Sex toys help young Jay Taylor cum during masturbation

Jay Taylor is one of the wittiest, most engaging and unique performers I've ever met, so naturally, I thought she would be a perfect subject for our study of masturbation. As part of the study, Jay agreed to pleasure herself for our cameras, but before she did, I sat down with her for a candid chat.I kicked things off by asking her about her first time masturbating. 'I don't remember my first time. But, I started with water, so I would do the water faucet thing and often would get caught and yelled at,' Jay said with a laugh before proudly adding, 'I've never told anyone that! Adult Time are the first people who get to know that I used to be punished for masturbating!'I shifted focus to another milestone, asking Jay how she felt when she had her first orgasm. 'I really liked it,' she recalled. 'It was something that I had to hide cause I would get in trouble for it...so I had to be really quiet and get there as soon as possible,' Jay continued.As for Jay's favorite way to reach orgasm, she knows exactly what she likes. 'I like a magic wand,' Jay told me. 'And I prefer to do it over panties and leggings cause I like the vibrations to travel all the way through my body,' she added.I also wanted to know what Jay fantasizes about while masturbating. 'A lot of my earliest fantasies were that I was guarded by guards and couldn't stop masturbating till I came,' Jay confessed with a giggle.But Jay's laughter faded when she told me her advice for women who feel ashamed to masturbate. 'Your body is yours and it belongs to you,' Jay said firmly. 'You have complete right to use it as you want to,' she summed up for me.And as we began to shoot Jay masturbating, I couldn't help but think about how powerful Jay's words were, and about how grateful I was that Jay decided to share her private moments with all of us.-Bree Mills

3 months ago