Van Wylde in It's Okay, She's My Stepsister #07 - Kay Lovely & Van Wylde 15:00
Van Wylde in It's Okay, She's My Stepsister #07 - Kay Lovely & Van Wylde 15:00 Van Wylde is not happy, because his parents dragged him to some cabin in the mountains for a family vacation. He wanted to go to a concert with his girlfriend, but that's not possible now. He then finds out that his stepsister Kay Lovely isn't happy about being stuck in this cabin either, because she wanted to go to a party with her friends.Van says that he's especially disappointed because his girlfriend was finally going to give him a blowjob, and that can't happen as long as he's stuck here. Kay is surprised that Van's girlfriend hasn't blown him yet, and he explains that it's because his girlfriend thought his dick is too big. That gets Kay's curiosity, and she asks to see his dick. Van thinks that's a weird request, but Kay says that they're adults, so what's the big deal?Finally agreeing, Van takes out his dick. Kay says that it really IS big, but she's sure she could handle it. She starts giving him a blowjob to prove it, and Van returns the favor by pulling Kay's pants down so he can touch her pussy. After that, he licks her pussy, and eagerly pounds his dick into her. Maybe this family vacation isn't so bad after all!
Andi Rose, Caitlin Bell in Arranged Swap Family Marriage - S4:E3 15:00
Andi Rose, Caitlin Bell in Arranged Swap Family Marriage - S4:E3 15:00 What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Caitlin Bell and Steve Holmes walk in on their swap daughter Andi Rose in the bathroom with their swap son Alex Mack. The swap kids have their pants down so they can explore each other's private parts. Just as Andi is really getting into a handie for Alex, their swap parents stop them. As punishment, Caitlin and Steve tell their swap kids that they can play at being the adults to see how difficult it really is.Parking themselves on the couch, the swap parents have their swap kids do all the chores. When Andi and Alex complain, their swap parents instruct them to go to their room and get changed into wedding clothes that were purchased at the secondhand store. That type of vibe just encourages Andi and Alex to make out on the couch. When Caitlin and Steve find them, they try to tell the swap kids that they can't be kissing like that until after the fake wedding ceremony. Andi and Alex are having none of it. They try to weird Alex and Andi out by standing there and watching, but once Alex has finished eating Andi's pussy out and has whipped out his dick to start fucking her, Steve and Caitlin are way too horny to just watch. Steve starts by fondling Caitlin's magnificent boobs. Then he bends her over the couch to start banging his swap wife as his swap kids fuck just beneath them.With everyone feeling randy now, there's nothing stopping the swap family from going full partner swap. Andi gets a taste of dad dick when Steve sits on the couch to let her blow him, and Caitlin deep throats Alex's hardon. The men take a seat next to each other, which lets Andi mount Steve while Caitlin gives Alex the same treatment. The girls go on a titty bouncing stiffie ride before they swap partners and get on their hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding. Andi and Caitlin switch it up again, then get on their backs so Steve can fill Andi with cock and Alex can do the same for Caitlin. The guys have given the girls everything they have, so Alex gluts Caitlin with a creampie moments before Steve does the same for Andi. As they all bask in the afterglow, Andi admits she loves playing swap mommy and daddy.
Elle in ELLE 10:59
Elle in ELLE 10:59 Elle's husband won't be happy when he sees this. His sneaky "cheating whore wife", as she calls herself (!) told him she's going on a shopping spree with her girls in Vegas. Blowing his money isn't a problem for hubby...blowing a black guy...well, maybe that's going to be more of an issue. You see, Elle had done a porn scene about 3 years ago. Her husband didn't like the idea of his precious blonde, blue-eyed wife fucking strangers on camera, so she told him she won't do it anymore. Well, fast forward to today and we're picking up Elle so she can pick up her cheating-slash-porn hobby. At first she believes it's just white camera guy Troy (me) who'll be doing the pussy poking on camera. Once I get her out of her dress and pantyhose, and put a butt plug in her cheating ass as she fucks her pussy with a dildo - blindfolded - a certain someone knocks on the hotel room door. This is the one time Elle loses her cutesy Valley girl accent, that over-the-top chipper and almost fake sounding trill. She clearly didn't expect this but she already committed herself on camera to being a hardcore super slut who'll do ANYTHING to come back to the porn industry. Still blindfolded, Elle opens the door and let's big black cock lord Jovan in. Once situated back on the couch, she takes off the blindfold and - surprise! - big black man is sitting next to her. She steals a glance at me for a millisecond, like "you fucking serious?" but she keeps up her Valley girl excitement. Somehow, despite being pretty liberal with who gets to bang our wifey, Elle has never been with a black man before. And that dildo she just had in her pussy? That was about the biggest cock she's had in her, too. We're going to change both of those things, right now. To say wifey is enthusiastic about the big black cock is an understatement. Elle sucks Jovan's massive rod with such gusto, we're starting to feel sorry for her husband already. He must have felt our sympathies because he actually calls her phone as she's riding Jovan. I make her call him back - while she's fucking Jovan. To our surprise, Elle is up for the challenge. Elle lies to her husband about still being out with her girlfriends when in fact she's being filled up with a big black cock. How her heavy breathing isn't tipping off her husband is a mystery, although clearly that guy isn't the brightest crayon in the box. And who knows, maybe it's all a elaborate ruse and her husband is actually in on it and is rubbing one out when his wife talk to him, clearly being fucked by someone else. Elle dropped a hint about him being a closet cuck earlier on... After this weird and hot incident, Jovan and Elle take things to the bedroom where she continues her cheating antics. 69, more blowjobs, Elle even rims out Jovan, we tie her hands behind her back with her own scars to test her claims about enjoying rough sex and BDSM (spoiler alert: it's true), she gets deep-throated until she tears up, fucked more hard and fast in various positions, gets her pantyhose stuffed in her mouth to hopefully shut her the fuck up for a minute (spoiler alert: didn't work), and then finish things up back on the couch, where our black lord inseminates white wifey with a big load of cum. It's a gorgeous creampie. And goddamnit, turns out Elle is not on any birth control because she's married. So apparently when she's cheating on her husband, she usually makes the dude use a condom. Well, our black cock god got to cum inside her, no protection. So we're in a bit of an awkward spot here. To make it hotter, we make her push some of the cum back inside her pussy. Any jizz not inside her, we make her lick up, which she does with delight. And you know what? No free birth control pill for her today. Nope, I'm we're not even offering her one.If something happens, that'll be her and her husbands problem - and Elle doesn't seem to give a fuck at all. She'll fit right in in this business. Welcome to jizz world, Elle.
Jessy F in Don't mess the sheets 6:00
Jessy F in Don't mess the sheets 6:00 This couple is messing up the sheets first thing in the morning. The sheets have a stench of sweat and weird and wonderful body odor, they smell like sex and perfume for a man, but for a woman, they taste like heaven.
Demi Sutra in Wish Upon A Pornstar 2 12:00
Demi Sutra in Wish Upon A Pornstar 2 12:00 Tyler is rummaging through storage when he finds a secret stash of porn - classic DVDs, someone's personal hoard! And there's also some weird, eerily glowing item... With a few strokes the magical Demi Sutra appears to grant him any wishes he desires. Curves like hers, promises passing through those plump devious lips. Fortune? Fame? The most mind-blowing fuck of his life? It might be too good to be true! How far would you trust a delicious Demi offering your every desire?
Madison Summers in Stepsis Makes Her Move - S20:E11 15:00
Madison Summers in Stepsis Makes Her Move - S20:E11 15:00 Jason is just getting down with some hot stepsister porn when his own stepsister, Madison Summers, walks in on him. Jason tries to hide his meat, but Madison wants to watch, too. She insists it's not weird as she unzips her shorts and slides her hand down to diddle herself. When Jason asks if Madison will pop her titties out, she happily shows them off. Then she takes her shorts off because they're just too tight. Down to just her socks and shirt, Madison eventually agrees to make her stepbrother fantasies real by fucking Jason.Crawling across the couch, Madison takes Jason's stiffie, into her mouth and proves that she knows just how to deliver a hot blowjob. She deep throats and works the balls, which makes Jason absolutely certain that he wants to take this further. When Madison adjusts her position so she can take her stepbrother's hardon deep in her tight little pussy, they both groan in delight. Her bouncing stiffie ride gets even hotter when she turns around so Jason can enjoy her firm titties bouncing in time with her thrusts.Relocating to the bedroom, the stepsibs really get wild. Madison entices Jason back inside as she rolls her knees to her shoulders to really open herself up. When she gets on her belly, Jason doesn't hesitate to tap that once again. Madison takes another ride on the D with Jason spanking and squeezing that ass, then gets back on her hands and knees so Jason can bring them both home. Jason holds nothing back as Madison spreads her ass cheeks to give him a full anal view. When Jason pulls out, he takes aim for that bottom and manages to cover Madison's anus with his cum shot.
Charli Adams in Busty and wet MILF 6:00
Charli Adams in Busty and wet MILF 6:00 Charli Adams, a 56-year-old wife, mom and event planner from Connecticut shows off her big tits, deep-fingers her soaking-wet pussy and encourages you to jack off to her. "So I see by the size of your pants growing that you don't want to go out any longer?" she says. "Hmmm...I got all dressed up for you. Are you sure you'd rather stay inside? I guess I'm okay with that. What do you think we could do? So many choices." Charli's choice is the one in which she gets naked and cums while we jack off. Good choice! 50PlusMILFs: Hi, Charli. So, you and I were talking before, and you told me you were raised as a Mormon and were married to Mormon men. Charli: I was very conservative. I didn't know anything other than the way I was raised. Missionary position. Sex maybe once a week. Every husband I had was the same way. Nothing out of the norm. They didn't try anything, and it was frustrating to me because I just knew, "There's gotta be more to this." 50Plus MILFs: I'm guessing your ex-husband never ate your pussy? Charli: My last husband wouldn't even touch me there. He didn't go down on me once the entire marriage. I was dying. He really enjoyed blow jobs, but he wouldn't go down on me, so I looked for it somewhere else, and I cheated. I didn't even own a toy until after my last divorce. You didn't do that in the Mormon community. I did do blow jobs, and I knew they liked it, but I had weird husbands, I guess. They felt guilty, they felt dirty. 50Plus MILFs: So what did you do about it? Charli: Well, I cheated, and then I got divorced, and that's when things changed. Because once I got into the lifestyle and realized how freeing it was to have raw, passionate sex, I was like a deer in the headlights, like, "Wow, this can really happen!" And I went to a lot of parties and I just had a blast. I couldn't believe how fun it was. The first swingers party I went to, I was with a date who watched me get fucked by five different guys. I was hooked after that. So when I met the man I'm married to now, he opened me up to a whole new world of fun. He's as much of a sex addict as I am. 50Plus MILFs: How did you end up here? Charli: From camming. I had several followers suggest I do more than what I was doing. And my husband, who had heard of you guys, said, "You really need to do this." I think I was always this way, but I had to hide it until I met a man who brought it out of me. He let me out of my cage, and I don't want to get back in.
Maddy May in Shadowbanned: Part 2 15:00
Maddy May in Shadowbanned: Part 2 15:00 Cady (Rocky Emerson) is reeling from Regina's sudden disappearance and calls on her followers to help her figure out what's going on. Cady is convinced that Jamie Jane is somehow connected to everything that is happening and is determined to find her. Just as Cady is posting her plea for help, Gretchen (Maddy May) walks in.Cady tries to convince her that something seriously weird is going on, but Gretchen is skeptical. Just then, Gretchen's date, Codey Automatic (Dante Colle) arrives. Codey is one of Gretchen's new followers and does robot dances online. Gretchen suggested that they make a robot dance together in honor of Regina.As Gretchen and Codey film the robot dance in Gretchen's room, it doesn't take long for things to get hot and heavy between them.Meanwhile, Cady thinks she's finally figured out what happened to Jaime and Regina...but can she save them??
Charly Summer in One Weird Trick, Get Pregnant By Nuru 15:00
Charly Summer in One Weird Trick, Get Pregnant By Nuru 15:00 Dante Colle and his wife Charly Summer are disappointed when a pregnancy test they took comes back negative. They've been trying to start a family for so long, but with no luck. Dante cheers Charly up, insisting that they'll keep trying.Charly then tells Dante about something she heard from a friend - there's an erotic massage called NURU, and her friend claims that it can help couples get pregnant. Although slightly incredulous, Dante agrees that they should give it a try. The next day - after having researched NURU online - they have set up the NURU mattress and supplies. They are nervously excited to begin the massage.Charly puts NURU gel on her breasts, and begins sliding her body against Dante's. They start to enjoy this new activity, and the massage becomes more sensual and erotic. Eventually, Charly caresses and sucks on Dante's cock, which they also both enjoy. But can the NURU massage really help Charly get pregnant? There's only one way to find out: Dante has to cum in her pussy.
Seth Gamble, Jane Wilde, Charly Summer in Cum Swap Cuties #02 - Charly Summer, Jane Wilde & Seth Gamble 15:00
Seth Gamble, Jane Wilde, Charly Summer in Cum Swap Cuties #02 - Charly Summer, Jane Wilde & Seth Gamble 15:00 Seth Gamble is talking to his friend Jane Wilde about his sex life. He says that his girlfriend Charly Summer likes it when he cums on her face, or in her pussy, or on her ass, but she never lets him cum in her mouth. Jane suggests that maybe Charly is just afraid to try having cum in her mouth, so if she had a friend to do it with her, she wouldn't be afraid anymore. Naturally, Jane is more than happy to be that friend! Seth decides that it's worth a try.Later on, before the threesome begins, Charly admits to Jane that she's worried this will make things weird afterwards. But Jane assures Charly that she and Seth are just friends, so she's not trying to steal Charly's boyfriend. She's just here to taste the cum! Charly is surprised at Jane's explanation... does cum really taste THAT good?Once Seth enters the room, it's time for the fun to begin. The two pretty ladies suck on his cock and balls, then take turns getting fucked by him. With Jane's help, Charly has so much fun that she's definitely not afraid to taste Seth's cum anymore, so she eagerly tries cum swapping with Jane!
Nicky in Night passions 10:00
Nicky in Night passions 10:00 Night vision option looks very weird on video. It's associated with some kind of home sex tapes like Paris, Britney's and so on. That's why I like to make such movies, they look like they're illegal or something and it makes me and my GF so horny. Look how Nicky is horny when she sucks my cock, she inserts a finger in her wet pussy as she wants to get banged ASAP.
Harley Jade in Boner Of The Year 9:50
Harley Jade in Boner Of The Year 9:50 Put yourself in this situation: you take some pills by accident, start to feel super weird, and have a raging boner with no chance of it dying down anytime soon. What do you do next?? Find Harley Jade. Although she claims to be a professional, shes always down to help a stepbrother out. Even if it involves getting on her knees and taking down some huge cock. Shes nice enough to move her little skirt to the side so some hot and steamy CFNM action can take place and definitely gives our stud the ride of his life. Looking back, Harley thought it was pretty weird, but spitting out the cum back onto his cock seemed to be pretty normal. This makes me question the secret life of Harley Jade a lot more than I already did.
Kylie Rocket, Liv Revamped in Stepdads New Girlfriend - S20:E5 15:00
Kylie Rocket, Liv Revamped in Stepdads New Girlfriend - S20:E5 15:00 The last few months have been a ride for Kylie Rocket. She has always gotten along well with her stepdad, Charles Dera, but now Charles and Kylie's mom have gotten divorced. Kylie still wants to stay with Charles, and one morning he sits her down at the kitchen table and assures her that she can. Charles goes on to say that he hopes it's not too weird that he has already moved in his new girlfriend, Liv Revamped. Kylie assures Charles that she's fine with Liv, but little does she know just how fine she's about to be with the new addition to her life.The next day, Kylie is hanging out in the living room when Liv joins her on the couch. The girls get to chatting, and it soon becomes clear that Kylie has a thing for Liv. She breaks the ice by asking Liv what her stepdad's dick is like, then moves on to complimenting Liv's ass and even giving her a light spanking. Liv then returns the compliment by telling Kylie she has great boobs, which of course Kylie invites her to touch. One thing leads to another and the next thing the girls know they're mid-makeout. Popping Liv's tits out of her top, Kylie makes sure that Liv knows she's got lovely boobies. Then Kylie gets Liv on her back so she can keep their party going by eating her out with plenty of stiff tongue thrusting into Liv's greedy twat. In return, Liv tells Kylie to get on her knees so she can peel down Kylie's shorts and panties so she can dive deep into Kylie's pussy. They're just getting to the good part when Charles comes home. Kylie barely makes it out of the living room before her stepdad catches them both in the act.Liv tries to kiss Charles hello like nothing happened, but he can taste the pussy on his girlfriend's lips. Kylie steps in before Charles can get too mad at his girlfriend to try to deflect her stepdad's anger. Rubbing her stepdaddy's dick through his pants, Kylie makes it clear that she's into him, too. Both girls are happy to share, so why wouldn't Charles enjoy Kylie's deep throat BJ and ball sucking. Once Charles gets both girls out of their pants, Liv takes the first ride on his fuck stick as Kylie's hands are in constant motion to ensure Liv's pleasure. Kylie takes the next ride in reverse cowgirl as Liv fondles and sucks her titties. The girls get to enjoy one another again as Kylie lays back with her legs spread wide to accommodate Liv on her knees between them. Charles, meanwhile, fucks Liv in doggy. The girls change spots so that Kylie is on her back with Charles giving it to her and Liv riding her face. That position lets both girls get off one last time and leads Charles to delivering a creampie to his stepdaughter, which cements their new relationship together.
Kayla Paige, Coco Lovelock in Grand Theft Nuru 15:00
Kayla Paige, Coco Lovelock in Grand Theft Nuru 15:00 A young woman, Coco Lovecock, ducks into a massage parlor as the sound of police sirens outside come and go. She looks relieved but is then startled as she turns around and sees two strangers, Kayla Paige and Billy Boston, expectedly watching her. It quickly becomes obvious that Coco has entered a massage parlor and that Kayla, the owner of the parlor, has mistaken her for a new employee!Coco is introduced to Billy, who is a masseur, and told that he will be helping with the training that day. Although Coco is a bit taken aback, she secretly decides to go along with everything until things calm down outside. But when Billy starts stripping before her, she wonders exactly WHAT she's gotten herself into.Kayla and Billy become suspicious of her weird behavior and wonder if she's fit for the job. Coco, knowing she needs to lay low, insists that they give her a chance -- she's new, after all. Coco soon strips down and, with their guidance, begins to give Billy a NURU massage. But she's clearly out of her element as she slides her oily body all over Billy's. She's so clumsy and uncertain that Kayla and Billy decide that she really isn't cut out to be a masseuse.Fearing that she's about to be thrown out, Coco doubles down. She may not be good at massaging but she IS good at satisfying lovers, so that's when she decides to aim for a happy ending. Kayla and Billy are both surprised but pleased to see the sudden change, deciding to give her one last chance to win them over. NOW Coco has to really give it her all to keep herself out of trouble in more ways than one!
Marissa Mae, Fallon West in Things just pop into my head 6:00
Marissa Mae, Fallon West in Things just pop into my head 6:00 When was the last time you had a weird thought? I mean... like a dirty though! Thoughts just pop and you can't do anything about it. Well, almost anything! The best thing you can do is go with the flow and see where things go, you might be surprised how the universe works. They say it works in mysterious ways but there's no mystery when it comes to sexual pleasure!
Sovereign Syre in Sovereign Syre Gets Fucked Hard and Rough by Stepson 10:00
Sovereign Syre in Sovereign Syre Gets Fucked Hard and Rough by Stepson 10:00 Sovereign Syre is having the worst day ever. Her car broke down, her favorite panties are missing, she gets fucked hard by her stepson in an abandoned underpass and the car rental are all closed because its Sunday, she had to use a shitty car as a replacement. Speaking of, one of those things mentioned is gonna be the highlight of her Sunday. This weird stepson of her is already waiting for her in the tunnel when she was on her way somewhere. When they met, she tried using reason to get out of there. She is not really good with dealing with that stepson. He just starts roughing up Sovereign and just venting his frustration towards his dad. He grabs Sovereign so she couldn’t escape. In the middle of talking, that stepson just gets a bright idea to give his stepmom some dick. He starts roughing up this poor woman by playfully placing his hands on her neck and slapping her face while he slowly undresses her. Her big tits look really nice when her clothes are torn apart by her stepson. After sucking those tits, he made Sovereign kneel down and suck on his fat dick which Sovereign obliged. Maybe out of fear or something else, like excitement. We’ll never know. She gags on it like it’s the best thing in the world. After some gentle introductions, her stepson just pushed her against the wall and starts fucking her from behind. At this point, it fairly obvious that Sovereign likes what’s happening. She didn’t resist any rough advances from her stepson. She got fucked in every angle possible in that dirty tunnel. She didn’t care what happened anymore. She just let herself go and get fucked. When he’s finished, Sovereign just accepts everything that came out of his dick and took the liberty to swallow all of it.
Amber Fox in My Step-Sister Gives Me Her Pussy 15:00
Amber Fox in My Step-Sister Gives Me Her Pussy 15:00 I wanted to go out for the night and needed $40 bucks, I knew just the person to ask for some money. My step-sister Amber, I catch her in the laundry room doing some wash, I spoke her a bit and ask her the money. As usual, she gives me some attitude and tells me why I shouldn't get the money, My step-sister and I have a weird relationship, we kinda hooked up once. I know she is hooking up with my friend too, I not only want the money but now I wanna fuck around with Amber. It takes some convincing but soon as I pull out my dick she was down to fuck me right in the laundry room.
Lily James in Nana’s Beauty Cream 15:00
Lily James in Nana’s Beauty Cream 15:00 Young stud Anthony Pierce is spending the weekend with his favorite step-nana, Lily James. But things get a little weird when Lily tells Anthony that she needs his “boy juice” as a unique face cream ingredient. Like a true gentleman, Anthony obliges and busts right into Lily’s mouth. Soon enough, she has an insatiable need for Anthony’s boy juice. With Anthony possessing the critical ingredient to a beauty cream revolution, Lily has the bright idea of opening up a boy juice business—this is an excellent lesson for Anthony on “supply and demand.”
Dolly Little in Im Stuck! Plz Help 15:00
Dolly Little in Im Stuck! Plz Help 15:00 The oh so itsy-bitsy Dolly Little is super excited to hang out with her friend Anna today! She skips all the way over to her house and you can see how happy she is the second she rings the doorbell. She expects Anna to answer, but its her father instead. He is super nice, so he invites Dolly in to wait until Anna arrives. Mr. Largo is sitting on the couch reading, while dolly fools around with her pigtails and starts thinking about all the super fun things that her and her friend will do! But then, something happens. Dolly gets a jolt in her stomach and has to use the bathroom immediately. Mr. Largo points her to it and as soon as she hops on, she can already tell her tiny little booty is stuck! she has no idea what to do, so she calls Mr. Largo right over. He sees the situation, and is willing to help, but only if she can help him too. His fat cock hasnt been sucked in a while, and he thinks it might be a good trade. Dolly thinks it will be super weird since hes her best friends stepdad , but shes desperate to be freed. She gags on Mr. Largos long schlong just enough for him to feel ready to pull her free. Once she pops right off the seat, he suggests moving it to the bedroom, and at this point Dolly is totally game. Once they get there Mr. Largo ravages her micro pussy with no shame and uses her teeny pigtails for more leverage. Her pussy was almost as red as her hair when he was done with her. Mr. Largo came all over Dollys face turning her into one of the finest iced mini strawberry shortcakes you have probably ever seen.
Blake Blossom in Bigger Boobs, Harder Dick! 8:00
Blake Blossom in Bigger Boobs, Harder Dick! 8:00 Blake Blossom is shocked at the fact that her boobs seem to be getting bigger. She can't tell if she's just delusional or if they're actually getting bigger. Tyler is spying on her while she checks out her perfect tits in the bathroom. She catches him and asks if they've gotten bigger. She promises him that even though they are roommates, it's not weird. She asks him for a massage and since he does such a good job, it gets her really horny. Her boyfriend won't be home until later, as might as well fuck the roommate! She gives him an incredible blowjob and then they take it to the couch where the real fun begins. He fucks her in multiple positions until she cums all over his dick. He fucks those tits and lets out a huge load all over her face and perfect boobies.
Peyton Robbie in Deviant Siblings 14:19
Peyton Robbie in Deviant Siblings 14:19 Ike catches his sis looking super hot before she goes out with her friends. She wasnt wearing panties and decides to tell him and flash him. He finds that super weird, or so he says. When Peyton s out, he cant help but wanna jack off to what he just saw. As hes beating it, Peyton walks back in the room and offers him some help. She deepthroats his cock generously and lets him fuck her however he wants. When he finishes, Peyton is sure to let him know if he needs her he can call her, after all, thats what stepsisters are there for! The next day, Peyton asks Ike about how his massage therapy classes have been going. Ike says not too well, and Peyton being the wonderful stepsister she is, offers to let him practice on her. He instructs her to just take her top off, but she goes into a full striptease. Turns out she didnt just want a back massage, but a pussy massage too. After a quick little rubdown, Ike thinks its time he gets his dick massaged. Peyton uses all of her tongue shiatsu skills to massage the cum right out of Ikes dick into her sweet little mouth. Yummy! Finally, Ike is the one who starts to get devious. He switches her boyfriends number in her phone to his and initiates some blindfolded sex escapades. Peyton has 0 clue its Ike, only a slight suspicion as shes sucking his cock though, it did seem to be a bit bigger to her ;). Ike makes sure to fuck that pussy extra right and cum all over her blindfold. He doesnt forget to snap a pic too so he has something for stepmom and stepdad to see in case he ever wants to fuck her again. Good Ike!
Kelly Greene in An appetite for the dick! 8:00
Kelly Greene in An appetite for the dick! 8:00 Greeting from Miami! We're back with another ride on the Bang Bus! This week we picked up Kelly Greene. See, my egg plant shaped driver was hungry and had to stop for food. While we waited for his huge order, I spotted a cute white girl across the parking lot. She was friendly/naive enough to come and talk to us. Turns out she's eighteen, in need of money, and gullible enough to to believe we were doing a rolling survey. Once Hungry bear got back with half the menu, it only took a couple miles worth of questions to get this sexy little doll to open up about how slutty she really is. It's weird, the more innocent a girl looks, the more she wants to shock you with tales of not being innocent. She seemed to have something to prove, so all I had to do was add money to the mix, and next thing you know she was in her bra and panties sucking cock, also known as, the point of no return. My boy Pauly fucked the shit out of that shaved tight teen pussy. Too bad all good things must cum to an end. This tale did end with swallowing, but also with an abrupt end to Kelly's ride. If you like seeing pretty 18 year old white girls getting stuffed, you better check out this video. Even Kelly was surprised at the mess she made sucking dick. You'll see what I mean...
Nina Elle in Nina Elle Fucks Her Evil Stepson 10:00
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