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Sam (Kristen Scott) walks down the street, her head down, listening to headphones. As she walks, lost in her own world, a group of people appears in the distance. They slowly approach and surround Sam, ripping her headphones off. One boy yells 'dyke' in her ear as they grab her roughly. The bullies toss Sam in a nearby dumpster before high-fiving and leaving. Their jokes and cruel taunts continue as they walk away. As their voices fade, Sam lies there, covered in garbage, red-faced and tear-streaked.Later, Sam sits motionless in her kitchen, a bag of frozen peas pressed against her face. Her father (Tommy Pistol) paces around her. Worried sick, he tries to get her to explain how she got beat up, but Sam says nothing. Switching tactics, her father reminds Sam that she's 18-years-old now. She needs to start acting like a grown-up. That means honesty ... and admitting when something is wrong and she needs help. He pulls the bag from her hands to reveal that she has a black eye. Sam clams up and turns away, not wanting to admit the truth.Two weeks later, Sam sits in class, her black eye almost gone. Barely listening to the teacher, Sam is drawing an intricate doodle when she is interrupted by a note from Nicole (Aidra Fox), the girl sitting in the row behind her. The note asks if she wants to partner up for their class project. Sam looks back at the girl and says sure. Nicole smiles as the bell rings.That afternoon, Sam sits on the floor of Nicole's bedroom, reading excerpts from the book they're studying as Nicole lays in her bed and take notes. It's the first time they've actually hung out together. Sam has never really had any close girl friends. At least, none that she didn't have a secret crush on. So, it feels strange to be sitting so close to someone like Nicole ... who is pretty, outgoing, and popular at school. Every so often, Nicole stops Sam to discuss the story but gets sidetracked. She asks why Sam didn't go to her recent 18th birthday party? Everyone in senior year went. Sam brushes it off as not being something she's into. As she talks, Sam looks up and comes face to face with Nicole. There is a moment of tension before she awkwardly steers them back to the novel. Nicole is clearly distracted. She keeps eyeing Sam and this makes Sam nervous.Soon, Nicole announces that she is tired. Does Sam want to take a nap together? This makes Sam even more nervous. The thought of being close to a girl as gorgeous as Nicole has Sam's stomach in knots. But, Sam can't be sure if she's just making all of this up in her head. After all, Nicole's had a lot of boyfriends. Trying to play it cool, they get into her bed and lay silently beside each other. Nicole pulls up the covers as Sam's heart races. She begins to feel Nicole moving and notices that Nicole has begun touching herself under the sheets. Without saying anything, Sam slowly slides her hand between her own legs and begins to do the same. The girls masturbate beside each other before Nicole takes Sam's hand and moves it to begin touching her as well. They don't say a word as they sensually begin to explore each other's bodies.Sam's just beginning her journey of self-discovery. But she's about to find out that this journey will be anything but easy...

4 months ago