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Blue Angel, Rebecca Volpetti in Lingerie Lesbians 12:00 Gorgeous blondes Rebecca Volpetti and Blue Angel are lounging around in their underwear, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie "Lingerie Lesbians" begins. Cute Rebecca decides it’s time for fun, putting on sheer stockings and a lacy garter belt to get her girlfriend’s attention. She chooses a sexy black teddy for Blue Angel to put on, getting aroused by how hot she looks and kissing her passionately. Tugging the crotch of the lingerie aside, she rubs her sweetheart’s shaved pussy and sucks her puffy nipples, then goes down to lick her clit with great intensity. Blue Angel gets her pretty lips around Rebecca’s perky nipples, before eating her pussy skilfully, watching her reaction with her beautiful blue eyes as she spreads her juicy folds apart with her tongue. She moves into a sixty-nine, rocking her soaked slit on Rebecca’s face as she licks and frigs her to a breathless climax. Then she turns around and straddles her head again, riding to her own powerful orgasm.
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Melissa Manning in Sweater Stretcher 6:00 We have the same kind of fanatic attention to detail that UFO investigators have except we focus on tits not flying saucers (unless they are shaped like boobs). Our V-mag editor spotted the change the second she saw Melissa. Maria decided to have Melissa measured by our make-up stylist in the models' dressing room. Absolute scientific accuracy was the goal. Melissa 'fessed up and said she hadn't been measured since she was 15 and her approach to bra buying was hit or miss. She'd try on different sizes and brands, picking them out by eye, and see what fit her wonderful hooters. The end result? Melissa thought she was a 34G but she is really a 36H. She admitted that she tries not to buy bras too often, but now, armed with this new data, Melissa can march confidently into a bra shop or the ladies underwear section of her favorite department store.
Anya Olsen, Samantha Hayes in Cinco De Pie O - S2:E5 15:00
Anya Olsen, Samantha Hayes in Cinco De Pie O - S2:E5 15:00 Anya Olsen and her stepbrother Logan Long are putting up Cinco de Mayo decorations with the help of their parents and Anya's friend Samantha Hayes. Samantha ribs Anya for wearing no panties beneath her miniskirt, then starts stroking Logan's stiffie to prove she can get whatever guy she wants. When Samantha proves that she's not wearing underwear over her trimmed fuck hole, Logan whips his dick out so Samantha can suck it. Anya tries to get them in trouble, but her parents remain oblivious. Samantha takes a break from sucking cock to put on a blindfold and try to hit a pinata, but neither she nor Anya succeed. Logan's stepmom takes a turn, and when the whole family is distracted Logan pulls Samantha close to finger bang her twat. Logan's stepmom finally breaks the pinata, and when the girls rush for the candy Anya backs onto her stepbrother's dick! She's not about to stop now that she knows how good it feels, so she keeps pumping her hips while Samantha joins in on their family fun by dropping her knees to lick Anya's clit. The trio holds nothing back now, with Samantha soon finding herself on the floor with her face buried in Anya's snatch and Logan's dick filling her from behind. The trio switches it up when Anya hops on the table and spreads her thighs to accommodate her stepbrother's big cock. When Logan sits on the chair and pulls Samantha into his lap for a stiffie ride, he leaves her nice and sated. Anya gets one more round of loving as the trio spoon in front of the table, and as his stepsister cums so does Logan to give Anya a load of cream in her taco for Samantha to lick up.
Avi Love in Anal Princess - S1:E4 15:00
Avi Love in Anal Princess - S1:E4 15:00 Avi Love's mom is worried about how naughty her daughter has been. She confides her concerns in her husband, Marcus London. At first Marcus refuses to believe that Avi could be so bad, but when he goes to her room to talk to her he nearly catches her rubbing her creamy twat beneath her thong and playing with her tits beneath her bra. Realizing that Avi dripping with pussy juices, Marcus attempts to discipline her. Instead of being chastised, Avi takes the opportunity to seduce her stepdad. She grabs his dick and finds it nice and hard from seeing Avi in her underwear. Stroking and sucking, she brings him to total hardness before spreading her thighs for him. When Avi gets on her hands and knees, Marcus spreads her ass cheeks and pushes his cock deep into her ass. Taking her anal pounding like a good girl, Avi is all smiles. When Marcus lays on the bed, she gives him a stiffie ride in her chocolate starfish until she explodes with delight. Then Marcus turns her on her side and lifts one leg as he spoons behind her. Pumping his hips, Marcus doesn't let up until he blasts a load of cum in Avi's ass to leave her filled with his love.
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Chelsie Rae, Kelly Wells in Kelly Wells And Chelsie Rae Remind Us What Anal Porn Really Is 10:00 Kelly Wells and Chelsea Rae are currently in the spot between the dining room and living room. Chelsea is dressed in a tight hot pink long-sleeved top while Kelly is wearing a tight purple long-sleeved top. Both have fishnet stockings on and no underwear. The two ladies starts pleasuring themselves on both corners of the room while looking at each other. They look like mimicking each other as they do the same things to their bodies as they stare at each other’s eyes. They palm their pussies and slowly strokes their clits before bringing their fingers into their mouth and tasting themselves. Kelly and Chelsea meet in the middle of the room and start making out. They kiss on the lips as they finger each other’s pussy.. The blonde beauty then heads on and kisses Kelly’s butt cheek. The brunette beauty returns the favor by inserting a finger inside her pussy. As the two girls are enjoying the moment, two guys arrive, both are already naked, their dicks swinging. Kelly and Chelsea do the same things at the same time even if they’re doing it to James Dee and John Strong. The two ladies suck their dicks out until both are hard and ready for some fucking action. Since the girls mentioned that they love anal sex, the guys decide to fuck them in the butt hole instead of their vaginas. The girls are on their fours on the couch as the men, without any warning, rams their hard cocks into their ass holes. The four porn stars fuck in every position that they can think of without pulling their dicks out of their butt holes. The group sex among the four contiues. They exchange partners. They eat each other out. They fuck each other hard until another joins them/ A girl wearing black sexy lingerie ends up eating Chelsea and Kelly’s asshole until both of them are satisfied. Kelly Wells, Chelsea Rae and the new girl all finished exhausted.
Fuck)Mystica Jade in Mystica Jade Late Night Hotel Service 10:00
Fuck)Mystica Jade in Mystica Jade Late Night Hotel Service 10:00 Mystica Jade wears a leopard print dress as she sits in a pure white couch near the TV. Her dress looks more like a nightgown rather than something that one can wear outside. James Deen wear a white shirt/ but that is not important really, because they just take off the clothes in a few more minutes. James sits down on the couch with her back on his chest and begins teasing her. He puts all of her long black hair on one side as he trails kisses at the back of her neck down to her shoulders. He stops, walks in front of her and kneels down on the floor. He once again trails kisses from her knees down to her toes. He then goes back up again, pulls her dress down and takes her big tits into her mouth. Mystica is now on her fours, her white underwear and butt cheeks exposed. He kisses her feet and without any hesitation, heads to her pussy. She was surprised and turned on at the same time. She bites her hand and the bed sheet, trying not to scream. James lays her down on the couch with her legs spread widely and dives into her wet and tight pussy. She looks like a gymnast with her flexibility. He playfully bites her clit and then later on sucks it. He French-kisses her pussy before she takes over. The two switch roles. Mystica is now in charge of the situation. She starts off with licking his ear down to his cheeks as he sucks her thumb. He’s had enough and takes control. Mystica now sits on the couch wearing nothing while James, still-clothed is at her back doing everything to pleasure her. She unbuckles his belt, takes it off, drags it to his neck and rubs it off. Mystica kneels down on the floor and faces James’s big hard dick. She looks like she hasn’t done a blowjob before that he ends up guiding her into deepthroating his cock. She continues sucking his dick with him lying on the couch. With his dick already hard and ready to fuck, James positions her into doggy-style and rams into her wet and tight pussy. He humps her hard from behind repeatedly before shifting into a more pleasurable position. He pulls out his cock, lifts one of her legs up and thrusts it in her pussy. Feeling that he is about to reach orgasm sooner, Mystica sucks his cock once again. The moment she sinks her teeth into his cock, he orgasms and releases straight into her mouth. The rough sex between the two isn’t finished just yet. James sits on the couch as she hops on top of him. She slowly inserts his cock inside her pussy. His hard dick hit that spot and she ends up riding him crazily. James Deen orgasms for the second time around as Mystica deepthroats his cock again. Instead of the mouth, James releases his warm cum into Mystica Jade’s pretty face.
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Dacey Harlot in Dacey Strokes Your Cock with Her Sexy Feet and Hands 15:00 Sexy Dacey Harlot starts in a cute tank top and shorts, and slowly strips it off...leaving a gorgeous yellow bra and panties set. Dacey strips off her underwear, and is completely naked. Dacey sits on the couch, and teasingly takes off her sneakers...showing off her sexy little feet. Dacey rubs her soles together, and asks if you want a foot job. Dacey rubs her cute petite feet on your pants, then strips them off. She rubs her soles on your cock, then gets them nice and wet to stroke your cock. Dacey rubs your cock with her feet, gripping you with her arches. Dacey strokes your cock with her hands, getting you harder. She strokes your cock again with her soles, teasing you with her sweet feet. Dacey lays back, and lifts her legs and feet high in the air...she rubs your cock with her soles until you cover them with cum.
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Alma Del Rey in Latina Teen Alma's Big Cock Older Man 15:01 Her wild, kinky hair bleached blonde, pale Latina Alma del Rey spreads tanning oil on her small, natural tits and fingers her pussy inside her skimpy bikini bottoms. The horny young minx pulls down Nacho Vidal's underwear and wraps her lips around his fat, turgid cock. Soon Nacho is railing Alma's tight pussy doggie-style. She climbs on top and wiggles her big, soft booty while grinding on his monster meat. The older stud relentlessly fucks this gorgeous slut, finally splattering Alma's butt with hot sperm.
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Zazie S, Sarah Cute in Budding Romance 12:01 Gorgeous blonde Zazie S comes home with a bouquet of flowers for her girlfriend, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie "Budding Romance" begins. She strips down to her sexy lingerie before waking Sarah Cute with a tender kiss. The embrace grows heated as Zazie pulls off Sarah’s bra to bare her beautiful breasts, sucking her nipples avidly and stroking her pussy through her lace panties. She tugs the skimpy underwear aside to eat Sarah’s shaved slit, lapping at her clit voraciously; then turns her over and spreads her ass cheeks, licking her tight asshole and fingering her pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. Sarah strips her horny sweetheart down to her black stockings and stimulates her lightly-furred pussy with her fingers and tongue as Zazie rocks her hips up to meet her eager mouth. They finish in scissors, grinding their pussies together, sharing an intense simultaneous climax.
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BerylQ in BerylQ Video Release 472 5:00 With Christmas just around the corner, we have decided to bring you a festive BerylQ release 472. The Blonde perfectly fits the holiday spirit with her perfect body and deep blue eyes. And when we put a white turtleneck sweater on her with nothing but green underwear under it, that's when we realized we have struck holiday perfection. BerylQ is the perfect choice for this kind of erotic photoset. Of course, it helps that the release also features red and green furniture to really accentuate that Christmas vibe. But it wouldn't amount to anything unless it was Said Energizer behind the camera though. He took some amazing exclusive BerylQ videos in the past, and this one is just as perfect. If you want to heat yourself up during these cold months, then sexy naked teens like BerylQ with their erotic nudes and full videos are just the thing for you.
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Alexis Tae in Simple Things 15:00 Alexis Tae is busy doing laundry when she comes across a pair of her man Quinton James' underwear. Though they're freshly laundered, the smell of Quinton makes her horny. He comes in to help with her the laundry before helping her with her desire for his body.
Lucy K in All Pink 2 7:59
Lucy K in All Pink 2 7:59 Sexy Lucy K, a 19-year-old blonde student, is a part-time babysitter. We find her at home lounging in lingerie on her large double bed and caressing a sleek, hot-pink vibrator. She confesses that it has been borrowed from her employers’ collection of toys, without their knowledge. She insists she is not a thief and promises to return it the next day – after she has spent all night enjoying it. Lying back, she plays the head over her slim body, teasing herself through her underwear, then sucking tenderly on the toy. After stripping off her bra to reveal pert, beautiful breasts, she teases her nipples, then grinds the vibe against the crotch of her lace panties. She pulls it to one side and teases the swollen, fleshy lips of her shaved pussy for just a few moments – then she plunges the head and slender shaft into her wet hole. Sighing, she pumps the toy in and out, humping and grinding against it. Naked, she lies on her side, reaching back to screw herself. The vibrator is slick and lubed with her juices and she slides it back and slips it in her asshole, taking it easily. Fingers reaming her wet clit, she pumps and stirs the shaft inside of her ass, lost in horny ecstasy as she bangs herself harder. Next, she gets on all fours to do herself doggy style, and the deeper she takes the dildo in her butt, the wider the tapered handle stretches her asshole. Once again she switches to plowing her pussy, fingers on her clit as she buries it deep inside of her, hand a blur and tits quivering as her ass bucks clear of the bed. Her moans become sobs of pleasure as she surfs the brink of orgasm. Then she cums hard and finally withdraws the pink vibrator, leaving it between her thighs on the bed, glistening with her juices as she lies back spent…
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Fuck)Anna Morna in Anna Morna is Irresistibly Fuckable 10:00 Anna Morna arrives on set wearing a pink top, a pair of blue. Under her clothes, she has a pair of matching black lacy underwear on. Her long black hair almost reaches her waist and her heavy makeup makes her look more mature. James is nearby wearing a grey shirt and yoga pants. His eyes took in the curves of her body and the soft heaves of her breasts as she breathes. Anna feels horny, so she cast a lusty look over her shoulder to James and swayed her ass invitingly. James of course, could not resist and plunges his engorge member into her wet cunt, eliciting a breathy moan from the woman. He pumps into her, enjoying the feeling of her tight cunt squeezing his cock. Her big tits swayed and jiggled with every thrust. Before he can reach his peak, she moves and walk to the nearby bathroom. She looks at him with meaning and he follows her like a lamb on a leash. Now alone in the bathroom, his dick once again found its way to her wet pussy and he thrust and pumps into her with no care. He let his libido take over and they fuck like there is no tomorrow. Finally, they both reached their peak and the orgasm flowed through them like an electric shock. Satisfied, James left Anna in the bathroom to gather her bearings and prepare for the shooting of their next movie.
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Crystal Rush in Panties Obsession 15:00 Nathan Bronson has an obsession with his step-Mom, Crystal Rush's, panties. But if Crystal doesn't want to keep losing her underwear to his horny step-son, she's gonna have to take action.
Natalia Queen in Natalia Queen - Jerk It For Me 7:40
Natalia Queen in Natalia Queen - Jerk It For Me 7:40 Natalia Queen sits on the bed showing only her almost covered body with only a leoparf printed underwear. Her Step Daddy seems to be the one filming her. He shows her face next then slow brings the camera down focusing on her boobs tightly-hugged by a bikini top with the same print as her undies. She begins playing with her boobs in front of the camera, smirking. Looking straight into the camera, she exposes both of her tits at the same time. The way she smiles as she caresses her boobs and massages her nipples is enough to turn any dick hard and ready to fuck. She coyly allows her step Daddy to play with her big tits before taking her bikini off and laying down on the bed seductively. The well-lit room gives more justice to her beauty and sexy curves. Natalia turns her underwear to the side and started fingering her pussy while moaning lewdly. She seductively massages her boobs and as her nipples harden, she stops, then turns her attention to her pussy once more. Her love juices are dripping from the apex of her thighs turning her on even more. Her cunt is starting moisten that nothing else seem to matter aside from her pleasure. She slowly inserts her digits into her wet hole and rubs her clit with her thumbs. she rubs her boobs, and mewls like the slut that she is. She comes and she arched her back as she moan her completion.
Jade Nile in Sneaky Step Dad 15:00
Jade Nile in Sneaky Step Dad 15:00 While Jade is busy doing her exercise routine, her -father goes to check for her in her bedroom. She's not around however and he takes a moment to read her diary. He reads a particular passage in which she gets turned on by a movie where someone burgles a home but a lady is home and seduces the intruder and this excited Jade. He quickly gets an idea and runs off to prepare a scheme. He pretends to go to the office but in reality he's going to burgle his own house in hopes of getting seduced by her. Jade notices the intruder and gets excited! She quickly strips off her gym clothes and changes into some sexy underwear and waits. As her stepdad comes in, shes waiting on her bed ready to leap! She pushes him against the window, not letting him reveal his identity and she quickly throws her mouth deep down against his groin. Jade then gets put on the bed where her burgling stepdad, fingers, licks, and fucks her as hard as he can. He ends up pulling out and unloading on her sweet face where she proceeds to drink, slurp and taste his cum. She lets him know that she knew all along who it was, and with a smile on her face, you know everything was fantastic!
Carolina Sweets in Pull Out - S2:E4 15:00
Carolina Sweets in Pull Out - S2:E4 15:00 Carolina Sweets and her stepbrother Justin Hunt are playing a variant of Go Fish called Pull Out. The kids flirt while their parents are distracted, with Caroline pulling out her tits and Justin admiring his stepsister's legs beneath her miniskirt. When Caroline lifts her short skirt to show Justin that she's not wearing any underwear and that her bald snatch is wet and ready, Justin feels himself getting hard. Caroline feels it too as she reaches over to stroke his dick through his pants. Eventually the game ends, and Carolina and Justin wait until their parents leave the room. As soon as they're out of sight, Carolina drops to her knees on the couch and whips out Justin's hard cock so she can suck and stroke it. She loves her stepbrother's big dick, and boy does he like admiring Carolina's tits as she works magic with her mouth. Hiking up her miniskirt, Carolina climbs into Justin's lap and slides down until his hardon is seated balls deep in her creamy twat. Though her stiffie ride feels incredible, Carolina wants a deeper kind of penetration so she gets on her hands and knees to let Justin pound her pussy doggy style. Taking care to stifle the sounds of her climax as she cums and then flips onto her back to orgasm again, Carolina takes Justin for everything he can give her. As he reaches the limit of his endurance and pulls out to cover his stepsister in a shower of jizz, Justin also remains as quiet as possible to prevent their parents from suspecting what the stepsiblings are up to.
Charly Summer in My Girlfriend's Sis Is An Exhibitionist - Charly Summer & David Lee 14:10
Charly Summer in My Girlfriend's Sis Is An Exhibitionist - Charly Summer & David Lee 14:10 Maya Woulfe and David Lee have some exciting news for Maya's sibling, Charly Summer. Maya and David are getting married! Charly is SO happy for them and gets even more excited when Maya invites her to be her bridesmaid at the wedding.As they begin discussing details for the big event, David can't help but notice that Charly, legs spread open under the table, isn't wearing any underwear. Not only that, but Charly is making it very obvious that she WANTS David to see, rubbing her pussy back and forth in clear view of him while just out of sight of Maya. When Maya has to leave the room for a work call, David confronts Charly about her behavior, but she isn't swayed. She LIKES doing this and wants his cock badly. David leaves the room before he does something he'll regret.To his surprise, David later finds Carly waiting naked for him in Maya's bed. He's just taken a shower and has nothing but a towel on, which gets Charly even more turned on. Seeing as this might be the last time he can get away with screwing Charly before he marries Maya, he gives in and drops the towel, showing her his hard cock.David and Charly have passionate sex, giving in to their lustful desires behind Maya's back. Guess the groom and bridesmaid will have LOTS to talk about at the wedding!
Kate Fresh in Pumping Time 2 8:00
Kate Fresh in Pumping Time 2 8:00 Horny Latvian babe Kate Fresh is getting her kink on at home. Dressed in lace-up PVC underwear with fishnet pantyhose and ankle-strap spike heels, she’s running her hands over her firm ass and thighs, pulling the crotch tight up into her butt-crack and slit. She has a cute alternative look, with tattoos, dyed silver-gray hair and heavy-framed hipster-style glasses. She kneads her pert, perfect breasts through her bra and slips one hand, then two inside of her shiny black panties. She has a vacuum pussy pump ready and waiting, and she examines it, licking and biting it as she takes a close-up look. Next, she pulls her panties and fishnets down to her ankles and begins to masturbate, dipping a finger between her fleshy, shaved pussy lips to tease her juice-slick slit and clit. Then she sits, legs splayed wide, and positions the cup of the pump over her snatch. Moaning with pleasure, she squeezes the bulb, sucking out the air. Her pussy lips and clit expand and engorge; then, when she removes the cup, they remain swollen and deep pinkish-purple in color. They’re also super-sensitive now – she barely touches them before her moans turn to cries and whimpers and her orgasm starts to build within seconds. She frigs herself hard with her fingers, quivering tits now freed from her bra. She pauses, then resumes her self-pleasure and uses the pump once again, until her snatch is half-filling the clear cup. She releases it and, almost sobbing now, gets on all fours doggy style to flaunt her pussy and tight asshole from the rear. She reaches in between her thighs, two fingers probing deep between her plumped-up lips. Then she gives her snatch another brief pump before lying back on the floor to plow and spread it. Crazed with lust, she rocks and squirms as she cums, hand pinned between her thighs as she bucks against it. Finally satisfied she stands up, showing off her long legs as she pulls up her pantyhose...
Blue Angel, Vicky Love in Dark Desires 11:59
Blue Angel, Vicky Love in Dark Desires 11:59 Sexy blonde Blue Angel stands motionless as a leather collar is placed around her neck, in Nik Fox’s stunning erotic movie "Dark Desires." She is blindfolded and a hand smears her lipstick and caresses her gorgeous body through her lace lingerie. Dressed in black stockings and strappy underwear, hot brunette Vicky Love is the one tormenting her with pleasure. She rubs Blue Angel’s pussy until the blonde’s knees buckle and she sinks to the floor. Vicky straddles her face, grinding her pussy against her submissive’s mouth, gasping as Blue Angel’s tongue works its magic. She pulls Blue Angel to her feet for a passionate kiss, removing her blindfold so they can gaze into each other’s eyes. Blue lies across Vicky’s lap for a spanking, her bare ass jiggling with each slap. Vicky fingers her juicy pussy deep and hard, driving her to an overwhelming orgasm. Now Blue is eager for another taste of Vicky’s wet pussy, eating her to a powerful climax.
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Shayla in Wait For Me 2 8:00 Cute blonde Shayla sits reading, until she loses interest in her book and unbuttons her shirt to bare her gorgeous breasts. She tugs her frilly pink panties to one side as feels her shaved pussy, finding it moist to the touch. Taking her underwear off, she rubs her clit, stroking in circles that grow more frantic as her arousal escalates. She thrusts two fingers into her tight slot, sliding them in and out rapidly, gasping with excitement. After her first breathless climax, she goes face down, ass up to masturbate to another, even more intense one.
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Eveline Dellai in Eveline Dellai Stretched Out and Ruined During Interracial DP with Colleagues GP2126 15:00 Eveline Dellai and her two colleagues Yves and Tony cant seem to find a solution to a problem thats been plaguing their business for some months. As the frustration mounts between the group, Yves and Tony propose that a break is taken to destress. During the break, the mood becomes lighter as the threesome begin to joke around. Out of nowhere, Eveline strips down to her underwear and becomes quite sexual. The two black men like what they see and take the opportunity in stride, pulling their BBCs out in the process. From there, Eveline allows her two colleagues to thoroughly stretch all of her tight holes.
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Brooklyn Gray in How Rude To Intrude 14:30 A man, Derrick Pierce, has a compulsion to sneak into women's homes when they're not around and masturbate, leaving behind a puddle of cum as his calling card. But one night, on one of his outings, he is accidentally discovered by Brooklyn Gray, who lives at the home he has entered. It seems Derrick hasn't cased the place well enough!He's shocked as Brooklyn catches him with his hand down his pants while sniffing their underwear and is certain he's going to be reported... but then Brooklyn reveals that they're a bit naughty themselves.Pleasantly surprised by how attractive Derrick is, and not bothered by his presence at all, Brooklyn mischievously tells Derrick that he WON'T get in trouble... as long as he gives them a little taste of his calling card!