Vanna Bardot, Lilly Bell in Grinders - Part 3

Lucky Fate is chilling with Paul (Nathan Bronson) at their warehouse apartment while Lilly Bell and Vanna Bardot play video games on the couch. Paul's throwing a New Year's Eve party tonight- the night before he gets picked up to go to jail. Lucky's trying to convince Paul to let him take over the 'business' while he's gone, but Paul disapproves.Paul thinks that Lucky has so much potential as an artist- why would he waste his life in this dirty warehouse, running away from cops and scrambling for dollars and dimes! Paul desperately wants Lucky to see reason and get out of this sketchy lifestyle, but Lucky is persistent. When Vanna and Lily hint that Lucky should leave so that they can give Paul a 'going away present', Paul reluctantly agrees to give Lucky one of his contacts- a guy called Casper. Lucky leaves the warehouse and pulls out Casper's number, intent on giving him a call.Back at the warehouse, Paul feels a tinge of guilt for allowing Lucky to remain in this down-and-out lifestyle. At the same time, he's got two beautiful skater girls who are ready and willing to blow his mind (and his cock). Vanna and Lily pull him onto the bed and start undressing him, kissing him, and feeling up his muscled body. Paul's going away for a long time, but luckily for him, a sexy threesome might provide triple the memories for him to savor in the slammer.Sometime later, Lucky waits for Casper in a dark alley when his parent, Tommy Pistol, appears. It is revealed that Tommy is actually Casper, one of Paul's suppliers. Tommy tries to convince Lucky to smarten up, but Lucky won't have. They get into a heated argument, culminating in Tommy breaking Lucky's skateboard. Tommy gets out of there in a huff, leaving Lucky crying on the alleyway floor.

2 months ago