in Presley Maddox Fucks James Deen While Her Boyfriend Watches

Presley Maddox and her nerdy-looking boyfriend welcome James Deen into their house. Presley is wearing a white halter top with black prints on it and a choker while the boyfriend wears a black t-shirt with pink hearts printed on it. James, on the other hand, is dressed in blue t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. Her boyfriend agrees that she goes back to porn as long as he gets to watch them fuck in front of him. Presley and James proceed to the action right away as she removes her clothes and leaves only her black undergarments and her choker on. The so-called boyfriend just sits comfortably on the couch and watches as James approaches her, grabs her by the neck and slowly unhooks her bra. He turns her around, facing the other guy, while he kisses her neck and at the same time, rubs her pussy under her panty before taking it off. She sits on the couch, just a few inches away from her man, placing one of her legs on his thighs as James eats and fingers her wet pussy. They just started but she is already filled with pleasure and ready to fuck. James stands up and begins taking his clothes off but Presley’s impatience makes her kneel on the floor, drags his jeans down and unapologetically deepthroats his big dick. Shocked with her actions, James stops her and kisses her on the mouth, hard. He then grabs her hair and guides her on giving him blowjobs. Hard and ready to hump, James positions her into doggy-style, her head lying beside her so-called man’s knees and enters her from behind. She becomes hornier as he joins them on the couch, kneeling just on top of her. He then lifts her to the side, thrusting in and out of her while she sucks his fingers, almost biting them. The two becoming hornier for each other shift into another position without pulling out, with him sitting on the couch while she sits on top of him. James slowly slides down the couch, turns her around facing him and hits her g-spot harder that she begins to ride him crazy. Feeling her orgasm already building up, he leads her on to the missionary position before raising one of her legs up as he fucks her. The boyfriend feels that Presley is now cheating on him with all the sounds coming out of her mouth. The jealousy is beginning to rage over him. Seeing him disappointed didn’t even bother the two. James even decides to lay his head on the boyfriend’s thighs as Presley guides the big dick inside her wet and tight pussy while she lies on his chest. James and Presley once again went for the doggy-style position but this time around, with her head facing her boyfriend’s still fully-clothed dick. And without any warning, with all her tattoos exposed, he thrusts his big hard dick inside her pussy and humps her over and over again. He then stuffs his big cock, still hard on her mouth, making her swallow his warm juices. Presley Maddox had such an amazing sexy time with James Deen that she hopes her boyfriend learned from the show.

3 months ago