples avidly and stroking her pussy through her lace panties. She tugs the skimpy underwear aside to eat Sarah’s shaved slit, lapping at her clit voraciously; then turns her over and spreads her ass cheeks, licking her tight asshole and fingering her pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. Sarah strips her horny sweetheart down to her black stockings and stimulates her lightly-furred pussy with her fingers and tongue as Zazie rocks her hips up to meet her eager mouth. They finish in scissors, grinding their pussies together, sharing an intense simultaneous climax.
Little Elis in LITTLE ELIS — PETITE PUSSY PLAY 9:00 Little Elis makes her debut on Wet and Puffy and teases in a white sheer robe and lingerie. She rubs her hand over her hot body and opens her robe. Touching her puffy pussy through her lace panties, Elis gets turned on and stands up to pull off her bra. She plays with her tits and spits on her finger to tease her nipples then pulls off her panties to give us a better view of her wet pussy. She pushes her lips together and masturbates while we zoom in close on her clit! This horny brunette gets hold of a pussy pump and lays on the rug to make her juicy puffy pussy nice and swollen. She lays on her side and fingers her hole, licking them clean to taste her pussy juices. Elis bends over into the doggystyle position and toys her pussy with a glass dildo, firstly rubbing it against her labia then slipping it into her eager hole. She changes positions and enjoys an intense orgasm on film!
Paula Shy in Love Balls 2 8:00
Paula Shy in Love Balls 2 8:00 Pretty Paula Shy, a gorgeous Asian with a sweet smile and a kinky, curious nature, is unboxing her latest erotic accessory – a set of love balls. Along with the string of four large pearlised lilac beads, she receives explicit instructions for their use. Dressed in a low-cut, crotchless black and red lace-up teddy, spike-heeled pumps and long, black latex gloves, and with her burgundy hair in a high ponytail, she caresses her stunning body, massaging her perfect breasts. Her pussy – shaved with a tiny landing strip – is visibly swollen and juiced-up with excitement as she bends over to show it off. She rubs it gently with her gloved fingers, testing it for wetness, then begins to insert the balls, gasping as she slips them in one at a time. Then she pulls them back out, slowly, each one stretching her open and taking her pleasure up another level. All the while she squeezes her pussy around them, to build its strength and tightness. Totally horny now, she slips off her teddy and bends over a stool, reaching between her legs to masturbate her snatch. Then she lounges back and inserts the balls again, rolling them against her slit and clit before engulfing them. Moaning, she fingers her clit, then pulls the balls out in one smooth move. Her fingers keep working, plowing her snatch, and she cums hard, wringing out as much pleasure as she can before relaxing with a satisfied smile on her face…
Aghata in AGHATA — HOT PINK PISSING 8:59 Stunning babe Aghata is dressed in hot pink lingerie and a lace robe as she sits on a high chair and touches herself all over, feeling seriously horny! She squats down on the living room floor and as she leans against the leather couch, this naughty babe starts wetting her panties! Aghata rubs her wet panties as her streams trickle down over her ass and down onto the wooden floor. She takes off her robe and uses it to mop up her golden pee, squeezing it over herself and licking it too! Aghata bends over and slips her hand into her panties to masturbate, then pulls them off so that she can get easier access to her piss soaked pussy. She dives in her pee puddle and teases her pierced nipples before laying upside down with her ass up in the air. This hottie starts fingering herself frantically and pussy pissing over the top of her head with force, splashing herself in the process! She needs to pleasure herself badly and uses a purple dildo to slide into her pussy. She stops to masturbate and piss all over the floor one more time after she orgasms, diving into her golden pee to finish her latest wet porn scene with us!
Aislin in My Desire 8:00
Aislin in My Desire 8:00 Beautiful blonde Aislin sits at her desk writing, as stunning erotic movie "My Desire" begins. Directed by Team Lupin member John Sweet, it finds the busty babe deep in thought as she writes, until she turns herself on so much that she begins to caress her big breasts, stroking and squeezing them lovingly. She pictures herself stretched out on the bed in sexy lingerie, perfect ass rising and falling hypnotically as she strokes her pussy. She tugs the white lace away from her crotch, her pussy lips spreading open like butterfly wings as she spreads the wetness over them. She diddles her clit and humps her hand avidly, moaning as her arousal builds to boiling point. As she continues to write, she sees herself on the bed again, this time in black lingerie, sliding a hand into her panties to finger her shaved slit. She takes the panties off and grinds her fingers over her clit and into her sweet hole, shivering and moaning as she cums hard. Sitting at her desk, she gives in to the irresistible urge to masturbate, using both hands to drive herself to another intense orgasm.
Adel C in Quick Chat 7:59
Adel C in Quick Chat 7:59 Beautiful redhead Adel C lets her fingers wander over her flawless porcelain-pale skin, teasing her nipples with one hand as she sends sexy text messages with the other. Her lace gown falls open and she strokes her smooth shaved pussy, fingers exploring her hot pink folds. She rubs her clit in urgent circles, gorgeous face suffused with ecstasy as she masturbates to a powerful orgasm. She doesn’t stop, fingering herself harder and deeper, cumming again almost immediately. Turning onto her knees with her incredible ass up, she rides her fingers to an even more intense climax before she’s finally satiated.
Emma Brown in EMMA BROWN — SENSUAL ANAL IN BLACK 9:00 Emma Brown is our newest addition to Simply Anal and this hottie wastes no time as she kisses our stud while dressed in a black lace dress and lace topped stockings. She lets him run his hands all over her and gets seriously turned on as he helps her undress from her sexy black outfit and lingerie. Rubbing her small, but perfect tits, our stud leans Emma back and slowly takes off her stockings before he pulls her panties to one side and licks her pussy. Emma loves how this feels with his tongue and fingers over her delicate little snatch and then she returns the favour as she treats him to a blowjob! Her cock sucking skills are outstanding and she really works his shaft with her mouth. Afterwards, Emma bends over in the doggystyle position and gets her pussy fucked then changes positions before getting a hard anal fucking! She climbs on top of him and anally rides him in reverse cowgirl to continue her ass fucking fun before kneeling down to take a messy facial!
Lucy K in All Pink 2 7:59
Lucy K in All Pink 2 7:59 Sexy Lucy K, a 19-year-old blonde student, is a part-time babysitter. We find her at home lounging in lingerie on her large double bed and caressing a sleek, hot-pink vibrator. She confesses that it has been borrowed from her employers’ collection of toys, without their knowledge. She insists she is not a thief and promises to return it the next day – after she has spent all night enjoying it. Lying back, she plays the head over her slim body, teasing herself through her underwear, then sucking tenderly on the toy. After stripping off her bra to reveal pert, beautiful breasts, she teases her nipples, then grinds the vibe against the crotch of her lace panties. She pulls it to one side and teases the swollen, fleshy lips of her shaved pussy for just a few moments – then she plunges the head and slender shaft into her wet hole. Sighing, she pumps the toy in and out, humping and grinding against it. Naked, she lies on her side, reaching back to screw herself. The vibrator is slick and lubed with her juices and she slides it back and slips it in her asshole, taking it easily. Fingers reaming her wet clit, she pumps and stirs the shaft inside of her ass, lost in horny ecstasy as she bangs herself harder. Next, she gets on all fours to do herself doggy style, and the deeper she takes the dildo in her butt, the wider the tapered handle stretches her asshole. Once again she switches to plowing her pussy, fingers on her clit as she buries it deep inside of her, hand a blur and tits quivering as her ass bucks clear of the bed. Her moans become sobs of pleasure as she surfs the brink of orgasm. Then she cums hard and finally withdraws the pink vibrator, leaving it between her thighs on the bed, glistening with her juices as she lies back spent…
Vina Sky in Elegant Asian Babe Solo Masturbates After Stripping off Her Lacy Lingerie 5:04
Vina Sky in Elegant Asian Babe Solo Masturbates After Stripping off Her Lacy Lingerie 5:04 Petite devil Vina is ready to get naughty in a classy solo scene where she gets out of her lace before opening up her legs and playing with her Asian pussy for you!
Sabrisse, Freya Dee in Love Time 12:00
Sabrisse, Freya Dee in Love Time 12:00 Gorgeous girlfriends Sabrisse and Freya Dee are wrapped up against the cold as they walk by the river, in Nik Fox’s erotic movie "Love Time." Back home, the girls tease each other in sexy lingerie, moving sensually as they gaze into each other’s eyes. They kiss tenderly, passion growing as stunning Sabrisse pulls off her lover’s lace bra and sucks her stiff nipples, then pulls her panties aside, revealing the strip of dark hair leading the way down to her pussy. Freya gasps and moans, rocking her hips as Sabrisse laps at her puffy folds, then thrusts a couple of fingers inside her juicy slit and frigs her to a wild climax. She moves astride Freya in a hot sixty-nine, grinding on her tongue as she gets licked avidly. Freya throws her onto her back and eats her to an intense orgasm, then lies in her arms to get drilled to another mind-blowing climax of her own.
Lexi Dona, Cindy Shine in You Want Me, I Want You 12:01
Lexi Dona, Cindy Shine in You Want Me, I Want You 12:01 Gorgeous Cindy Shine gazes out of the window at the snowy street, waiting for her lover to arrive. As Nik Fox’s erotic movie "You Want Me, I Want You" begins, stunning Lexi Dona arrives at Cindy’s apartment, stripping down to her sexy lingerie and waking her sleeping girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers and a passionate kiss. She devours Cindy hungrily, pulling off her bra and panties, sucking her erect nipples and licking her clit with slow intensity. Cindy goes wild as Lexi eats and fingerbangs her shaved pussy skilfully. She tugs the raven-haired beauty’s red lace bodysuit away from her smooth slit and laps at her tight asshole with her pierced tongue. When Lexi is at boiling point, Cindy thrusts a couple of fingers into her soaked pussy, driving her to a powerful orgasm. They move into spoons and Lexi frigs Cindy to a noisy climax.
Kery in Hot Day 8:00
Kery in Hot Day 8:00 Cute Kery is so hot, even her flimsy lace wrap is too much to wear. She pulls it open, baring her big beautiful breasts, her hands skimming over their sensational curves. As she fans her overheated flesh, she strokes herself inside her lace panties, then peels them off and spreads her thighs wide. Rubbing her shaved pussy, squeezing her lovely tits, she pleasures herself languidly. Moving to the bed, she kneels to masturbate harder, then lies spread-eagled, gasping with the heat of her arousal as she drives herself to an intense orgasm.
Lorena B, Sabrisse A in Two Girls One Lake 2 12:00
Lorena B, Sabrisse A in Two Girls One Lake 2 12:00 Beautiful girlfriends Lorena B and Sabrisse A reprise their torrid affair in Don Caravaggio’s stunning erotic movie "Two Girls One Lake 2." The gorgeous brunettes kiss on the shore, before we join them on the sofa as they embrace and touch sensually. Sabrisse caresses Lorena’s pert breasts and tugs her flimsy lace panties aside to stroke her smooth pussy with its cute little strip of dark hair. Lorena toys with Sabrisse’s nipples as her passionate sweetheart strums her clit, then lies back to get licked and finger-fucked until she’s going wild. Now Lorena peels off Sabrisse’s panties and licks her shaved pussy, her skilful tonguing making her sexy lover gasp and moan. Lorena laps at her clit as she fingers her rapidly, moving into spoons so they can kiss as she frigs her to a powerful orgasm. It’s a playful, romantic and highly arousing encounter.
Maria Rubio in Flower Dream 8:00
Maria Rubio in Flower Dream 8:00 Beautiful blonde Maria Rubio strolls along in the sunshine, so adorable in her pretty dress and straw hat. As she spins around in a carefree mood, her dress floats up to flash her panties and her curvy ass cheeks. Back home, the scent of the flowers she picked stimulates her senses. She takes off her dress, running her hands over her pale, silky skin, teasing her cute pink nipples. She peels off her lace panties, fingers squeezing and stroking the intricate folds of her shaved pussy. Jolts of pleasure course through her as she rubs her clit and spreads her lips open like butterfly wings, fondling her gorgeous breasts. Bending forward, she masturbates with great intensity, moaning softly, then sits up on the kitchen counter with her creamy thighs spread wide as she frigs to a powerful orgasm.
Julia Rain in Full Of Joy Episode 1 11:58
Julia Rain in Full Of Joy Episode 1 11:58 Passionate lovers Julia Rain and Maxmilian Dior sit kissing tenderly, as episode one of Andrej Lupin’s erotic two-parter "Full Of Joy" begins. Max squeezes his sweetheart’s beautiful breasts through her pink lace lingerie, then pulls her onto his lap to tease her stiffening nipples with his fingers. He flips her onto her back and kisses his way down to her shaved pussy, fingering and eating her until she’s dripping wet, then grabbing a vibrator to buzz against her clit until she’s squirming and squealing, totally overwhelmed by the intense pleasure. Max guides his hard cock into gorgeous blonde Julia’s pussy in missionary, pressing the vibrator against her clit again as he thrusts slowly, then tossing the toy aside as he fucks her harder and faster, driving her wild. They move into cowgirl, Julia leaning back so her man can stimulate her with the vibrator once more, giving her one immensely powerful orgasm after another before she jerks out his hot cumload.
Alyson Thor in Tis the season for intimate loving 14:59
Alyson Thor in Tis the season for intimate loving 14:59 Lovers Alyson Thor and Angelo are in front of the Christmas Tree sharing some seasonal intimacy! Alyson looks stunning in a tight blue evening dress, and Angelo kisses her deeply before gifting her a pair of lace purple panties. Alyson puts them on and Angelo licks her pussy, then she gives the stud a blowjob. Taking off her bra, Alyson shows off her perky titties before climbing on top of Angelo so she can ride his cock. After some missionary and doggystyle, Alyson bounces her booty up and down in reverse cowgirl, then Angelo pulls out and cums on her ass!
Cayla in CAYLA — PLAYFUL IN THE OFFICE 9:01 Gorgeous blonde Cayla is back on Wet and Puffy and she is in the office looking for anything other than her work to do! She stands near the filing cabinet and lifts up her dress to give herself a cheeky slap on her ass cheeks then walks in front of the desk as she unbuttons her dress and reveals some sexy white lace lingerie. Cayla pulls out her perfect tits and then slips her hand down into her panties to masturbate while leaning on the desk. She takes off her panties and climbs onto the desk, using a little pink dildo to slide into her puffy pussy! Moving over to a chair, this blonde vixen uses a pussy pump on her trimmed pussy while the dildo is still inserted and sucks it out with the tube! She is so playful and once she has finished with her pump, she sucks a glass dildo ready to pleasure herself with this bigger sex toy. Cayla bends over in the doggystyle position while fucking her latest sex toy and quickly changes positions to finish herself off and enjoy a cheeky orgasm in the office!
Maddi Black in MADDI BLACK — GAPING DEBUT 9:00
Maddi Black in MADDI BLACK — GAPING DEBUT 9:00 Maddi Black is another new face that features on Wet and Puffy this week. Teasing the camera in a plaid miniskirt and cropped top, this raven haired babe lifts up her skirt and leans over on the couch to pull at her pink lace panties. She stands up and pulls down her top to play with her big puffy nipples, pinching them at the same time then starts to strip, rubbing her lace panties against her puffy pussy lips. We zoom in close on Maddi's big taco pussy lips as she pushes them together. She fingers herself and slips a metal speculum inside herself to gape her pussy wide apart then bends over into the doggystyle position to continue her gaping fun. Moving onto a red dildo, Maddi toys her juicy puffy pussy and masturbates at the same time to enjoy a powerful shuddering orgasm on film for the first time!