Whip Me Into Shape!

Kendra Sunderland may be an independant, self-reliant business owner... but that doesn't mean she doesn't need someone to put the fire under her ass sometimes. And when it comes to working out, she's got just the person to do that- her new, tough-as-nails personal trainer Kayley Gunner. Kayley knows exactly how to push Kendra to her limits... and ride her hard. She puts Kendra through her paces, watching approvingly as Kendra's breasts bounce up and down with every jumping jack. And just when Kendra thinks their workout is over, Kayley pushes her to go even further... by inviting her to have rough, sensual sex together and really break a sweat. They rip each other's leggings apart, exposing their wet, pink pussies. Kayley even whips out her trusty strap-on and fucks Kendra with it in various, muscle-toning positions until Kendra's totally whipped into shape.

2 months ago