Kleio Valentein in Kleio Valentien Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten

James Deen invites Kleio Valentein over to have some interview about some good shit. If you’re familiar with this segment, you know how it goes. If you don’t, this is basically a talk show of James to feature actresses and ending it by eating their pussies. Neat, right? He goes to the point. He asks Kleio why she loves orgasms. She says she loves the way how it makes her whole body tingle. He asks next how she would describe an orgasm to someone. Kleio describes it as a ‘high’ experience. Next are the methods to do it. Kleio first mention a good finger style helps her to achieve one. And one other thing is clit stimulation. These are among other things, of course. She also shared some of her experience in line with the topic. At one point, James asks her about cumming and squirting. They went back and forth but eventually, they go into the demonstration part of the segment. It fades out and fades in with Kleio already lying there naked and James already in between her thighs having a meal. The camera just pan all around her body, showcasing her inked, nice body. As James is busy doing all the things they talked about earlier, Kleio just closes her eyes and have her time of her life. James was doing a nice job that she only smile there and enjoy being eaten out. Her hands just travel around grasping James’ head, her own hair or just playing with her tits. As time progresses, James gets a little more aggressive than the previous minute. You might not see it yourself because his tongue is buried deep within her cunt, but you can always refer to Kleio’s face. That kind of face rarely lies or she didn’t have any reason to.

5 months ago