Ivy Wolfe in Feel Me Moving

Relaxing with a glass of red wine, sexy American blonde Ivy Wolfe looks sensational in her black thong, heels and sheer blouse. And she knows it. She strokes one long leg as she holds it over her head, puts her drink down and lets her fingers wander playfully over her panties. Rolling on a sheepskin throw, her eyes are filled with lust as she sucks suggestively on her finger. She plays with her stiffening nipples through her thin top, lifting it slowly, teasing them with the flimsy fabric. Standing up, she bends with straight legs to touch her toes and pull down her panties. She lets them stop around her thighs, revealing her sexy shaved pussy from behind. Now she's ready. Lying back in her chair, she reaches for her pussy, pulling her lips open and tapping on her budding clit with one finger. She takes it between finger and thumb and twists it softly, driving herself wild with lust until she cannot stop and masturbates hard and fast.

7 months ago