Alice Shea in Selfie 2208

The first coffee of the day wakes cute Alice Shea from her slumber but doesn't stop her from going back to bed. She returns to her warm sheets with a mind full of lust, slipping her black top down beneath her beautiful breasts, teasing her nipples stiff, and proceeds to shoot pictures of herself on her own phone, sexy selfies to share with a special someone. She holds the camera steady on her knee as she slides her hand inside her black cotton panties and rubs at her clit, but her touching makes her drop her phone and pulls down her underwear. With her panties off, the sexy sweetie, so adorable in her glasses, drives a finger knuckle deep inside her tight shaved pussy, writhing as she fingers her slit. She adds a second and increases her speed, masturbating with a deep desire, eyes closed as she loses herself in her own sexuality.

2 weeks ago