Kasey Warner pleases Chloe Cherry with lesbian caresses

Nurse Chloe Cherry is returning home from a hard day's work. It's not easy being a nurse and it's been really wearing her down lately. While the job is rewarding, some days are harder than others. What makes it even harder is that she barely has time to take care of herself!When she arrives, she sees a note on the door and rose petals strewn across the floor. She curiously follows it and finds her sweet girlfriend, Kasey Warner, waiting for her in a hot bath! Kasey is all smiles, surrounded by candles and rose petals, as she seductively invites Chloe to join her.Chloe excitedly undresses and joins Kasey, touched by her romantic gesture. She sits down between Kasey's legs, enjoying the sensual touches and embrace, feeling all of her worries melt away. Once she's good and relaxed, Kasey suggests that they move to the bedroom so that she can pamper Chloe even more.As soon as they climb into bed together, their lips tenderly meet. Those lips soon trail down over breasts and to pussies as well as things start heating up. Kasey is going to make sure her nurse girlfriend gets all the love and attention she sorely deserves!

10 months ago