Kenzie Anne in Helping You Unwind

Get ready to lose yourself in ASMR FANTASY, a uniquely erotic roleplay series inspired by soothing ASMR concepts found all across the Internet and beyond.Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is the physical sensation of pleasant tingling brought on by a number of triggers, such as those perfected by ASMR WHISPERERS. These talented individuals -- usually women -- make videos and podcasts dedicated to using sounds and visuals to make their fans tingle in all the right places. But what makes ASMR FANTASY stand out from the crowd is how the ASMR WHISPERERS take the intimacy they encourage to the next level.You are lying in bed after a hard day at work when your loving girlfriend, Kenzie Anne, comes home. She can see that you're sore and in need of some extra loving.As Kenzie strips down, she starts to ponder the ways she can help you unwind. She tries massaging you over your clothes and lighting incense sticks to set the mood but that can only go so far. She then gets a damp cloth and begins undressing you, running her hands and the cool cloth all along your body.Of course, all of this touching and attention by your adoring girlfriend starts to naturally WIND you up instead of UNWINDING you. Fortunately, when Kenzie notices this, she's ready to take away ALL the tension in yet another way...This video contains whispering and soft-spoken words, breathing sounds, fabric rustling sounds, wet sounds, skin contact sounds, rattling sounds, and binaural/3D audio.

8 months ago